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Cosmic Encounter Ended Reign of Dinosaurs

February 8, 2013
By Jason Kinner of Paintsville Jr Sr High School

Cosmic Encounter Ended Reign of Dinosaurs

Evidence of the asteroid that caused the mass extinction of dinosaurs, has been found. The only survivors of the event that occurred during the late cretaceous period, are the birds. It was long thought that the evidence lied in Mexico where a massive crater, 110 miles wide, is found. This object was more than 6 miles across and created an explosion 1 billion times more powerful than the bombs that destroyed Nagasaki and Hiroshima at the end of WWII. However this is not impact that caused the mass extinction.

This cosmic encounter, through the earth into chaos’s the atmosphere filled with debris and blocked out the sun for likely several days. However this may not be the only cause of extinction even though the impact would have destroyed anything in a 300 mile area. Also a cause was the volcanic eruptions behind the Decan Traps that caused even further climate changes. 

The scientists will release their detailed findings in the February 8th issue of the journal science.

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