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Technology in Education: Finding the Balance

Dec 31, 2011 • by Katy Foster • Centralia High School Activities
Technology in education can be very beneficial for students in modern society. But can we let technology completely overtake the education of our nation's students? More

Exercise Addiction: New disorder

Dec 19, 2011 • by Emily Stephens • Centralia High School Activities
Take a look into a new disorder that is making its way into the world More

Positive Effects of Police in School

May 16, 2011 • by Samantha Parsons • Centralia High School Activities
        As a teenager there are two things that we have to respect: cops and high school. In our world today, a person doesn't have to go far to find either one. Matter of fact, here in Centralia it seems like they are in the same building. Chief More

Positive Effect of Athletics on Students

May 13, 2011 • by Holden Meyers • Centralia High School Activities
  The Positive Effect of Athletics on High School Students             High school sports have been around for years More

Tasers in the Police Force

May 12, 2011 • by Nathan Hann • Centralia High School Activities

Cyber Bullying: Dangers and Tragic Consequences

May 12, 2011 • by Samantha Parsons • Centralia High School Activities
Story about cyber bullying and how deadly it can be More

Sexting: Why is it Dangerous?!

Feb 20, 2011 • by Sarah Christen • Centralia High School Activities
An explanation, a few examples, and a couple of teens' opinions... More

Texting While Driving?

Jan 29, 2011 • by Sierra Bell • Centralia High School Activities
    Texting while driving is a national issue of which the results can be fatal. Many teens--and adults-- admit to texting behind the wheel. No matter the age, all licensed drivers interviewed say it is a bad idea, an accident waiting to happen. The current law regarding te More

PDA in CHS: How Much is Too Much?

Jan 29, 2011 • by Baylee Hardman • Centralia High School Activities
  Recently, there has been question as to how much PDA is too much in Centralia High School.  PDA, or personal display of affection, is a su More


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