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3-17-14 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

April 12, 2014
Park High School Volleyball

3-17-14 Booster Club Meeting Minutes:

In attendance:

  • Pat Schwartz

  • Dot Vogel

  • Shelly Mortenson

  • Heather Novotny

  • Laura Gandara

  • Diana Getzlaff


  • Approved last month’s notes.

  • Pat reviewed Feb. 16th tournament expenses/net profits.

  • Talked about putting equipment away at Woodbury, lesson learned for us when going through this process ourselves.

  • No longer hosting March 29th tournament.  Decided they wanted 6 courts, outside what our contract states.

  • Jan. 24/25 2015 – Potential Luau tournament using Park and CGMS courts (8 courts)


    Coaches Report:

  • 2 more games on our schedule, still working on final schedule.

  • Host 1 tournament in fall.

  • Attend 1 tournament

  • Potential summer league in River Falls, entry fee.  Would be offered to everyone.

  • Diana & Kristina will have a meeting at the high school to talk about the sand league with students only, beginning of April.

  • Open Sand league, opposite basketball night, at Woodridge, one night a week, Tuesday.  June – Aug.

  • July 14-18 Park camp, older kids work with younger kids, Diana coach older kids.  Community Ed camp.  8-11am younger kids, 12-3pm older kids.  Mon-Fri.


    Treasurers Report:

  • Laura doesn’t have control of the bank account.  Amy went on vacation.

  • Laura waiting for letter from IRS.  Need to check the mailbox.  Need to wait until we get letter from IRS.  Once we get letter, Laura will get with Amy to transfer account.

  • We got payment from NCR.

  • Quickens to manage our account??

  • Looking into non profit (503C) classification.  It’s to provide donors with a tax id, so they can claim it on their taxes.   We don’t need to worry about 503C, we are not for profit.

  • Do not have the bottom dollar amount, estimate $6500.00 + $2653.34 (profit from Feb. 16th tournament).

  • No more fundraisers until cookie dough.

  • Option of flower sales, through a contact of Laura’s at Gertens.



  • No camp court time fee.

  • Need Practice shirts.

  • Need Warm Ups – budgeted for 5, no need for more.

  • Need before cookie sale $ comes in; student gates, inserts before 1st home game, medals (1 tournament so that cost cut in half), concession start up, parade (candy and decorations), take art supply budget off, tournament trainer cut in half cause there is only 1.

  • Look into Student gate cost, and do we pay right away or get billed?

  • Dianas need:  nets, but not paid right away, uniforms meet standard for this year, 5 volleyballs (game balls).  Community Ed to pay for cost of half of nets.  Diana to check with Community Ed? 

  • Discussed possibly changing cookie dough prize payouts.  Possibly having some $$ earned go towards new uniform costs.

  • Needs to be some incentive for girls.

  • Talk with Amy to see where the $2600.00 budgeted amount for cookie dough prizes came from.

  • Laura will work up a prioritized budget sheet, what were last year cookie sales?

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