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Bring On the Spirit

October 22, 2012
Owensville High School

 Bring On the Spirit!

Nick Holzschuh


        As you may know, Owensville High School will be having a yearbook spirit week this upcoming school week. This is a lot different than any other spirit week because there will be prizes offered to the kids who participate with the most spirit and show interest in the different themes. Most people in the OHS participate in the spirit days especially if the days are different than the normal and exciting to do. Many kids put a lot of effort into each and every outfit, just so they can show spirit. Some students do it just because they like dressing up and doing something different than just wearing the normal casual clothes. This is the stuff that you will remember in your post high school life.

    Walking around the school and seeing this good spirit is something everyone likes to see; I love seeing everyone all decked out with everyones different ideas and costumes. The upcoming days for the OHS is fake an injury on Monday, Tuesday is dress like a staff member, Wednesday is wear your favorite sports team gear, Thursday is 80’s day, and Friday is get er done day. Many of these have not been used before here at OHS, so these new days should be fun to see and participate in.

    Yearbook staff has put together and organized this spirit week, and it is likely to be an exciting one. If you are one of those people that are too cool for spirit week, dress up anyways; it is always going to be funner to have more people participating, so show some spirit and go all out. If you are one of those who always dress up, then think of something extra good and put it on. Get your outfit on OHS will be glad to see you participating.

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