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12-20-13 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2014
Park High School Volleyball

Meeting Minutes for VB Booster CLub


Michelle Jones

Dot Vogel - President

Jon Hackbarth

Shelly Mortenson

Amy Petersen

Laura Gándara - Treasurer

Lori Classert

Missed beginning convo - please add notes as needed

5:50 and on Discussion (Laura was late)

Tracy Horvath - has box of candles and materials will need to be contacted to store materials

Banquet locations and options

River Oaks

Mississippi Dunes

Book as soon as dates are set for volleyball season (in August) - Jon can take a look at the schedule and figure out a good date


  • forwarded an email about Dig Pink form Tim Anderson, Amy corresponded with him already

  • talked to RT about scheduling process to get going on that

    • non-conference events

  • Hiring is in limbo until after new year.  Jon will stay “plugged in” until that decision is made.

Dot ?’s - have you had a chance to look at uniforms and other things in the closet

  • uniforms will not need to be ordered for next year

  • Michelle is donating her roaster to the booster club

  • suggested to buy an Air Pot for coffee to keep

    • motion passed to look at Sam’s for the purchase

  • iHigh responsibility

    • Rebecca has offered to do the iHigh information

    • Dot has suggested that we have a board member do the iHigh management so that it is a board member attaching the information

      • Michelle mentioned that Rebecca and the board secretary should work collaboratively for checks and balances

      • Schedules were out there and concessions sessions were out there

  • Feb 16 - Pat will take lead on tournament (President’s day Weekend)

    • NCR - North Country Region is hosting

    • Sue Murphy emailed with questions that Dot will forward (see email)

    • during the tournament, Michelle is asking if we would be willing to allow a “Gold Guy” opportunity for the all night senior party fundraiser

    • About the site director, the conversation centered around whether to provide one or not, the consensus seemed to go to not providing one unless someone can volunteer….

      • we don’t have anyone obvious to do this

      • are asking that someone be provided

    • there’s a possibility we can set-up saturday night if we can get in

      • check schedule for Woodbury on Saturday night

    • Check with senior or juniors to see if they would be willing to help out during the weekend of Feb 16th because so many parents and girls will be gone for JO tournaments

Cookie fundraiser

  • Contract not signed for next year

  • Contract has a contract since 2007

  • Do we want to continue working with this person?

    • Are there any problems with the vendor?

    • Motion raised and passed to continue with the same vendor

Thank you to Mikhaila and Jessica for making the DVD’s

  • Dot raised a motion to give them gift cards for $50 for them

  • $25 to each to Chipotle

  • Consider hiring someone for next year potentially someone who is a student in journalism or photography and pay them


  • Concessions food package - “Meal Deal”

  • Jon suggested creating sub committees for dealing with this.  Pat is a great contact and might be able to provide more info

  • iHigh posting for volunteer schedule - Laura (google doc)

March 29th - 30th Tournament

  • Need to recruit some people

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