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Senior Charge

September 7, 2011
Paintsville Jr Sr High School

 By: PHS Newspaper, Cassie Callaham

      I’ve always been told that “something” happens when ever you walk into the school building on the first day of senior year. It sounds quite absurd to think of an illness which causes a haughty attitude to come over you instantly that will remain until graduation night. Senioritis has overtaken many a graduating class of Paintsville High School, it starts as a feeling of self importance, which escalates into an overbearing selfishness, resulting in rudeness toward underclassmen, and before you know it the senior class begins to disappear, attendance dwindling with every passing day. Then graduation arrives and the bands of diseased students’ reign of terror is complete and the student body as well as the faculty cringe at the thought of the next group that is to surely fall ill with senioritis.

       This year at Paintsville has been different to say the least, with a new bell schedule, new way to execute the battle for a parking spot, new teachers, and the biggest change of all, the cafeteria. Perhaps, class of 2012, we should contribute to the change at our school and fight off senioritis. Our optimistic principal, Mr. McClure stated, “I know that this senior class will be completely immune to the senioritis bug.” So there it is seniors, the expectation for us. I charge this year’s senior class, the class of 2012, to fight for the cure to this disease that has plagued this school for so many years and set an example for classes to come after us.

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