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2 Time State Champion

May 14, 2012
By Ian Walton of Centralia High School Activities

“In first place from Centralia, Marc Schmidt, 126 pound weight class, state champion.”  Hundreds of Centralia wrestling fans heard these words after the state wrestling championship match.  Wearing a white singlet with a black “Centralia” written across the chest, he gladly received his gold medal and bracket while standing up on the highest podium. The crowd cheered and cheered for Marc, for this was his second state championship in two years.  This was the first time to happen in Centralia history that someone had one two state championships, so of course it was a big deal.  Wearing his state championship ring from last year, he sat down and talked to me about his experience.

Wrestling is not an easy sport by any means.  It’s difficult for Marc to weigh exactly 126 lbs. on the day of the meet, especially being a teenage boy and being hungry all the time. “I had a gallon of ice cream waiting for me in the car after my last match, and I ate half of it within 30 minutes of getting home,” Marc said. The Schmidt boys are well-known for liking food; Marc has gained 36 pounds since the end of the season, yet he still has six percent body fat. This goes to show how much muscle he has. Wrestling involves the use of many different muscles that most people never even know they have. Marc weight lifts every day at 6 a.m. to make sure he maintains his muscular figure for wrestling next season. He will be heading just 30 miles south to Mizzou. He received a scholarship to wrestle for Mizzou and will gladly be accepting it.

Marc exclaimed that the “joy was overwhelming” after he won the match. He did not even know what to say about it because there were no words to describe it. Before the match he was not even nervous because Marc was anxious to beat Blair Oaks. He was just ready to win and go eat! To get ready for the match, he goofed around to keep his mind off the match and relax. For Marc, goofing around is not hard because it is simply his personality. He can make anyone laugh, and most of the time, he laughs at himself.

Winning the state championship means a lot to Marc as well as the community. He has worked his tail off for many years for this, and he deserves this honor. Possibly one of the best parts of this whole experience was sharing it with his dad, who was also a state championship wrestler back in his days of wrestling. After Marc’s second state championship match he jumped on his dad, giving him a big hug--a bittersweet moment for Marc had wrestled his last time as a Centralia Panther.

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