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Flathead Lake 3-on-3 Basketball Tourney Results

July 31, 2014
Northwest Montana A Conference


Snippets of selective coverage of the

2014 Flathead Lake 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

contributed by John Heglie


NOTE TO READERS: An abridged version of the following article is featured in print with the Lake County LEADER (31 July 2014) C1-2.



1st - Kenny Chandler, Spokane

2nd - David Bremner, Helena

Started out with a field of eight which was pared to a final four.  From that quartet emerged the final two for the slam down, David Bremner of Helena and Kenny Chandler recently from Spokane.  Chandler assured his place in the final round when he accessed a student from the crowd to stand in front of the basket, then proceeded to jump over him as part of his slam routine.  In the finale, Chandler went first, only this time he appropriated a trio of middle school students from the crowd - Kordell Walker, Chino Lira and Bryce Jordan, two of whom go to school in Polson and the other at Two Eagle River in Pablo.  These more sophisticated slams can be tricky as this observer has witnessed the potential winner gambling so close to the edge that they failed to execute the slam, thereby conceding first place to the other opponent.  Not so tonight.  Chandler was more than up to the task, clearing this trio with a hairsbreadth to spare to take a commanding lead.  When he failed to score on his subsequent dunk attempt, the door was left open for Bremner to maneuver his way to the top.  Unfortunately, Bremner was unable to capitalize upon the front end dunk, thereby conceding the contest to Chandler on account of the superior technical merit of the slam.


1st - Jared Lovshin, Butte

2nd - Zach Van Dyke, Manhattan

strong showings by local shooters Kobe Morigeau (Ronan),  Anthony Camel (Ronan), Oskie Lefthand (Polson)..

There were somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen contestants entered to begin this final shootout, although there may have been more during qualifying rounds.    Jared Lovshin of Butte and 6-4 all-conference 1st-team 5B Manhattan grad Zach Van Dyke emerged as the top guns, both dialing the operator long distance and completing the call from downtown on 9 occasions each in the first round.  That meant a second go round shootout, which both tied once again with 8 apiece.  Tis said that three’s a charm, and that is what it turned out to be for Lovshin, who tallied 10 to the half dozen of Van Dyke.  Lovshin was runnerup last season and the 2012 Flathead Lake 3on3 trey specialist himself two seasons ago.  The win was dedicated to the memory of his son Jett, who was tragically involved in a fatal ATV accident several years ago, and would likely have been playing in the tournament with his siblings had circumstances woven themselves into the tapestry of time in a more favorable manner.  


1st - Ali Hurley, Anaconda

t2nd - Hailee Bennett, Kalispell

t2nd - Caitlin Charlebois, Bigfork

The women’s 3-point shooting contest likewise originally had a dozen or so contestants which were pared down to the final shootout.  Included amongst the finalists who are likely to be somewhat familiar to readers in the area were last year’s winner Brittany Earnest (Kalispell Flathead class of 2012, who currently attends Flathead Valley Community College), pending Polson Lady Pirate sophomore guard Lauren Lefthand, pending Kalispell Glacier Wolfpack junior Hailee Bennett, Bigfork grad Caitlin Charlebois (2 seasons with SKC Bison, transferring to Rochester College, MI) and UM Lady Griz grad Ali Hurley (integral part of Anaconda’s state championship string and one of the Lady Copperhead 1000+ point scorers) and Alyssia Vanderburg of Arlee.  Hurley set the bar fairly high by draining 7 triples.  Glacier’s Bennett had matched that number in an earlier round, but couldn’t generate the same productivity in the finale.  Arlee’s Vanderberg had dropped 10 in the qualifying round, but could only connect with half as many this time around.  The winning tally of 7 by Earnest last season would have been good enough to match and force a shootout, but she could only connect with a fraction of what was needed this time around.  The high water mark set by Vanderberg in the qualifier would have been good enough for a winner,  but the basket didn’t seem quite as large the final round.  Irregardless, Vanderberg turned in an exceptional performance for a player who is still in the midst of completing her middle school education.  From what was seen, the future of the Arlee basketball program looks bright once she rises up into the high school ranks.


Time did not permit identifying all of the teams that advanced, but viewers can peruse the brackets on the < flathead3on3.com > website.  One of the goals of this observer is to flesh out some of the team names with which players happen to be  on their roster, which lends greater meaning to reporting the results in my estimation.  Apologies for any misspellings or incorrect place designations as these were derived from written sources that were submitted or a little bit of internet investigative work that could have gone awry.

Boys grade 5-6 bracket- 1st, Avengers (Missoula, Helena); 2nd, Butte Irish; 3rd, Ballers.

