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Olympics Create Unity Nation-Wide

August 28, 2012
By Jason Kinner of Paintsville Jr Sr High School

Olympics Create Unity, Nation Wide.

The 2012 London Olympics was a great U.S. Victory, raising a sense of patriotism in all U.S citizens. In Eastern Kentucky, especially in Johnson county, this was even more evident.

Many students and faculty at Paintsville High school were engaged in this summer's Olympics. They were enthused and excited about the many athletes that participated in the games. Matt Daniels said “ Gaby Douglas was an exciting gymnast to watch” also saying “ I don’t think anyone could have achieved the things she did at that age.”

Brandon Haight, like most students, thought the games were “exciting, and fun to watch”. Because of the 4 year increments of the Olympics they are always a treat for students to be engaged in.

Many athletes serve as role models for the students, as well as faculty, at Paintsville. Gabby Douglas was a favorite for students and faculty, Matt Daniels, Mr. Adams, and Mr. McClure admired the young gymnast in this summer's games. Other favorites were Anthony Davis, Usain Bolt, Alex Morgan, and Michel Phelps.

Michel Phelps served as an inspiration for many students to strive to succeed.

Patriotism was an important part of USA's success. All students

were awed and amazed at the talent of athletes

in the games. All felt a deep sense of pride when the US took gold and won the over all games this summer. The patriotism felt by all citizens when a US athlete or team won gold and the national anthem was played was unmatched. Mr. McClure is quoted as saying “ When our National anthem was playing I felt pride in the US and knew that pride in our country helped lead our Great nation to victory.”

Written and Researched: Blake Williams & Taylor Miller: photo courtesy of The Christian Science Monitor and telegraph.uk.co

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