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11-17-13 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2013
Park High School Volleyball

Park Vball Booster Club Meeting
November 17, 2013
Present:  Kris Cordell, Vicki Korenda, Shelly Mortenson, Pat Schwartz, Heather Novotny, Jennifer Cocchiarella, Laura Gandara, Dot Vogel, Lori Classert, Michelle Jones, Rebecca Keen, Amy Petersen, Jon Hackbarth
R.T. Luczak will not return as head vball coach next season and Mr. Kuemmel would like an officer of the booster club to be a part of the interview team.
Banquet Report –   Gina Garcia prepared the program and donated many items for the banquet.   Total costs came in under budget.  
End of Year Financial Report – Amy reviewed finance statement from Oct and Nov. and the 2013 budget for the season.
Recommendation/Comments from 2013 Booster Club Officers –
·         All dig pink stock is gone.
·          Recommends only ordering the number of practice t-shirts needed.  There are some left over, if cannot use next year, will use to throw into stands when players are introduced.
·         Pat S told the group that we may not see any expense for program inserts or revenue due to revamping of booklet this year.
·         The In-season tournament awards budget may need to be increased to cover costs.
·         Did not pay for student gate this year, did that last year.  Something to consider for future season.
·         Middle School came up short with fundraising to cover costs of coaching staff, booster club made up the difference.
·         Dig Pink – Suggests t-shirts reflect volleyball and not just dig-pink.    Purchased at Advanced Sportswear.  Stephanie Dockter helped this year and has said she would help next season also. 
·         Michelle recommends have a night where students get in free , but ask to bring in a non-perishable food item. 
·         If student admittance fees are covered it should be communicated timely and clearly.
·         Don’t forget to get the program inserts going early, it is dependent on pictures.
·         Sr. night was too early in the season, should be in October.
·         Make sure concessions are ready to go at start of season, especially if early in the season. 
·         Michelle researched booster club bylaws and found University Interscholastic League Booster Club Guidelines, some similarities for current Booster Club by-laws.  Suggests that they be reviewed before next season.
·         Review monthly meeting time and schedule for the majority. 
·         Is insurance needed if we host tournaments?  RT took care of that in the past.
·         Pat S will provide information on concession rules (health guidelines)
·         Michelle handed over packets of samples of events.
·         Michelle has a case of hot dogs in freezer and a case of sour cream.
·         Had a player that was ill on night of money bag drawing and did not know until after the season this had happened.   The player was offered a sweatshirt in place of that and was satisfied.  Something to consider for next year.
·         Consider school activities when planning vball activities, such as dig pink was same week as homecoming.
·         For tournaments, Coach J suggests that a person be assigned specifically to track matches wins/losses/scores (a coach).   It was too much at this year’s tournaments to expect the trainer to also complete that duty. 
·         Off-season tournaments:  Feb 16 is President’s Day Festival and is to be held at Woodbury High School.   March 29 and 30 at Park.  Jon will talk to RT about details.
·         In season tournaments, John asked the group if 2 are manageable and if something that we would want to continue.  Park has already been invited to a tournament next year.
·         Left over drink will be fine and stay in the cage until next tournament.
·         Jon requested to organize and clean out the cage.   Permission granted.
·         Jon gave information from the recent conference meeting.   One thought was to have 9th grade matches same night as B/JV/V. 
·         District 833 rules dictate matches not start before 4:15.
·         Get sizes for all players to have on hand incase spirit wear will be ordered for players (such as dig pink t-shirts).
·         Get with Athletic Office to provide input to game handouts.
Election of Officers –
Jones nominated Vogel for president, Peterson seconded.  Unanimous acceptance.
Vogel nominated Classert for vice president, Jones seconded, unanimous acceptance.
Classert nominated Novotny for secretary, Jones seconded , unanimous acceptance.
Mortenson nominated Ganada for treasurer, Vogel seconded,  unamimous acceptance.
2014 Park Vball Booster Officers:
President – DotVogel
Vice President – Lori Classert
Secretary – Heather Novotny
Treasurer – Laura Gandara
Other –
Dot will represent the Booster Club on the interview team for the new head coach.
If anyone wants the end of season DVD, they should e-mail parkvolleyball@yahoo.com.
Next meeting scheduled for December 12 at 5:30 p.m. in the Media Center at Park.
Submitted by:  Lori Classert

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