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CCC Art Show

Mar 20, 2013 • by Jamie Mozingo • Centralia High School Activities
Art Show Monroe City More

Late Night Art Class

Feb 21, 2013 • by Jamie Mozingo • Centralia High School Activities
Art Club's late night class February 12, 2013 More

Graphic artist shares wisdom at CHS!

Jan 23, 2013 • by Jamie Mozingo • Centralia High School Activities
George Szabo visits art classes More

Q&A with Lauren Seider

Nov 26, 2012 • by dixon dollens • Centralia High School Activities
How Lauren Seider is affected by artwork More

Art Club

Nov 8, 2012 • by Taylor Jacobson • Centralia High School Activities
   There will be an Art Club meeting, Tuesday, November 12, 2012 at 7:45 A.M. In the meeting they will be going over the starting of an art club workshop, where the members will be taught techniques th More

So You're the New Art Teacher?

Sep 27, 2012 • by Gina Leake • Centralia High School Activities
Get the inside scoop on Miss Nelson! More

Art Club Members!!!

Mar 14, 2012 • by Becky Tuggle • Centralia High School Activities
TOMORROW! Art Club members will stay after school to help draw the set design for the spring play. You will either be in Mrs. Curtis's room or on the stage so More

Interested in Photography

Mar 11, 2012 • by Shelby Vassos • Centralia High School Activities
A professional photographer will be at CHS as a guest speaker in the High School art room on Friday, March 9, at 3:30. Everyone is welcome to come. This is sponsored by the Art Club. More

Fine Arts Academy

Feb 28, 2012 • Centralia High School Activities
We have taken interest in the people that have been able to succeed in making it into the Fine Arts Academy. We asked Mrs. Curtis and three students questions that we tho More

CHS Artist Worlds

Jan 29, 2012 • by Danielle Bennett • Centralia High School Activities
CHS Artist Worlds By: Michelle Peck   More

Studio Night

Jan 17, 2012 • by Becky Tuggle • Centralia High School Activities
Wednesday, January 11, is an Art Club studio night. We will be doing the mural in the library and working on tie-dye projects from 3:30-6:00 after school. If you are in Art Club, br More

Tie-Dye Night

Jan 6, 2012 • by Becky Tuggle • Centralia High School Activities
Art Club is having a tie-dye More

Glee Art Grant

Dec 28, 2011 • by Kennedy Crigler • Centralia High School Activities
Schools all around mid-Missouri heard about the Glee art grant, which offered $1,000 toward funding Fine Art classes. Mrs. Curtis, the art teacher here at Centralia High School, received an application to complete. She also had to make a video stating why they needed the grant and w More

CHS Artist Worlds (1st Quarter)

Dec 5, 2011 • by michelle peck • Centralia High School Activities
The Artistic World of CHS   By: Michelle Peck and Sierra Bell   The art students worked really hard as the end of the quarter neared.            The Art 1 students wor More

Christmas Cards by Art Club

Nov 11, 2011 • by Katy Foster • Centralia High School Activities
CHS Art Club will be selling handmade Christmas cards at the high school basketball games starting in December. All proceeds will go to fund our high school's most artistic student organizat More


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