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OHS Staff Favorite American Monument

February 15, 2013
Owensville High School

OHS Staff—FavoriteAmerican Monument

Brittni Cebulak

There are many great monuments in theUnited States of America, and it is inevitable that individuals will have their personal favorites. Have you ever even bothered to consider which American icon you like best? OHS staff members were recently asked, and the following are some of their responses:


Cheryl Wehmeyer—St. Louis Arch

My favoriteAmericanMonumentis the St. Louis Arch.  It is the perfect symbol for the Gateway to the West.  I loveSt. Louis.  I grew up there and was privileged to get to watch the Arch being built. (Yes, I am that old!)  I saw it grow until there was just a small gap at the top.  It took a while because the Arch did not quite meet evenly at the top.  Ask me, and I'll tell you how they corrected the problem and finished the Arch.  To this day, many engineers and architects consider the St. Louis Arch to be an architectural wonder.

I have been to the top of the Arch several times.  You are put into an egg-like compartment and ride to the top.  It is just a plain room with several small windows, but the view is magnificent.  It may sway a little, but that is to be expected.  Before you leave the Arch, be sure to go through the museum.  It tracesAmerica's movement west in a very entertaining way.  If you like to shop, like I do, check out the gift shops, too.  You can even catch a movie that shows the Arch being built and explains all the challenges and difficulties that were faced along the way.

The St. Louis Arch is a great way to spend a day inSt. Louis– The Gateway to the West.


Connie Warden—Lincoln Memorial

My favorite is the Lincoln Memorial.  We went toWashingtonD.C.ten years ago and visited a lot of the sights inWashingtonD.C. 


Mrs. Miller—Statue of Liberty

Every American should see what the forefathers went through to get toAmerica! I took my children to see her.


Joan Hellebusch—St. Louis Arch

Within our state the St. Louis Arch is a must-see sometime in your lifetime.  The Arch represents the gateway, the desire for something different compared to the urban life style.  I have been lucky to go up the Arch more than once, as part of touring friends from out of state.  

Within our country, I have two other favorite natural monuments—WaimeaCanyoninKauai,Hawaii.  It is called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific—a very similar natural design of the Grand Canyon inArizona.  

My other favoriteAmericanMonumentis Old Faithful Geyser inYellowstoneNational ParknearJackson,Wyoming.  I have been to both natural monuments and appreciate the power and beauty of each monument.  I would recommend others to visit these sites, just to witness the beauty appreciate our country.  


Rebecca Giallongo—the Grand Canyon

I've been there three times, and am going back this summer; it's so gorgeous and shows how small a person is in the world and in the universe...

Although the 'beach' is not a monument, it's the next place that shows how small a person in and insignificant in the big scheme of things, and soooooooooooo peaceful.

Everyone should travel as much as possible anytime, anywhere. So, yes, I recommend theGrand Canyonand any other landmark you can check out, man-made or created by God.


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