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Join Pat & Linda Parelli and friends as they travel the world teaching Natural Horsemanship.

Pat and Linda Parelli are internationally renowned as some of the world’s most provocative and most respected thinkers and teachers of Natural Horsemanship.

Their teaching style is magnetic, motivational and effective. In fact, their teachings are in such demand that they have groomed Parelli Instructors to teach more of the Level 1 Partnership and Level 2 Harmony clinics while they begin to concentrate on the higher level students. 

More than fourteen years ago, Pat turned his focus from training horses to teaching people and has put a great deal of study into the development of his programs. Human nature makes us all want to start with, “Teach me to lead ride with collection. I don’t want to do the basics, they’re boring”.

Pat found that if he could teach people to become horsemen first and to have savvy in four basic areas: On Line, At Liberty, riding Freestyle and riding with Finesse...that they would be able to do anything they dreamed of with a horse.


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