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2-10-14 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

March 17, 2014
Park High School Volleyball

Park Volleyball Booster Club Meeting Minutes
February 10, 2014
Present:  Dot Vogel, Pat Schwartz, Lori Classert, Diana Getzlaff, Rebecca Keen, Laura Gandara, Shelly Mortenson
Last month’s meeting mintues were approved.
Diana and Pat discussed equipment that needs to be shipped to Woodbury.    We are still in need of volunteers for Sunday’s tournament at Woodbury.  Lori will send out another email. [done]  Diana and Pat will meet on Wednesday to get equipment out of the cage. 
Diana is working on schedule for the upcoming season.   Conference matches are set, she needs to complete the non-conference play schedule.
The JV team will compete in an in-season tournament at Roseville.
Diana is working on setting up pre-season camps and advertising.   Diana is targeting camp to be held in July at Park.    She is also looking at “open gym” opportunities to be held at a city park throughout  the summer. 
On the Friday evening before the tournament we host in March a benefit tournament will be held  and  therefore courts will remain set up to be used for the tournament. 
Kristina Jameson, Ashley Sutton will be part of Diana’s coaching staff.   Diana may request the Booster Club to pay for an assistant Varsity coach and possibly 9B.  She will talk to Phil about school funding 9B coach since  9th grade  is now considered a part of the high school program.  The 9th grade will play the same schedule as high school. 
Laura provided a treasurer’s report.    Current account is set up as a personal account and Laura is going to work towards setting up at a business account.   Before a business account can be set up we will need to set up a Federal ID number.     A 5013C needs to be completed along with a W9, then apply.     It was motioned  and approved unanimously to pay the fee to set up the booster club account as a business account.  
Laura suggested that the Booster Club  purchase (approx. $50) financial program software to help track and manage our bank account    Laura will research to determine which on best suites our purpopses.   It was motioned and approved unanimously to purchase. 
The Park HS 100 year celebration will be held homecoming weekend.    Dot attended the meeting and it was suggested that each float have a decade theme.  We chose the 80’s.  More details will need to be worked out for us to have a float in Homecoming parade. 
Submitted by:  Lori Classert 

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