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Day at Monrovia

January 9, 2012
Owen Valley High School

At the Monrovia Wrestling invite we had teams Owen Valley, Tri-West, Ritter, South Putnam, And Monrovia.
   Tuff matches for everyone involved, but I must say each wrestler that we had gave and gave all day long. We won some matches and we lost some too, but I'm seeing more progress, aggression, heart and mental attitude. You know, even though we are nearing the end of the season. Seeing these kids try harder every time they wrestle is what it's all about. If I would say winning wasn't everything. I would be lying to you, because it is in wrestling! These kids don't go out there on the mat with anyone else, but themselves. It's hard on each and everyone of them especially win they lose. You got to think going a hundred miles a minute. You got to counter act if your opponent makes a move and you can't be slow about it. It's MENTAL, and as long as you can move on after a match that you got beat in, then your actually moving forward. Losing is so frustrating and you can get down so bad that it can set you back more than if you won a match and moved forward. I'm just glad that we have kids that can move on, and keep trying to stay mentally strong.
  At the meet this weekend we had some good matches that we lost just because we made mistakes that changed the out come. Confidence was built a little more this weekend with some wins that we got, but most of all when we got in the third period we kept wrestling. We didn't put are heads on the mat and get pushed around. We kept at it, grinding making moves.
  As I've said before, we have seven wrestlers. Dillon Knapp our lone senior, and Sean Huss junior that has wrestled before at the High School level. I thought they did a great job win or lose. Then you have Johnathan Temples, Will Shelley, and Logan Britton that are juniors. They are in their first year of wrestling, and they are making great progress on the mat. Dilan Daniel, and Isaac Miller are freshman. Dilan is a first year wrestler, and Isaac wrestled in Middle School. They both are going to be tuff in the next year.
   As far as the team score this weekend well lets just put that behind us. We've got seven varsity wrestlers, and we've all talked. It's about the individual for here on out. How good can you be by the end of the year. How much can you learn, and where is your mind set on how far you want to take your wrestling. I believe your seeing some strong kids for OVHS, no matter their record...

Isaac Miller was 2 wins 2 losses
Jonathan Temples 1 win 3 losses
Dilan Daniel 0 wins 4 losses
Dillon Knapp 0 wins 4 losses
Will Shelley 1 win 3 losses
Sean Huss 1 win 3 losses
Logan Britton 1 win 3 losses
And reserve
Larry Shaffer 2 wins 0 losses
JR Robertson 1 win 1 loss

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