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CHS Artist Worlds (1st Quarter)

December 5, 2011
By michelle peck of Centralia High School Activities

The Artistic World of CHS 

 By: Michelle Peck and Sierra Bell 

 The art students worked really hard as the end of the quarter neared. 

          The Art 1 students worked on personal logos. These personal logos are supposed to describe something about themselves. The trick of the project was that they may not use words, only symbols. The basketball in the photo gallery is an example of a student's personal logo that the student created. 

          The Art 2 students created Pine Cone Crosshatch and Apple Drawings. For the Pine Cone Crosshatch drawing, the students must look at a pine cone an draw the cone. The object of this artwork is to get every little detail that the students can possibly see. Keep in mind, every cone looks different so every picture has its own personality. The apple drawings are unique. The students draw the apple three times. The first drawing is a full picture of a perfect apple. The students must draw every detail on the apple they see. The second drawing includes the same apple with a bite taken out of it. The final drawing has two bites taken out of it. All of these drawings must include shading of bite marks and details of the apple. 

          The Art 3 students drew a self-portrait. The trick about these portraits is that it is nontraditional. They may not use pictures of themselves--they must use photos that relate to them. The horse with bull-riding photos is an example of a nontraditional self-portrait. These students have also done artwork entitled "Illustrating Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs." This artwork was very interesting because the students could not just come out and say what they were trying to illustrate. These examples are titled at the top of the artwork. The examples of the “Illustrating Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs” are titled in the photo gallery. 

          The Art 4 students this year are doing some interesting themes. Each student picked a theme they are going to be drawing all year long. For example, "Words Hurt" is a topic chosen by an Art 4 student. Each project they do must focus back to the theme they have chosen. 

          So the students have had a very clear focus this year. Look at this section next quarter to see what artwork they have created.

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