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iPad Usage in Centralia R-6 Schools

January 14, 2013
By Bailey Vanskike of Centralia High School Activities

iPad Usage in Centralia R-6 Schools

Every day, classrooms are changing. The look of today’s classroom is different from the classroom of yesterday. A few years back, you would see a chalkboard, desks in rows, pencils, papers, textbooks and the teacher would be in front of the class. However, when you walk into a classroom now, you might see students sitting around the table in small groups, working on new skills. Individuals have the privilege of using their own iPad, learning new concepts through various apps.

An iPad is a tablet computer designed and developed by Apple. The Title I classrooms at Centralia R-6 School District are using iPads to motivate students for learning. Using iPads is a new and exciting way of learning. Instead of the boring pencil, paper, and textbook, students are practicing their skills electronically in various ways. There are two different Title I subjects, reading and math. At the CIS building, Shelly Vanskike teaches Title I reading and Lisa Matthiesen reaches Title I math to third through fifth grade.

At the CIS building, the Title I Reading teacher, Mrs. Shelly Vanskike, works with small groups of students. She has five iPads and may be getting a few more this year. Her students use iPads for word work, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary building. “My students are very motivated when using the iPads. They never get bored and always want to continue working,” says Mrs. Vanskike. In her classroom, she has an adapter that hooks the iPad to her SmartBoard so she is able to use it for demonstrations. “Besides using reading apps, students enjoy using iMovie to make reading projects into movies,” says Mrs. Vanskike. Overall, having iPads has been a great asset to student learning.

Mrs. Lisa Matthiesen is the Title I Mathematics teacher at the CIS building. She has groups that include up to eight students, so partner work using the iPads works well. Mrs. Matthiesen says, “iPads are very interactive, so it really keeps the students attention,” iPads are motivating for students. It is a different approach from the drill and practice. “Apps on the iPads are also very rewarding to the students,” says Mrs. Matthiesen. Many apps also track progress, allowing a teacher to see how well the students are getting along and to note the improvements they are making. 

Mrs. Wendy Hardman is the Title I Reading teacher at the CES building. She works with K-2 students. Her students use the iPads in a variety of ways. They use them as e-readers, for recording students reading and performing plays, as well as apps to help with specific reading skills. “I love that iPads are great for partner work,” says Mrs. Hardman. She has found some new apps to help with student test-taking skills. Although her students are younger, they get great use out of the iPads.

With the iPads, these students have an opportunity to explore learning in new ways. They have more motivation and desire to use the iPads than the original pencil and paper. iPads have a variety of great apps, giving the students something new to try. These students get to do more hands on activities and learning. The use of the technology is giving the students a new avenue for learning.


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