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A Letter to Mother Nature

November 7, 2012
Owensville High School

A Letter to Mother Nature

Brittni Cebulak 



Dear Mother Nature,


    I think that I speak for everyone when I say that I am downright sick and tired of your mood swings. One minute your temperatures are up, and I am left hot and uncomfortable in class; the next minute your temperatures are down, and I am trembling in my seat. We all know that you have issues, but the truth is—so do the rest of us. Therefore, I find it very selfish of you to change yourself on a dime just because of your ever shifting desires.

    In addition, I think that it would be exceedingly fitting for you to consult with your physician in regards to your emotional state of being. I fear that you might be suffering from bipolar disorder, and it would be best if you were checked out by a licensed general practitioner.

    Moreover, I do not mean to be rude, but I feel that I must impose on you a life lesson that might help you get back on the right track in your weather cycles. As you probably once knew—and it is obvious to me that you have forgotten this key information in your old age—in the central United States in which my distraught peers and I currently reside, there has been a general pattern of four recurring seasons throughout each passing year. These seasons are named winter, spring, summer, and fall, and each have different weather conditions that transpire separately from one another.

    Therein lays my biggest grievance—you seem to have forgotten to break up your weather patterns based on these seasons. You mix fall with winter temperatures, and the next week you mix fall with spring and summer temperatures. Still, when you do manage to get your disposition right, you go to extremes. This past summer, for example, you oppressed much of the nation with your three-digit, utterly scorching temperatures.

    Now all I want to know is—why? Why must you toy with us, lull us into a false sense of security, and then crush our dreams of fitting weather conditions like a child’s foot crushes the helpless body of a crawling insect?

     I tolerated a nearly intolerable summer from you, and was very much looking forward to the cool fall temperatures; however, you do not seem to want to let up or stabilize yourself. Is this your way of punishing mankind for all of the abuse it has inflicted upon you through pollution, deforestation, the construction of cities, and numerous other offenses? When will our time of trial be over? What do you want from us?

     I will tell you want I want from you, which is simply this: be the Mother Nature I once knew and loved! I want a distinct break between the seasons, not some big sloppy, unappealing mixture of all four! I want snow in winter, rain in spring, heat in summer, and cool, windy, multi-colored leafed days in fall. This is all I desire; this is all I ask and require. Do you think it is even remotely possible to go back to those “good old days” instead of living in this insanity? On behalf of the OHS community and myself, I implore you to consider making a change.



Brittni Cebulak

Advocate for Appropriate Weather


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