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Perfect Warrior Stan Musial

February 1, 2013
Owensville High School

Perfect Warrior

Sam Grus

        “Here stands baseball’s perfect warrior, here stands baseball’s perfect knight.”-Ford C. Frick.

These are the words that engraved on Stan Musial’s statue in front of Busch Stadium. Musial was not only a great baseball player, but he was an even greater person. Nearly everybody in the St. Louis area has their own Musial story.

        Musial was not as flair driven as DiMaggio or Mays, but he was a far better person than any other ballplayer. “Musial was as close to a perfect ballplayer, as I have seen,” spoke the great Ty Cobb, who apparently did not like anybody. “Where is the great conflict in Musial’s life?” NBC broadcaster asked about Musial’s life while giving his eulogy. If they were to make a movie about Stan Musial’s life it would probably be the most boring movie ever filmed.

        Hank Aaron was dubbed the Home Run King after chasing down Babe Ruth’s home run record. Aaron has been called one the greatest hitters of all time. Aaron stated “I didn’t just like Musial, I wanted to be like him.” When somebody as great as Aaron can say something like that about somebody like Stan is amazing.

        Stan was an exceptional ballplayer. He won three championships, three MVPs, seven batting titles, and was selected to 24 All-Star teams in a 22 year long career. He finished his career with 3, 630 hits in his career (1,815 at home and 1,815 on the road). Perhaps Commissioner of Baseball Allan H. “Bud Selig said it best, “Major League Baseball has lost one of its true legends in Stan Musial. As the heart and soul of the historic St. Louis Cardinals franchise for generations, his Major League Baseball career was defined by monumental achievements: three World Series Championships, three MVP Awards, 3,630 hits, 1, 951 RBI, and 24 All-Star Game appearances. Yet, statistics alone cannot adequately define who he was as a man. Serving his country with honor during World War II, and receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2011, Musial was a Hall of Famer by any definition and a man who led a great American life.”

        Many people and other sports teams in the St. Louis area are recognizing the great Stan Musial. More than hundreds of people showed up to place their memorabilia and other mementoes at the Musial statue outside of Busch Stadium. The St. Louis Blues honored Stan by having warm up jerseys with the number six and Musial’s name on the back.

        Stan Musial may have left our lives, but he has not left our hearts and minds. We will still have the memories of him. Musial was able to get everything out of his ability and life, that is the way that we all should live.

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