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Q&A With Head Boy Basketball Coach

March 11, 2011
By Nathan Hann of Centralia High School Activities

NH: Did you complete your main goal this season?
BB: I’ve always been process-oriented.  I don’t typically focus on outcomes.  My goal going in to this year was to improve on something every day.  I’d say from the beginning of the year to the very last game we accomplished that.

NH:How was this team different than any other year?
BB: This was the most unselfish group of kids I have had the privilege of coaching. There was no jealousy or envy between any of them.  Each player had a specific role they had to play in order for us to be successful.  They were all willing to accept their roles and were also very supportive of the roles of teammates.  Because of this, different kids stepped up throughout the year during different games and all were able to achieve success.

NH:What’s going to be the main thing you miss about this year’s team?
BB:Practices were fun for me this year because we never had any drama.  Each individual knew what to expect and came to practice with the right attitude prepared to work hard and improve.  

NH:What was your favorite thing that happened this year?
BB:Watching this group accomplish so many great things was definitely enjoyable.  Going 9-0 in the CCC’s first year of expansion was fun to be a part of.

NH: It’s your first CCC Championship team.  How’s it feel?
BB: Great Nathan, it feels great.

NH: Do you feel your team went out with a bang?
BB: I thought our kids left everything they had out on the floor in the district semifinals.  That’s the only way to end the season… play as hard as you can for 32 minutes.

NH: Do you feel your team played as well as they could?
BB: We’re never going to be perfect.  I believe we competed to the best of our ability every night we took the floor.  This team represented CHS extremely well.

NH: Are you ready for next season?
BB: It’s nice to reflect after this season on all the accomplishments this team has garnered over the past 4 months.  At some point this spring we’ll start to put together a plan for next year’s team.

NH: What are your plans for the off-season?
BB: We are going to have a busy summer trying to get kids prepared best as we can to defend our CCC title.

NH: Do you think you have a special connection with your players?
BB: I don’t know about a special connection with them.  I’ve always tried to be open and honest with each of them about what we are trying to do and what it will take for us to be successful.  I’ve watched these seniors grow up over the last decade and have known them for several years so it’s always a difficult moment when you realize they are done playing here. I’m extremely proud of the hard work and effort they have put into making the Centralia Panther Basketball program CCC Champions again.

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