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February 21, 2010
Oregon City High School

iHigh.com, America's online high school community, announced today that high school wrestling fans can view live match video from this year's TRL District Wrestling Tournament which will be held on February 19 and 20 at Rex Putnam High School in Milwaukie, OR.

Following is the Tournament Timeline as well as the Live Streaming Schedule.  All matches will be streamed live.  There will be two cameras for two mats.  All Live Stream events will be two hours in length except for the Championships, which will be shown in entirety without a break. Check below the timeline for links to all of the match broadcasts.  Thanks to Rex Putnam High School for providing the facilities and the connections for the Live Broadcast of this District Championship.


Weigh-In 12:00pm

Session I
Championship Round I
Consolation Round I                                        2 Mats 2:00pm - 7:30pm


Championship Round II
Consolation Round II

Weigh-In 8:00am

Session II
Championship Semi-Finals                             2 Mats 10:00am - 12:00pm
Consolation Round III, IV                                   2 Mats 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Session III
Championship Finals (3rd - 6th Places)            2 Mats 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Championship Finals                                           1 Mat 7:00pm - 10:00pm


**Click on the MAT you wish to view during the scheduled times. Times may vary slightly depending on status of matches.

Streaming Session 1 Friday, Feb. 19  2 PM - 4 PM


MAT 1 - Video by Oregon City High School

Preliminary matches in all weight divisions, Mat information not avail on earlier matches

Arakelian-LO Vs Musser-CL, Schroeder-ML Vs Eatherton-CL, Leonardo-CL Vs Skocylas-WL, Scruggs-OC Vs Chay-WL, Henderson-CL Vs Ternes-RP, Lumsden-CL Vs Borgeson-LR, Fishcher-OC Vs Brown-WL, Ma-LR Vs Chay-WL, Brown-OC Vs Holman-LO, Nicholson-WL Vs Rogers-LR, Brown-ML Vs Satterlee-RP, Schutzler-WL Vs Nichols-LO, Hulsey-LO Vs Vick-OC,

MAT 2 - Video by Lakeridge High School

Preliminary matches in all weight divisions, Mat information not avail on earlier matches

Krellwitz-WL Vs Meeker-OC, Caldera-OC Vs Fry-RP, Breeman-CL Vs Clark-ML, Gillespie-OC Vs Cunningham-LO, Priestly-ML Vs Taylor-ML, Becker-CL Vs Iverson-LO, Patrick-RP Vs Williams-OC, Paulson-WL Vs Rezaei-RP

Streaming Session 2  Friday, Feb. 19  4 PM - 6 PM

MAT 1 - Video by Oregon City High School

MAT 2 - Video by Lakeridge High School

Streaming Session 3  Friday, Feb. 19  6 PM - 7:30 PM

MAT 1 - Video by Oregon City High School

MAT 2 - Video by Lakeridge High School

Streaming Session 4  Saturday, Feb. 20 10 AM - 12 PM

MAT 1 - Video by Oregon City High School

Morrill-WL Vs Sether-OC,Lantz-RP Vs Hilton-WL, Schutzler-WL Vs Farmer-OC, Scruggs-OC Vs Ternes-RP, Brewer-OC Vs Eisele-WL, Brown-OC Vs Taylor-ML, Brewer-OC Vs Eisele-WL, Fischer-OC Vs Clark-ML, Becker-CL Vs Satterlee-RP, Paulson-WL Vs  Vick-OC,Wilson-WL VS  McAdams-RP, Tavarres-LR Vs McLoed-WL, MacClanathan-WL Vs Lee-OC, Mansur-CL Vs Young-LO, Groner-OC Vs Baker-CL,

MAT 2 - Video by LakLaeridge City High School

Gallagher-LR Vs Huynh-CL, Folliard-OC Vs Lucero-WL, Lopez-OC Vs Leonardo-CL, Krellwitz-WLVs Borgeson-LR, Egger-CL Vs Rogers-LR,Schiewe-WL Vs Fry-RP, Gillespie-OC Vs Chay-WL, Williams-OC Vs Forfeit, Rhemrev-Field-OC Vs Wetzler-CL, Fry-RP Vs Decker-OC, Krellwitz-WL Vs Ferington-CL, Entrikin-ML Vs Bliss-LR, Garren-ML Vs Jafari-LO, Romero-ML Vs Aguilar-RP,

