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4-17-14 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

May 4, 2014
Park High School Volleyball

4-17-14 Booster Club Meeting Minutes:

In attendance:

  • Pat Schwartz
  • Shelly Mortenson
  • Diana Getzlaff
  • Lori Classert
  • Rebecca Keen
  • Dot  Vogel
  • Heather Novotny
  • Laura Gandara

1.  Review last months meeting minutes.

2.  Feb. 16th bill (Diana has it at her house) – everyone agreed to pay this bill.

3.  Treasurers Report:

  • Amy busy right now and not sure when she will be able to get with Laura to transfer funds.

  • Laura got letter from IRS

  • Last statement from 1/13/14 $6841 in our account

  • Sr. All Night Party, Custodial, banquet need to come out of this amount yet.

  • $25 per senior for all night party

  • Laura will send Amy an email to get things finalized, Sams card

$3100 needed before fall starts for the 9 items that will be needed, 5 warm ups at $80 each, parent night, dig pink t-shirts, practice t shirts, parade, program inserts, in season tournament brackets ( 1 tournament 9/27), in season tournament awards, concession start ups.  Eliminated art supplies, camp court time.  No Varsity uniforms needed.  Coaches gear purchased with camp fees.  $2500.00 Assistant coach, 9th grade and B squad at $2000.00.   Blankets and signed volleyball.   $50 senior night gift cost.  100 people, $25 each banquet.   $15 in budget for video production.  $500 miscellaneous.  $500 student gate (Diana to find out if this is paid in advance).  Erv to take care of Twitter this info.  $115 U of M game bus, specific game needs to be looked into.  In season tournament trainer, $250.  Cookie dough prizes, some money to go to kids, but some prize money to go towards uniform team items.  $15,000 not including middle school costs.  Middle school at $1500.00 each, take volleyballs off for middle schools.  Brings our costs up to 18,000.  After all of our profits, brings us to $9,000.  We need another $9,000 to cover our expenses.   We are owed $1350.00 from NCR.

4.  Laura will attend Wolfpack Booster Club Meeting to discuss program booklet.

5.  Coaches Report:


Camp July 14-18.  Registration available through Community Ed.  Camp, how to sign up for Coach E this summer, River Falls league, open gyms in spring (picking a day), Tues night sand vball league in summer, tryouts start 8/11 (unsure on morning or afternoon time as of yet).  Mon Tues Wed tryouts, team chosen Wed.  17 games.   Any equipment needed is never purchased through the Booster Club going forward.  Middle schools will still have coaches paid for by high school booster club, being they are asked to fundraise for the high school program.

6.  Strawberry Fest, CGAA combined with Park Volleyball.   June 21st parade. 

Next meeting:  May 12th  7:15pm

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