Boys grade 7-8 bracket championship - Desert Horse 17, Flathead Blaze 15

1st, Desert Horse (Anthony Camel of Ronan, Brock Field of St. Regis, Darshan Bolen of Arlee, Lane Johnson of Arlee); 2nd, Flathead Blaze; 3rd, Glacier Rage.

Boys grade 9-10 bracket 2 championship games -

Hoop School Too 9,Wolfpack 4 / Hoop School Too 21, Wolfpack 16

1st, Hoop School Too (Butte players Ryson Lovshin, Travis Williams, Brock Powell, Austin Lee); 2nd, Wolfpack (all Kalispell-based players); 3rd, Mission Valley (Ronan players Bubba Red Star, Jeremiah North Piegan, Aaron Misa, Zeke Misa).

Other B10-11 teams that did not advance - P-Town Pirates (Tim Russell, J’von Johnson, Matt Rensvold, Cadis Chowning) went 6-2 over the course of two days of action, placing 4th in their bracket.   Their two losses came at the expense of eventual champion Hoop School Too. Rensvold and Johnson were half of another rendition of this team that won the freshman bracket at the Spokane Hoopfest 3-on-3 Tournament last summer against teams from Seattle, Bozeman and Spokane.  Unfortunately, P-Town was unable to forage quite as deep into the bracket this time around where hardware is at stake in spite of its alleged home street advantage.

Boys grade 11-12 bracket championship - Boomskies 21, White Horse Lake Ballers 10

1st, Boomskies (Missoula Hellgate players Buckley Belcourt, Ty Rocheleau, Bob Schenk, Connor Schenk); 2nd, White Horse Lake Ballers (Justis Haynes of St. Ignatius, Tyler Tanner of Arlee, Phillip Malatare of Arlee, Payton Lefthand of Polson); 3rd, Smokin Joes.

Other B11-12 teams that did not advance - QPC (Dalton Delaney of Charlo along with Ronan players Bryce Cullen, Trae Garcia and Connor Benn) went 1-3 with some close games; Spider Monkeys (Ronan players Ty James and Alex Quequesah, Andrew Curley of Polson, Emmette Stevens).

Mens Open Rec bracket championship - Yahtzee 21, Purple Reign 20

1st, Yahtzee (players from Missoula, Sidney and Whitefish); 2nd, Purple Reign (Helena players), 3rd, Off in the Woods.

Mens Open Elite bracket championship - Swaggy Doggs 21, BMF 15

1st, Swaggy Dawgs (Kyle Erickson of Mile City, 6-2 Jordan Overstreet of Ennis, 6-8 Jake Owsley of Bozeman and Terry Hauser of Three Forks); 2nd, BMF (Joseph Ventura, Howard Walker, Pius Takes Horse, Ed Running Rabbit); 3rd, Off in the Woods.  Factoid Trivia: Owsley and Overstreet are UM Western basketball players.  Owsley just graduated, Overstreet entering his senior year.

Mens 6-1 Under Rec bracket

1st, Hoop School (Butte players Jared Lovshin, Ryson Lovshin, Brady Tippett, Bobbie Davies); 2nd, Dem Boys; 3rd, Curb Warmers.

Mens 6-1 Under Elite bracket 2 championships -

Go Big & Go Home 9, Run to Gun 8 / Go Big & Go Home 21, Run to Gun 16

1st, Go Big & Go Home; 2nd, Run to Gun (Josiah Davis of Bozeman, Browning players Deejay Lazyboy, Kurt Red Crow and Charles Old Chief); 3rd, Fab 4.

Run to Gun were in the drivers seat, advancing to the championship via the winners bracket.  The challengers had to beat the undefeated team twice to secure the title, which they did with gusto.

Co-Ed bracket 2 championship games -

Couples Retreat 9, Last Years Champs 6 / Last Years Champs 21, Couples Retreat 16

1st, Couples Retreat (UM Lady Griz recent grad Ali Hurley of Anaconda, UM Lady Griz recent grad Jordan Sullivan of Sidney, UM Western grad and Miles City Community College assistant basketball coach 6-4 forward Kyle Erickson and 2005 Missoula Hellgate grad 6-6 forward Jack McGillis whose name coincides with a McGillis who played for both Oregon State 2005-07 and University of Montana 2008-10); 2nd, Last Years Champs (Jess Lewis, Ryan Devlin, Michela Anderson, Devin Bray); 3rd, Units

Other teams that did not advance - A modified version of the Brown Rice label that includes  McCormack, Cassadi Wunderlich, Joey Ventura (Elmo) and Byron Carpentier (Pablo). 

