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Spirit Brings Pride, and Pride Gives You Better Spirit

February 8, 2013
Owensville High School

Spirit Brings Pride, and Pride Gives you Better Spirit


Nick Holzschuh

Spirit is something that is found all throughout our Owensville High School, even when we do not have spirit days, most of our students still express that they represent their OHS. A school without spirit is like a day without the sun, it would just be plain and boring. We have recently had a spirit week at Owensville and there was a great turnout with the participation. This week has been filled with beads, painted faces, tons of colors, and so many great outfits.

Monday at OHS was wear black and white day, everyone around the school participated and it looked like you were watching T.V. without color all day.

Tuesday was Mardi Gras, so of course there were hundreds of beads everywhere around the school.

Wednesday was witch and wizard day, so everybody went back to their Halloween days and dressed up in their costumes.

Thursday was hex day, which consisted of an entire school full of red and black to hex out those Wildcats!

Friday, which is the most important day of all, was Orange and Black Day; the entire school was filled with homecoming shirts, and just when you thought you could see all the orange and black around, you saw some more.

Our Owensville High School has had nothing but spirit this week, and I can say is this spirit week was a complete success. I am glad to be able to go to a school where everyone cares about each other and everyone cares about their team because a school filled with spirit for a team or spirit for anything is better to be in than a school that has students who do not care. We wear orange and black for a reason, not to just wear it or show that we have a team, but orange is black is Owensville’s sense of pride because each and every one of our athletes bring some pride and confidence to this school.  We wear orange and black to show our pride in our team and to show which school we belong to because this school is ours and we want to make sure everyone knows it.

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