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High School Students First

November 8, 2012
Owensville High School

High School Students First for Morning Drop Off . . . Please?


Brittni Cebulak


    Becoming a high school student is kind of a rite of passage in the eyes of younger students who look up to, and in some cases fear, their older peers. High school kids are envied and, not to sound melodramatic, often worshiped by younger grades. When I was in elementary and middle school, I thought becoming a high schooler was an impossible task to achieve, and I could never see myself in that position. Moreover, the high school students were always admired because of the fact that they had vending machines available for use during lunch, they were allowed to walk around all day (not in lines) to their classes, they had cars, and those that did not have cars were able to freely stand outside and wait for their busses to pick them up.

    Still, no matter how “glorious” the younger kids might think that being a high school student might be, there is one recurring complaint that has stricken those several unfortunate students who are unable to drive as of yet or are not  lucky enough to own a car—riding the school bus. Obviously, one cannot avoid riding the school bus if they have no other means of transportation; however, one also cannot control the time when they arrive on campus when they are cursed to take the school bus.

      In addition, I think it is only fair to say that it is more important for high school students to arrive at school on time versus the elementary and middle school students. Most high school students have more commitment put into their daily schedules, routines, and classes—those of which are much harder and more meaningful than elementary or middle school courses.

     With all of this information in mind, I believe that all high schoolers that ride a school bus should be dropped off first in the mornings—not after the middle and elementary school students. I understand that the current morning drop off route is the most convenient way for the bus drivers to have a straight shoot for the bus barn after dropping off the high school students, but it is still extremely irksome to have to sit in a seat while all of the other schools are dropped off and you have to wait to get to school. Trust me when I say that I do not think that the high school kids are better or more worthy of being dropped off first versus the elementary and middle school students; I simply think that it is a right that has been earned with time—like the vending machines at lunch and walking to class on your own. After all, once upon a time, the high school students were dropped off first in the mornings. Would it be such a bad thing to go back to that?

     I also understand that most buses usually drop off the high school students at a decent time—enough time to mingle in the hallways for a few minutes and still make it to class on time. Still, this is not the case one-hundred percent of the time, and it would be beneficial for the high schoolers to be dropped off first in the mornings before any other school. It is not as big of a deal for an elementary or middle school student to obtain a tardy as it is for a high school student.

     Moreover, I am sure the majority of high school students would be very grateful if a change was made in the manner of bus drop off in the mornings. I asked Dalton Hempelmann (a junior lacking a driver’s license, as well as a vehicle) if he thought that high school students should be let off of the busses first in the mornings, and he replied by enviously saying, “That would be nice.”

     Making this simple change would benefit many high schoolers—who I firmly believe, as I have already stated many times, have earned this privilege through time—would likely not be an issue of cost; it would probably just cause confusion in the beginning. Of course, then you will have to take into account the elementary and middle school students that might become angry or upset with the change.  Still, no matter what, becoming a high school student is a rite of passage, bringing with it many perks that were not included in grade school, and being dropped off of the bus first in the morning should be included with that. 

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