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Really Refs?

October 16, 2012
Owensville High School

Really Refs?


Sam Grus

            At the beginning of the NFL season, commissioner Roger Goodell was forced to hire “Replacement Refs.” Goodell was forced to because to the NFL and the NFLRA could not reach an official agreement for their paychecks. When the season started on September 5, 2012, football fans were irate. Nobody knew how these new refs were going to do.

            From the first game, you could definitely tell that the pace of the game was much slower than that of the previous season. When the officiating crew has to turn to the booth for a very easy call, the game is slowed down. When the game is slowed down, fans might get upset over that factor. Although, sometimes when the fans get angered commissioner, Goodell does absolutely nothing about it. He and the NFL offices might want to start listening to the fans because the fans are the backbone of professional sports.

            During a Monday night game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks, two questionable calls were made by the replacement refs. The first was a roughing the passer call on Green Bay; that put Seattle in scoring range. NFL Rule states that a pass rusher cannot hit a passer after the ball has been released. The quarterback's arm was still in motion, strike one. With the clock ticking away Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson launched a deep bomb to the endzone; from a fan sitting at home and watching on his TV, Green Bay’s corner clearly caught the ball and landed with it. What the Seattle receiver did was put his arm on the ball after the corner was on the ground. The receiver did not have possession of the ball at any point of the play. The refs ruled that it was a touchdown for Seattle, and that they had won the game. Strike two. After the game, the ref that had made the call stated that he knew that it was the right. Strike three.

            The “Replacement Era” ended just before week four. When Goodell announced that the real refs would be coming back, fans everywhere across the nation jumped for joy. They just ended what was the worst three weeks of their football lives. When the refs came back, you could definitely see a difference in the flow of the game. The game was faster because they did not have to go to the booth for every call made. With the refs back, fans can finally sit back and enjoy their football once again.



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