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Teaching the Younger Generation

October 22, 2012
Owensville High School

Teaching the Younger Generation.

Nick Holzchuh

            Over this past week, the Owensville FFA organization has been planning and preparing for Food For America. Stumped on what that is yet?  Well, it is basically taking all the high school FFA members and turning them into the teacher; these “teachers” are then sent to the elementary school to mentor and teach the little kids on the basic parts of agriculture. The ironic part of this is that the FFA members are being taught by the teacher, but don’t realize how big of a pain that their class or classes bring to the teacher; however when the FFA members turn into the teachers, they realize how hard it is to control the younger generation and seem to have the same problems that the high school teachers have today. The problems are just at a different maturity level in high school.

            The high schoolers went over to the elementary school for the entire day, some students lead and walked around the students to all of the different stations, and the others were a part of the stations where each one taught a vast stretch of different agricultural items. The students were taught about the different types of cows, meat, where certain things came from, the different fruits and vegetables, grains, and about some different tractors. It was an overall enjoyable day for the high school students and the younger students, except for it being really cold all day.

            One thing that I found really neat about the whole thing is that the Owensville high school students did it all. It was really cool to know that we had just taught a whole school the basics of agriculture without the teachers’ help. It showed that we were starting to grow up, be responsible, and do things on a more mature level. I’m looking forward to participating next year and doing it again. I just hope it was as good as this year and we can help make a difference in the younger generation.

FFA is thought to be only farmers and hicks, but it is not. Agriculture is something that every American should have a background in because with that knowledge you can expand and move on to greater and better things. Farmers are the reason we eat, so the next time you are eating corn, thank a farmer. Start being thankful for this world we live in now because without the people we have in our world now and without farmers, we are nothing; just be thankful that somebody is doing the hard work that not everyone is willing to do.


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