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Newer Cars Bring Safer Places

February 8, 2013
Owensville High School

Newer Cars Bring Safer Places


Nick Holzschuh 

The Gasconade County R2 Owensville High School has recently upgraded their driver’s education program by investing in a new car. It can be argued that maybe it was not something that was needed to be done and that the money could have been spent on something more useful around the school, but the fact that the new Chevy Malibu is a safe car for the kids at the high school is a very positive thing.

In my opinion, I thought the last car was good enough for everyone, mainly I say this because I have been in the class and have driven it before. I think the money could have been spent in other parts of the school, but apparently a new car was something that we needed. Coach Clingamann who is the driver’s education teacher is excited about the new investment and definitely enjoys cruising around in the Chevy Malibu compared to the old car.

Clingamann is a stand up guy, and is a very good teacher especially for driving. He is a very important part to the Owensville High School because he is teaching the future drivers and is helping to keep our surrounding community safe. The fact that he teaches everyone’s young minds to be safe drivers and do the right things when they are on the road is a necessity because if your being immature and doing the wrong things on the road, you could end up dead, but if you are properly taught then a death could be prevented or even a bad injury.

This new car brings the benefit of safety to driver’s education students and the surrounding school. Finance may be set back because of this, but honestly it was about time that the old clunker was upgraded to something newer and better because safer will always be better.

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