Streaming Session 5 Saturday, Feb. 20 12 PM - 1:30 PM

MAT 1 - Video by Oregon City High School

Lantz-RP Vs Rios-ML, Meeker-OC Vs Lumsden-CL, Kelley-WL Vs Holman-LO, Nichols-LO Vs Lumsden-CL, Burkett-WL Vs Criscola-ML, Harman-WL Vs Propper-CL, Fund-RP Vs McCoy-OC, Kennedy-LO Vs Jameson-CL, Massey-RP Vs Faunce-LO, Main-OC Vs Leng-CL,

MAT 2 - Video by Lakeridge High School

Chay-WL Vs Henderson-CL, Cunningham-LO Vs Ma-LR, Nicholson-WL Vs Manning, Rasmussen-WL Vs Iverson-LO, Webster-ML Vs Rezaei-RP, Petrie-LO Vs Johnston-OC, Fernbaugh-CL Vs Walczak-ML, Jones-LO VS Messman-WL, Harmon-WL Vs Joslin-LR,

Streaming Session 6 Saturday, Feb. 20, 1:30 PM - 3 PM

MAT 1 - Video by Oregon City High School

Gallagher-LR Vs McCarty-CL, Hilton-WL Vs Neatherton-CL, Lantz-RP Vs Skoczylas-WL, Ternes-RP Vs Krellwizt-WL, Gillespie-OC Vs Freeman-CL, Cunningham-LO Vs Clark-ML, Manning-OC Vs Taylor-ML, Wetzler-CL Vs Webster-ML, Johnston-OC Vs Fry-RP,McLeod-WL Vs Fernbaugh-CL, Entrikin-ML Vs Jameson-CL, Joslin-LR Vs Garren-ML, Massey-RP Vs Romero-ML,

MAT 2 - Video by Lakeridge High School

Lucero-WL Vs Musser-CL, Schultlzer-WL Vs Lopez-OC, Chay-WL Vs Meeker-OC, Calera-OC Vs Eisele-WL, Kelley-WL Vs Egger-CL, Lumsden-CL Vs Rasmussen-WL, Vick-OC Vs Criscola-ML, McAdams-RP Vs Harman-WL, Ferington-CL Vs McCoy-OC, Lee-OC Vs Jones-LO, Woll-CL Vs Young-LO, Main-OC Vs Baker-CL

Streaming Session 7  (CHampionships places 3rd - 6th) Saturday, Feb. 20, 5 PM - 7 PM

MAT 1 - Video by Oregon City High School

Gallagher-LR Vs Morrill-WL, Lucero-WL Vs Hilton-WL, Skeczylas-WL Vs Lopez-OC, Chay-WL Vs Krellwitz-WL, Schiewe-WL Vs Eisele-WL, Gillespie-OC Vs Clark-ML, Egger-CL Vs Manning-OC, Rasmussen-WL Vs Satterlee-RP, Webster-ML Vs Vick-OC, Fry-RP Vs McAdams-RP, Jameson-CL Vs Lee-OC, Romero-ML Vs Main-OC,

MAT 2 - Video by Lakeridge High School

Musser-CL Vs Neatherton-CL, Lantz-RP Vs Schutlzer-WL,Ternes-RP Vs Meeker-OC, Freeman-CL Vs Cunnighham-LO, Taylor-ML Vs Kelley-WL, Wetzler-CL Vs Criscola-ML, Harman-WL Vs Johnston-OC, McLeod-WL Vs Ferington-CL, Jones-LO Vs Entrikin-ML, Woll-CL Vs Joslin-LR, Baker-CL Vs Massey-RP, Fry-RP Vs McAdams-RP, McCoy-OC Vs Fernbaugh-CL, Gassen-ML Vs Young-LO

Championship Finals  Saturday, Feb. 20, 7 PM - 9 PM

Close-up Video by Oregon City High School

Wide View Video by Lakeridge High School

171 Lbs Tavarres-LR Vs Krellwitz-WL, 189 Lbs MacClanathan-WL Vs Bliss-LR, 215 Lbs Mansur-CL Vs Jafari-LO, 285 Lbs Groner-OC Vs Aguilar-RP, 103 Lbs Sether-OC Vs Huynh-CL, 112 Lbs Folliard-OC Vs Lantz-RP, 119 Lbs Farmer-OC Vs Leonardo-CL, 125 Lbs Scruggs-OC Vs Borgeson-LR, 130 Lbs Fry-RP Vs Brewer-OC, 135 Lbs Chay-WL Vs Fischer-OC, 140 Lbs Rogers-LR Vs Brown-OC, 145 Lbs Williams-OC Vs Becker-CL, 152 Lbs Paulson-WL Vs Rhemrev-Field-OC, 160 Lbs Wilson-WL Vs Decker-OC


