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Black Ops II

February 8, 2013
By Jason Kinner of Paintsville Jr Sr High School

Black Ops II


Will Black Ops II be the 2012-2013 game of the year? Unfortunately it will not be the game of the year because critiques said the game didn't fulfill the expectations they had set for it. However overall the game was great and was a great addition to the Call of Duty series.


The new Black Ops II is similar to the original Black Ops game released back in 2010. This new game doesn't really follow along with the Modern Warfare series, although still an installment to the game, it follows the original Black Ops.


This new game takes a whole new twist on first person shooters because unlike all the other games, this one is set at a future date in a futuristic time period. You will have control over guns, machines and equipment that you didn’t have in the older games.


One of the main reasons people looked forward to the new Black Ops II, is because of the “Zombies.” Just like Call of Duty World at War and Black Ops, there bringing Zombies back. Zombies was a huge success and a major hit when it was released on the Call of Duty World at War game. Then it was another huge success again when Black Ops was released. That was the last time and Call of Duty game has released anything with zombies in it. They offered a special bonus to for pre-ordering it, with the pre-order they offered Nuketown 2025. In the original Black Ops Nuketown was one of the greatest maps ever released. The map was the smallest map in the game and it has now been released on Black Ops II.


The game was released on November 13th, 2012. It is rated M for mature audiences only because of the blood and gore, intense violence, strong language, suggestive themes and use of drugs. The game is being sold at all major retailers at $59.99

By: Bo Butler, Lee Skaggs, Tyler McFarland and Brandon Haight

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