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Yearbook Spirit Days

October 16, 2012
Owensville High School

Yearbook Spirit Days

Brittni Cebulak 

The week of October 22-26 is yearbook spirit week and will culminate with students receiving yearbook order forms, as well as optionally attending a Halloween dance hosted by the members of Journalism Staff on Friday night. Everyone is encouraged to show their spirit and dress up for each of the days and come enjoy themselves at the dance. The following are the spirit days that will be celebrated during the week:

Monday—Fake Injury Day—Do you have an old brace or ace wrap that you have never needed to use? Well, on Monday October 22nd, feel free to come bedecked in any variety of casts, braces, wraps, or randomly placed band-aids. Fake blood and other exceedingly gory fake injuries are not recommended.

Tuesday—Dress Like a Staff Member Day—Who is your favorite teacher at OHS? Show them that they are your role model by dressing up in clothes similar to their usual attire on Tuesday October 23rd.

Wednesday—Favorite Sports Team Day—What sports team is your absolute favorite? On Wednesday October 24th, show your spirit by wearing t-shirts and other merchandise accommodating to your all time favorite athletic team. If you have no sports preference, you can simply show school pride by wearing orange and black for the Owensville Dutchmen!

Thursday—80’s Day—Break out Mom and Dad’s old high school photo for inspiration. Ultra-teased hair and Mohawks, legwarmers and/or parachute pants are a must.  Sunglasses, neon colored clothes, oversized shirts, and Reebok Hightops are also some past fads that could put into use on this day.

Friday—Get ‘er Done Day—What else can be said for this day? Dress country—camouflage, boots, etc. 

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