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Baseball Card Sold for 92,000$

February 8, 2013
By Jason Kinner of Paintsville Jr Sr High School

Baseball Card Sold for 92,000$


A rare baseball card, considered to be the first baseball card, from 1865 was sold for 92,000$. It was sold at an auction, and purchased, in cash, by a massachusettes man.


The card is not the kind of card seen today. It is a photograph of a baseball team posted on a type of construction paper, it is thought to be he only one of its kind. The only other similar “Baseball Card” is in the library of congress, but is 30 years younger than this primitive card.


It displays the Brooklyn Athletics, who were the originators of the National League and the first champions. An antique enthusiast bought the card at a yard sale in maine and mailed it to the Saco River Auction Co. after the company set the state record the year befor by saleing a 1888 Mike Kelly baseball card. It is unclear how many were printed but it is known that no other cards have survived. The cards were only handed out to the players on the team to give to family, friends, and even some lucky fans.

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