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17 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories

December 5, 2012
Owensville High School

17 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories

Brittni Cebulak 


   Every time something of significance, whether it is positive or negative, happens in the world, there is always a voice in the crowd that screams “conspiracy!” Why is this? Do they crave publicity and attention? Are they bored with their existence? Are they simply just trying to make sense out of unfathomable events? Believe it or not, a great deal of many people actually believe these theories. The following are seventeen examples of such conspiracy theories.


1.)    JFK—many people believe the assassinated president was murdered by the FBI, the CIA, the Federal Reserve, Lyndon B. Johnson, the Bush family, or anti-Castro Cuban radicals instead of Lee Harvey Oswald, who was murdered by a “gangster” two days after being arrested and before any trial could take place. He had denied any involvement in the JFK assassination.


2.)  9/11—groups of people claim that the United States government had prior knowledge of the September 11th attacks and allowed them to happen, or committed the act themselves, through a “controlled” demolition of the Twin Towers.


3.) Pearl Harbor—like the 9/11 theory, some individuals believe that the U.S. government had prior knowledge of the attack, even claiming that FDR warned the Red Cross association to “secretly prepare” for massive casualties at Pear Harbor.


4.) Apollo Moon Landing—many people think that the 1969 moon landing was faked in a Hollywood movie studio to spark patriotism and support throughout theUSA, claiming that the government tampered with the tape and moon rock sample evidence.


5.) Area 51—common claims state that this military government testing facility houses alien cover-ups, radioactive testing, nuclear experimentation, and the genetic modification of humans to create a “super-race” among other things.


6.)  Bilderberg Group—people believe that this group is a “shadow government” bent on world domination by the group’s elite. The group has a once a year, “invitation only” annual meeting. Bill Clinton and Prime Minister Tony Blair are said to have been “groomed” as future leaders during their time at Bilderberg, and Obama reportedly has many Bilderberg members composed of his cabinet.


7.) Freemasons—many individuals believe that this secret society is controlling theU.S. government or a cultist group that takes part in “worshiping Satan.”


8.) Skull & Bones—this is a secret society from a fraternity in Yale. George W. Bush and John Kerry were both members. No one really knows what this secret society does in their meetings, so obviously conspiracy theorists have made up numerous explanations.


9.) Chemtrails—this particular conspiracy theory states that those little jet clouds you see in the sky when air planes and jets fly across the horizon are really chemicals and gases released by the government meant to control the weather, population, or vaccinate against disease to prepare for a biological terrorist attack. (Is it just me, or is this the most ridiculous theory yet?)


10.) Illuminati—this is yet another secret society that many conspiracy theorist believe are determined to take over the world by initiating the “New World Order.”


11.) Tupac—there is a theory that rapper Tupac Shakur faked his own death and was not actually murdered. Conspiracy theorists believe that he is alive and well today and is living on some tropical island somewhere.


12.)  Barcodes—Extremist religious groups claim that every single barcode contains the number 666, ultimately doing Satan’s dirty work every time we buy a candy bar or a gallon of milk at the grocery store. (Okay, maybe this theory is the most ridiculous!)


13.) Roswell—UFOs were supposedly spotted inRoswell,New Mexico in 1947. Conspiracy theorists maintain that a UFO crashed, and the government covered up the evidence by taking alien bodies and the remnants of the spaceship to Area 51. Ever since then, many more people claim to have seen aliens and UFOs around this area.

14.) 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami—this devastating tsunami killed nearly 230,000 people across 11 countries. Conspiracy theorists claim that theU.S. government made the tsunami happen on purpose (how is that even possible?) in order to distract people from talking about theIraq war during the holidays.


15.)Nazi Moon Base—many people believe that the first lunar mission occurred in 1942 . . . by the Nazis. Theorists believe that the Third Reich used a Canadian-designed spacecraft to reach the moon, where they then “made contact with dozens of alien species.”


16.) Holocaust Denial—this theory is pretty self explanatory. There are people out there that literally deny that the Holocaust ever happened—despite all of the photographic evidence and Concentration Camp survivors.


17.) Elvis—this theory states that Elvis Presley is still alive and that he faked his own death to avoid “debt collectors” and an “Elvis look alike that bought a plane ticket to Buenos Aeries shortly before his death.”


   So there you have it—the seventeen most popular conspiracy theories. Whether you choose to believe them or not is your own business, but I personally find most of them to be ludicrous in nature. I am convinced that they were created with people that have way too much time on their hands. However, everyone will simply have to draw their own conclusions in the end.

Source: http://heralddaily.com/2009/09/28/17-of-the-worlds-most-popular-conspiracy-theories

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