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MLB Teams Needing Improvement

December 3, 2012
Owensville High School

MLB Teams Needing Improvement


Cody Goggin

    In Major League Baseball, the offseason is when you make moves to improve your team, either immediately or years down the road. Every move made could have an effect on the teams of the future. Last year’s worst teams will look to improve so that they are recognized as being good enough to be in the league and deserve the respect of their opponents. As is always the case, this year, some teams have more work to do than others.

  • Houston Astros :2012 Record (55-107)

Things seem to be changing in Houston. Next year, the team will be making a leap to the American League West in 2012 and they will also have new jerseys… the only thing that does not seem to be changing for the Astros is their team. Last season, the dismal Astros traded almost all of their veteran players to acquire prospects who they hope can turn into big league ball players. Their plan to improve may very well take at least five years, but when it is their time, Houston could be a dangerous team to mess with… however far in the future that might be.

  • Chicago Cubs: 2012 Record (61-101)

Chicago has had a long history of baseball futility, and the 2012 team did not break tradition. The Cubs were the second-worst team in all of baseball. It seems as if they are at the bottom of the whole league almost every year. Things may be going the right way with young, promising players, like Starlin Castro, Darwin Barney, Bryan LaHair, and Anthony Rizzo. The problem is… these are the only good players that are on the Chicago roster! With the exception of the veteran Soriano, who is far too old to make a contribution for the Cubs much longer, no one on their team produced even the slightest bit this year. The Cubs may have to wait at least another 100 years for their next World Series.

  • Colorado Rockies: 2012 Record(64-98)

It may be surprising to some, but the best offense in the National League this year belonged to the Colorado Rockies. Sure, playing in the Mile High City should help your offense, but they were also towards the top of the league in average, on base percentage, and hits. What was the problem then you ask? The problem is that the Rockies were dead last in just about every pitching statistical category that you could even think of. The 2012 Rockies were maybe one of the worst pitching teams in history, allowing over five runs per game. The average baseball fan could not name one Rockies starting pitcher. They have already started moving into the right direction by hiring a new manager, but there is a lot of work to be done in Colorado.

  • Minnesota Twins: 2012 Record (66-96)

Joe Mauer and Josh Willingham both had excellent seasons, and some new stars are emerging in the likes of Scott Diamond and Trevor Plouffe, but the Twins finished in last place. After the all-star break, the Twins put on a show of how to lose ball games and would eventually fall behind even the Indians and the Royals. With the worst record in the American League, Minnesota will need some help to bring back the glory days of their franchise and bring a winning season to their relatively new stadium.

  • Boston Red Sox: 2012 Record (69-93)

For any baseball fan that has been hiding under a rock for the past year, yes, the Boston Red Sox have made the list of the worst teams in Major League Baseball. This season was just disastrous for the BoSox. Their manager was the worst possible hire for the job, injuries hit hard, and then half of their team was traded away. Mid-way through the season, there were players with numbers in the 70’s starting for them due to injuries and whatever else was going on in Bobby Valentine’s mind. Boston has successfully completed step 1: Firing Valentine; now for them to successfully complete the rest of the book. They need to improve their pitching and their infield to be contenders in the American League East again, but it will be awfully tough as this next season will feature the strongest AL East ever. Toronto is already stacking up this offseason, Tampa Bay is just as good as they have been for the past few years, and Baltimore and New York are both coming off of playoff seasons. It is highly unlikely that Boston will do anything next year either, barring some huge moves from the new executives.


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