3 Rivers District Tournament
Place Winners
1. Kyle Sether(Oregon City)
2. Peter Huynh(Clackamas)
3. Grant Morrill(West Linn)
4. Patrick Gallagher(Lakeridge)
5. Elijah McCarty(Clackamas)
1. Parker Folliard(Oregon City)
2. Scott Lantz(Putnam)
3. Anthony Lucero(West Linn)
4. T. J. Hilton(West Linn)
5. Nick Eatherton(Clackamas)
6. Ryan Musser(Clackamas)
1. Anthony Leonardo(Clackamas)
2. Alan Farmer(Oregon City)
3. Michael Skoczylas(West Linn)
4. Fabian Lopez(Oregon City)
5. Brandon Schutzler(West Linn)
6. Dustin Lantz(Putnam)
1. Luke Scruggs(Oregon City)
2. Tyler Borgeson(Lakeridge)
3. Braden Krellwitz(West Linn)
4. Tyler Chay(West Linn)
5. Nathan Meeker(Oregon City)
6. Luke Ternes(Putnam)
1. Jordan Brewer(Oregon City)
2. Ted Fry(Putnam)
3. Brian Schiewe(West Linn)
4. Trevor Eisele(West Linn)
5. Saul Caldera(Oregon City)
1. Brady Fischer(Oregon City)
2. Toney Chay(West Linn)
3. Ryan Gillespie(Oregon City)
4. Brandon Clark(Milwaukie)
5. Tyler Cunningham(Lake Oswego)
6. Ben Freeman(Clackamas)
Page 1 out of 3
3 Rivers District Tournament
Place Winners
1. Robert Brown(Oregon City)
2. Phil Rogers(Lakeridge)
3. Conor Manning(Oregon City)
4. Hunter Egger(Clackamas)
5. Colin Kelley(West Linn)
6. Michael Taylor(Milwaukie)
1. Vince Williams(Oregon City)
2. Taylor Becker(Clackamas)
3. Dylan Satterlee(Putnam)
4. Thomas Rasmussen(West Linn)
5. Jack Lumsden(Clackamas)
6. Travis Schutzler(West Linn)
1. Donald Paulson(West Linn)
2. Anthony Rhemrev-Field(Oregon City)
3. Josiah Vick(Oregon City)
4. Ansel Webster(Milwaukie)
5. Jason Wetzler(Clackamas)
6. A.J. Criscola(Milwaukie)
1. Matt Decker(Oregon City)
2. Christian Wilson(West Linn)
3. Adam McAdams(Putnam)
4. Andy Fry(Putnam)
5. Ryan Harman(West Linn)
6. Payton Johnston(Oregon City)
1. Mike Tavarres(Lakeridge)
2. Logan Krellwitz(West Linn)
3. Gieordon Fernbaugh(Clackamas)
4. Michael McCoy(Oregon City)
5. Brandon Ferington(Clackamas)
6. Riley McLeod(West Linn)
1. Michael MacClanathan(West Linn)
2. Ryan Bliss(Lakeridge)
3. Jimmy Lee(Oregon City)
4. Garrett Jameson(Clackamas)
5. Jordan Entrikin(Milwaukie)
6. Josh Jones(Lake Oswego)
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3 Rivers District Tournament
Place Winners
1. Cody Mansur(Clackamas)
2. Khashi Jafari(Lake Oswego)
3. Nick Garren(Milwaukie)
4. Turner Young(Lake Oswego)
5. Robbie Woll(Clackamas)
6. Zac Joslin(Lakeridge)
1. Jared Groner(Oregon City)
2. Saul Aguilar(Putnam)
3. Will Main(Oregon City)
4. Francisco Romero(Milwaukie)
5. Austin Baker(Clackamas)
6. Anthony Massey(Putnam)

3 Rivers District Tournament
Team Scores
After Championship Finals
1. Oregon City 397.5
2. West Linn 286.5
3. Clackamas 206.0
4. Putnam 133.0
5. Lakeridge 107.0
6. Milwaukie 99.5
7. Lake Oswego 54.0

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