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Fresh Grass or Fake Turf?

February 8, 2013
Owensville High School

Fresh Grass or Fake Turf?


Nick Holzschuh 

Fall is one of the most important seasons to many people, why you may ask? Well it is football season for all the high school teams. Football season for a high school student can be beneficial even if you are not on the team; it is something that brings every highschooler together on a Friday night on their home field up in the stands, under the field lights. It is something that one will always remember about high school, all of the tailgating, eating, and hanging out with friends you do every Friday when your teams playing is just something that makes your schooling special. All of these memories are going to be things that make you want to go back to high school after you are out and frankly if you do not have any memories like this then your experience could not have been very good while you were in school.

Football season means playing on a football field, which I think of as fresh grass with painted lines surrounded by a track, but some high schools go to the extreme of putting in a turf field for their high school players. Turf to me would be something amazing to have if you have a rich enough school to afford it, but to me it is not something that would be a necessity in any way. Owensville High School has spoken of turning their grass football field into an amazing turf field, but the main question is if it can be afforded. High School is a lower form of school compared to college, so in my opinion it is something that we could do without and use the money for something else, but if we did have a turf field, it would not bother me at all.

The feeling of knowing that we would be just as good and have just as good of a field that some of the more rich schools have would be great and it would create a little more sense of confidence in everyone. I feel like if this is something that can be done and can be afforded by the OHS, then it should be done. It can only benefit us, and it will only make our school a more enjoyable place to be.

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