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Wear Your Pink So You Don't Stink! Pink Tuesday

October 22, 2012
Owensville High School

Wear Your Pink, So You Don’t Stink!

Nick Holzchuh 

            Do you support breast cancer? Do you participate in wearing pink and do fundraisers for breast cancer research? Well, at the Owensville High School the National Honor Society puts together what they call “ Pink Tuesday,” which is where each and everyone wears pink to support breast cancer, and they have a concession stand with different deserts throughout the lunch shifts. It has been very useful and has raised lots of money to be donated the breast cancer foundation.

            It is a very good program at OHS and should be continued for quite awhile now. It lets the school and kids give back just by getting some dessert and eating it after their lunch. It is a way for the kids to donate and actually get something in return. It is a wonderful idea that should be passed on to many other schools. All it takes is to have some kids donate their time and bake up some baked goods to sell and make some cotton candy or other cheaper made items.

            Always remember why your doing this fundraiser though; you are doing it to help women,  you are helping all the women who have fought, struggled, and maybe even died due to breast cancer. Your making a difference in your community and nationwide by helping with breast cancer research. The money made up is the reason we are getting as far as we are with finding cures or different ways to treat it. Cancer is never a good thing, but it is going to be nice if someday soon somebody can have breast cancer and be fully treated without any harm done. If you have some money, donate it to this fund; it is always a good thing to have money for research. Support your women.

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