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Student Reaction to Super Bowl Ads

February 8, 2013
By Jason Kinner of Paintsville Jr Sr High School

Student Reaction to Super Bowl Ads


The super bowl was this past sunday and along with the big game were the ads. As every year the ads were an anticipated part, not only because of there high price values just to be aired, but also because of the comedy factor. Without the ads, the super bowl wouldn’t be the same.


Many students, as every other american, tuned in sunday for the Superbowl. Dylan Childers said he especially liked the Doritos Screaming Goat commercial along with many other students, as it led our student poll. The Doritos brand is always a favorite but also offer a variety because of the many time slots they have and the fact that there is a different commercial for each slot.


Coming in second was the Clydesdale commercial. This displayed the care and nurture a Clydesdale horse receives at Anheiser Busch and the bond that is created between the horse and the trainer. Karissa Boyd said this was a very heart warming commercial. Many of the other females in the school population also said this was their favorite but was ultimately defeated and forced to take second place in our student poll. 



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