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What Would You Do?

February 19, 2013
By Jason Kinner of Paintsville Jr Sr High School

Recently an experiment was conducted on how people react to someone that was standing in the middle of the hallway. The person standing in the middle of the hallway, who has been named "A", was staring straight ahead of them to a wall. At random times they would say "Hi", but most of the time they were silent. The question they were trying to answer was, "How do people react to out of the ordinary things."

Here are the observation's that A made. They said that out of 30 people that walked by them: 20 of the people just walked around them. They either split up the group they were walking or just kept walking by. 3 people bumped into A, and everyone else didn't really understand what was going on. Almost everyone person that passed by gave A a very odd look or kept walking.

A describe the experiment as "Interesting". Also they said that they had came to the conclusion that "People don't go out their way to see something different in their life, and when they do find something weird, they either get very scared, or they don't want to take something new into their life."

So the next time something interesting or weird happens in your life, ask yourself," Will you take time to find out what it is, or will you just keep walking?"

By Sarah Akers.

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