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Shadow People

October 25, 2012
Owensville High School

Shadow People

Brittni Cebulak

    You are sitting alone in your room, doing homework, reading a magazine, texting your friends, watching T.V., staring blankly at the wall in utter boredom, or doing whatever else to fill your spare time when you suddenly see a flash of black zap across your peripheral vision. You dismiss the occurrence as nothing more than your mind and eyes simply playing tricks on you for whatever reason and continue about your business.

    However, a few moments later, it happens again—a split second flash of darkness in the corner of your eye. You try to make sense of the event—perhaps the sun went behind a cloud outside of your window to give the illusion of dimness; maybe there is some kind of pesky insect flying by your face; more than likely, it was simply the shadow of your pet dog or cat strolling by.  You console yourself with this logic, and once again resume your activities. Soon afterwards, the impossible happens.

    Issuing a break from your actions, you take a moment to gaze about your room. That is when you see it—the pure black figure of a man standing in a corner. The apparition has no depth or definition, and in that instant a name comes to your mind: Shadow Person. Does such a being actually exist? Your shock lasts for only a split second, for the “shadow” disappeared on the thin air the moment you looked at it directly; however, your fear will always linger.

    What are Shadow People? Well, the cold hard truth is simply this: no one really knows. Are they hoax and myth? That is for the reader to decide. However, according to numerous different websites dedicated to the paranormal, encounters with these strange beings are becoming more and more frequent. Some of the experiences are simply frightening, while others are claimed to be outright attacks on a person’s well-being.

    It is believed that the appearance of Shadow People has occurred throughout history, as well as in numerous different religions. Strangely, those people that report seeing a Shadow Person almost always report seeing an eerily similar looking entity. In addition, there are believed to be several different groups of Shadow People—the Shadow Man that appears wearing a hat and suit, the Shadow Man in a cloak, the Shadow Man with red eyes, and the black blob-like mass of a Shadow Person being just a few examples.

    The outright paranormal skeptics must think that the existence of Shadow People is nothing but a bunch of malarkey, and the open minded skeptics probably think that they will never cross paths with one of those dark figures. However, one of these Shadow People may very well be lurking within the walls of Owensville high school.

    There have been rumors of OHS being haunted by a Civil War solider in the band hall area, allegedly seen by many janitors in the past. Interestingly enough, according to choir instructor Mrs. Baker, there have, indeed, been many strange occurrences in the music room that have convinced her that it is haunted. Apparently, “lights have come on by themselves, and a shadow has been seen on the back wall.”

    Whether people want to acknowledge it or not, it is hard to deny that there are paranormal experiences occurring daily in every day life—even in the small town of Owensville, Missouri. Granted, some people may be more sensitive to the supernatural than others, but it is there nevertheless—despite the fact that the paranormal is not supported by science. Moreover, some people believe that the previously described Shadow People are always there, lurking just outside of your vision—watching, waiting; exactly for what, no one may ever know.


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