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BCS Title Race

December 3, 2012
Owensville High School

BCS Title Race

Cody Goggin

   2012 is a year of waiting; that is, for the expiration of the BCS. After this year and one more season, the disaster that is the BCS will be forever done away with. That is not to say that the system will be completely fixed, because in my mind the playoffs should be further expanded, but this will certainly help crown a clear champion in college football. The Bowl Championship Series is terrible, and that is the reason why more madness is going on this year than possibly any other season before and a huge number of great teams will be denied the right to play for a championship because of the ignorance of the system.

   There are 13 teams with one loss or less in the top 25 right now, and although these teams have all had tremendous years, there are only about five teams that have a realistic chance of going to the championship game. In the BCS standings, all that matters is where you were ranked to begin with and who it is that you have played; they do not care about how good of a team you could be, and they do not let teams prove themselves against higher competition. If there was a playoff, then these teams would all have a chance to play for pride and to show how good they are.

   The lone undefeated (eligible for a title) is the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Notre Dame is sitting at 11-0 and will take on USC this upcoming week. If they can win this game against a reeling USC team, then they will most likely have their spot in the championship solidified. With a defense that is one of the best in history led by Manti Te’o and an explosive offense lead by Everett Golson, Notre Dame matches up well with just about any team, especially an SEC team.

    In the most recent BCS standings, the next three teams, in order, are Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Alabama’s only loss was to Texas A&M, Georgia’s only loss was to South Carolina, and Florida’s only loss was to Georgia. At out all of these teams that defeated the teams at the top of the SEC, Georgia is ranked the highest; however, if that is the case and all of the teams have the same record, how come out of these three Florida is ranked the lowest? That does not make much sense from where I stand. I think both Florida and Alabama are highly overrated, and Georgia seems to be the best out of these three and the most deserving of the distinction of the best in the SEC. The problem here is that only two of these teams will play for the conference championship, leaving one team out. This left out team will either be cast away or, with a loss from Notre Dame, matchup with a conference foe in the National Championship despite not even qualifying for the conference championship. This would be two years in a row that such a tragedy has happened. Every sports analyst in the world seems to have a crush on the SEC, but how is it possible for anyone to beat them if they just play each other! There has to be another team in the championship from another conference.

    Sitting in fifth place are the Oregon Ducks. Their lone loss was to a top 15 team in overtime. There is no reason that they should only be in fifth with the great season they are having. They have one of the most prolific offenses ever seen. Just another victim of the BCS.

     Next is Kansas State. They are having the best year in program history, a quarterback in contention for the Heisman, ranked number one in the nation, and then, for just one week, they lose focus and get crushed by a good Baylor ball team. So what? They lost one game; big whoop. They deserve to be in the title hunt and they know that, but they blew it and will not get a chance.

     I could keep going on about this for days and the fact is that the BCS is a pile of crap. I am not the only person that cannot wait for the BCS to see the end of its days, which will hopefully go very quick. A 16 team playoff would put the most deserving teams into the field but it all comes down to money; that is the reason that us college football fans have to suffer.


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