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The Hunger Games

Imagine you have been chosen to fight in an arena against 23 other vicious competitors, and only one will live.  This is the case for Katniss Everdeen, age 17, citizen of District 12.  In The Hunger Games, Katniss must fight for survival, battling wounds, extreme hunger, and dehydration.  She has to bury a good friend of hers and struggle to keep Peeta, a new friend, alive.  Katniss has to decide how she wants to be perceived once she’s well-known and in the public eye, and she must decide what is important to her. Katniss must find a way to keep herself and Peeta in the games, without defying the Capitol.  The Hunger Games is an action-packed book featuring a little romance and a cliff-hanger after every chapter.


The Main Characters

Katniss is a seventeen-year-old girl who is tough and brave.  Her father died in a mining explosion, so she lives with her mother and twelve-year-old sister, Prim.  In order to provide for the three of them, Katniss hunts illegally every day with her best friend Gayle outside of her district’s territory, and she trades in the Hob for money and other necessities to keep her family alive.


Peeta works in his family’s bakery and was the male drawn to compete in the Hunger Games.  While in the arena, he becomes a source of companionship for Katniss, which leads to a possible love interest.  Peeta is kind-hearted and very charismatic.  He often uses his power of words to his advantage.


Gayle is Katniss’s best friend in District 12. He is very knowledgeable and good looking.       He is eighteen years old and hunts in the woods with Katniss. 


Haymitch is Katniss and Peeta’s alcoholic mentor.  He competed and won the Hunger Games when he was a young man.  He is wise but his drunk tendencies make him less respected. 


I recommend this book to absolutely ANYONE.  The Hunger Games is a quick read and has something for everyone to enjoy.  You will not be able to put it down, and it will leave you yearning for the second book in the three-part series.  The next book in the trilogy is Catching Fire and it is available in the school library.