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Christmas Memories--OHS Staff

December 14, 2012
Owensville High School

Christmas Memories—OHS Staff

Brittni Cebulak

    The memories of childhood are one of those kingly possessions that no one will ever be able to take away from you; they define your essence, who you are as a person, and who you will eventually become in life. Without experiencing the magical era of childhood, a person is simply not whole. Especially, the holiday season is one of the most pivotal periods in a child’s life where they build happy memories that last them a lifetime. This seems to hold true for all individuals—even the staff members at OHS. The following are Christmas memories that Owensville High School staff members hold dear to their hearts:


Joan Hellebusch:

“When I was five or six years old, Santa gave me a bicycle.  It's what I wanted, but I could not figure out how Santa was able to get it in my house that night because the wood stove (located in the living) was our source of heat during winter.  I remember wondering if Santa burnt his jacket delivering my new bike.  As I think back, this is truly a fond memory about my childhood.  The joy of just being a child.” 


Sherry Byram:

“Each year Christmas Eve night we would get all dressed up for our annual Church Christmas pageant, which was a huge event. At my house, we didn't dress up much throughout the year. After the pageant, all of the children would get a brown paper bag full of apples, oranges, and candy. Once the pageant was over, my family, along with my cousins’ families, headed to our grandparent’s house for supper. Grandma was a great cook, and the meal was huge. After dinner, while patiently waiting for our moms and Grandma to finish the dishes, the cousins would put together a small recital of our own. Finally, when dishes were done, we were allowed to open our presents from that side of the family. There was just something magical about Christmas Eve at Grandma’s house.”


Bev Giebler:

“When I and my siblings were very young, we had a great uncle who dressed up as Santa Claus and came to our house every Christmas Eve.  We did not recognize him and thought for years he was the real Santa!  We would stare out of our back window waiting and listening for the jingling of bells. He would come by the window and circle the house, arriving at our front door with his sack filled with our presents (my mom and dad always put them in the garage for him to stuff his sack before appearing to us).  It was a great time!”


Rebecca Giallongo:

“As a child, I was poor. Now wait. When I say poor, I mean really poor.

But I had a middle class aunt and uncle, and they always came down for Christmas, and myself and my five siblings always stared out the window and up the hill that led down to our house in the valley, waiting oh so impatiently for Uncle Ralph and Aunt Nancy to arrive from the big city of St. Louis. Keep in mind, I lived in the boonies of Steelville, a country hick like no other.

And every year I got a beautiful sweater and anything else they thought was cool to buy for me.

They are still my favorite aunt and uncle, and I still try to go see them every holiday season.

They are the bestest!”


Joe Stammers:

“For thirty years, myself and a group of my high school friends get together every Christmas Break and play a football game. It started as tackle, and now we play flag football—but we still play. Great to see each other every year—usually ten to twenty people. Great tradition.”


Matt Candrl:

“Finding the hiding place where my Mom stashed the Christmas gifts and then preceding to play the electronic football game for weeks before Christmas.  It was hard to be as excited that special day, because I robbed my parents of the joy of the surprise of giving me something I really wanted.  The emotional scars are still felt . . .”


Jenny Stockton:

“May favorite Christmas is 1992 Christmas. That was last year that all of my grandparents and my great grandmothers (my great-grandfathers had been passed away and I never knew them) were all alive. We had Christmas on December 23 at my great-grandma Lehmann's house in St. Louis. She was kind of famous for burning the main meal, but her angel food cake was to die for. We had Christmas with my dad's family including his sisters, my great grandmother, my grandfather, my grandmother for the last time that year, because my great-grandmother passed away in her sleep, and one of my aunt's, and my one and only cousin on my dad's side move to Florida the following year. We had such a great time that afternoon and into the night. I remember nothing but smiles and wonderfully, amazing memories made. We were all so very happy that year. I miss that a lot.”


“Another memory is always staying with my cousin, Melissa Hanff, over the Christmas break. We would stay three days with Melissa in Winfield after Christmas day. We would play with all of new toys, paint our nails, and pig out on nothing but junk food and leftovers from Christmas. We would watch Wayne's World and after so many years of watching it, were able to quote every line of the movie. Some of our favorite snacks were eating chips with ranch dressing. But, our favorite snack was pimento beans and cheese—so delicious!! My mom is one of eight kids, and Melissa belongs to my oldest uncle, Uncle Bob. We were about the same age.” 




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