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February 28, 2012
Centralia High School Activities

We have taken interest in the people that have been able to succeed in making it into the Fine Arts Academy. We asked Mrs. Curtis and three students questions that we thought would spring interest into people about the girls and their creative portfolios. We also asked Mrs. Curtis a few extra questions about her students who have made it into this Fine Arts Academy.



These are the questions we asked the students.  Their responses follow:


  1. What was your essay about?

    - Charlene: “The essay was about how art impacts our lives.”

    - Lauren: “The prompt they gave us was about why art is important to us.”

    - Dandy: “The prompt they gave us asked about how the academy would affect us.”


  2. What was in your portfolio?

    - Charlene: “Chalk pastels, drawings, and water color.”

    - Lauren: “Mrs. Curtis helped us make a power-point of all the stuff we made so far this year, and most of the stuff we made last year.”

    - Dandy: (no response)


  3. What was your favorite piece?

    - Charlene: “My drawing of a tiger.”

    - Lauren: “Mine was the painting I made this year.”

    - Dandy: “Mine was either my drawing of Harry Potter or of Emma Watson.”


  4. Why was it your favorite, and what inspired it?

    - Charlene: “It is my favorite because it's the best thing I've done, and nothing really inspired it. I just saw the picture and wanted to draw it.”

    - Lauren: “I liked my painting because it was my first oil painting I've ever made, and I liked the meaning behind it. Nothing inspired it, I just made it up one day.”

    - Dandy: “I liked mine because I spent a lot of time on it, and it was my first good drawing and I really liked it.”


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