Girls grade 5-6 bracket - 1st, Lady Ballers; 2nd, Missoula Myst, 3rd, Stevi Storm.

Girls grade 7-8 bracket championship - Hoop School 11, Arlee Elite 7

1st, Hoop School (Butte players Aspen Lovshin along with Ally Cleverly, Rakiah Grande of Bigfork and Whitney Durochen of Choteau); 2nd, Arlee Elite (Alyssia Vanderburg and Nellie DesJarlais of Arlee, Noelle West of St. Ignatius, Louetta Conko-Camel of Ronan); 3rd, Blacktop Ballers (players from Florence and Missoula).

Girls grade 9-10 bracket championship - Fantastic Four 18, Desert Horse Starz 12

1st, Fantastic Four (6-0 Nikki Krueger of Kalispell Glacier, Emily St. John of Butte Central and Shannon Worster of three time defending state champion Missoula Sentinel); 2nd, Desert Horse Starz (Ronan players Lee Camel and Micalann McCrea along with 14C all-conference 1st-team Alicia Camel); 3rd, Dominators.

Factoid G9-10tm Trivia: McCrea is a multi-year area section winner of the annual NFL’s Punt, Pass and Kick Competitions, so the latter has demonstrated some proficiency at acquiring a target by threading the needle with a ball in competition.  The Fantastic Four clashed with the Desert Horse Starz earlier in the undefeated game prior to the championship, the superheroines advancing by the score of 20-15.  Ironically, these Fantastic Four were only comprised of three as one of their players could not attend.  Although one might have anticipated the players would have suited up with characterizations such as Invisible Woman, Torch or Thing, they rather opted for other attired reflective of the Marvel comics universe - a jersey with a superman logo, another with a batman logo and the third with a Captain America insignia.  There is a bit of history between these two clubs that dates back a couple seasons to the 2012 Flathead Lake 3on3 tournament.  The two Camel lassies as part of the grade 7-8 version of the Desert Horse Starz battled back through the back door to capture the title that year by twice beating the previously undefeated Kalispell Breakers, a team which Nikki Krueger was part of that summer.  But in a reversal of fortunes this time around, it was Krueger’s team that prevailed.

Girls grade 11-12 bracket championship - Wolfpack 21, Just Do It 12

1st, Wolfpack (Kalispell Glacier players Ali Williams, Hailey Ruggles, Hailee Bennett and Taylor Salonen); 2nd, Just Do It (District 1B Rocky Boy players Jurnee Laforge, Jude The Boy, Minnie The Boy and Jaynee Parisian of District 9C Box Elder); 3rd, No Name, Just Game (Browning players Kaylea Skunkcap and Jayla Wells, Tyra Michel of Two Eagle River and Lauren Lefthand of Polson).

Other G11-12 teams that did not advance - Brown Rice (Haley McCormack of Missoula Loyola, Cassidi Wunderlich of Two Eagle River and Liz Cannon of Polson).  

Womens A bracket - 1st, Whats Up/Tire Depot; 2nd, Taylor.

Womens B bracket - 1st, You Know the Rules (Chantel Jenkins, Ronan grad Ashley Grandchamp, current SKC Lady Bison Eva Green and former Ronan/Polson/Two Eagle River savvy guard Nina Orozco-Charlo); 2nd, Babb Girls (Browning players).

Some closing remarks - This tournament was quite the trophy haul for the Lovshin clan out of Butte.  This viewer had been under the impression that the Butte area mined mainly copper ore, but apparently they know how to extract gold over in that part of the state as well, as in gold medals!  Father Jared Lovshin not only won the three point shooting contest in the mens division, but his team Hoop School that included his son on its roster also took top prize in the Mens 6-1 Under Recreation bracket.  Then, son Ryson Lovshin also won a title  with his team Hoop School Too competing in the boys grade 9-10 bracket competition.  Not to be outdone, the youngest in the family hauled in another trophy when another Hoop School team with daughter Aspen Lovshin as part of their roster won the girls grade 7-8 bracket competition.  

Many of the teams which featured local residents as part of their roster fared well during the tournament, but were unable to advance deep enough into the brackets to make the championship rounds.  From the perspective of  this viewer, it is somewhat amusing to observe parents of players participating in the tournament.  In the case of one of the more veteran participants, Oskie Lefthand of Polson came very close to placing third in the mens 3 point shooting contest had a couple of rim outs fallen to add to his half dozen trey completions.  There is a saying something along the lines that apples seldom fall far from their tree of origin.  In the case of the Lefthand clan, one can see where some of the basketball skill sets come from when son Payton plays for the Polson boys team or daughter Lauren splits the nets from behind the arc for the Polson Lady Pirates girls team.  

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