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My Worst Christmas Present

January 16, 2012
By Dax Dollens of Centralia High School Activities

“He looks like a pink nightmare.” I’m sure nobody has ever been more embarrassed than Ralphie when he received the hideous, homemade, gigantic pink bunny outfit from his aunt, in the 1983 comedy A Christmas Story. Ralphie’s dad spoke the words from above when Ralphie walked downstairs from his bedroom sporting his least favorite Christmas gift on Christmas morning. But, Ralphie will be happy to know that he is not the only person in the world to receive a terrible Christmas present.

Of course things have changed since the making of the brilliant Christmas movie. The movie was set in the 1950’s and that has now been more than sixty years ago. The changing of time also means the definition of a horrible Christmas gift has changed as well. The worst Christmas present I personally have ever received was a pair of white tube socks. It was a plain pair of tube socks with no wrapping and no price tag--the pair of socks was hardly even white. I received these jolly-filled tube socks at a family gathering the day after Christmas at my uncle’s house.

Now, you are probably wondering who would give an eight-year-old boy a pair of socks? My great grandparents would. Their excuse--there are just too many grandchildren to give them something they might actually like. But they are my great grandparents, and I had decided that the thought was all that really mattered in the end. Plus, my cousins and I had a lot of fun filling them with miscellaneous items and using them as sling-shots in the kids' room later that night.

I decided to ask around the classroom to find more horrible gifts. The first person I ran across was a brand-new electronic journalism student, Ryan McCann. When asked about the worst Christmas gift he had ever received, he simply replied,”a tool box when I was about 14 years old.” McCann said it was a gift from his father and, if you know Ryan McCann, he is not interested at all with anything tool related. So I asked him what he decided to do with this horrible Christmas gift. McCann chuckled and said, ”I sold it back to my dad for five dollars.” It ended up that Ryan got five dollars out of the deal and a few laughs.

I also asked Ian Walton and Morgan Creel, both new to the journalism staff, about their worst Christmas gift. Ian pondered for a minute and said with a frown, ”Last year I got some Jonas brothers sticky notes from my grandma. I ended up giving them to Carter Kinkead (10-year-old boy) because I didn’t want them.” Morgan Creel quickly replied to the same question without hesitation:  ”Princess chapstick!” Word to the wise, don’t give Morgan Creel princess chapstick because she strongly dislikes it. 

Ralphie, don’t feel so bad about having to wear a pink bunny costume in front of your family--you are not the only kid in the history of the world to recieve a horrible Christmas present.

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