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January 18, 2014
Northwest Montana A Conference



Columbia Falls’ Shonn Roberts wants to keep proving himself

2014-01-17T23:48:00Z Columbia Falls’ Shonn Roberts wants to keep proving himself missoulian.com

A main draw of the 37th Jug Beck Rocky Mountain Classic for Columbia Falls wrestler Shonn Roberts is how poorly he did in Missoula in 2013.

“Last year I had a horrible tournament,” said the 126-pounder. “Really bad. I was unbeaten coming in. I didn’t lose a match after this tournament, either.”

But he lost twice at the Sentinel gym, which leaves a high school bucket list item unchecked for the wiry, 5-foot-10 junior. He has two State A titles to his credit, and he’s 30-0 this year after three wins Friday.

Yet as great as he is wrestling on top, that RMC title has escaped.

“There’s some big competition,” said Roberts, who was fourth at last year’s RMC at 112 pounds and second at 98 pounds as a freshman. “I have some real tough kids on my side.”

That’s always the case for any wrestler at this tourney, which boasts 32 teams this weekend. Roberts is in arguably the toughest weight class, with Tommy McMillen of Great Falls, Dylan Schulte of Sentinel and Silas Hopkins of Bozeman.

McMillen won a State AA title at 112 a year ago; Schulte won state at 119.

Jesse Schaefer, Columbia Falls’ veteran head coach, feels weekends like this one will help his top grappler get better.

“We have to wrestle those close matches,” said Schaefer. “Those 1- and 2-point matches, we have to figure out a way to wrestle those against real quality kids. This weekend’s going to be a great test for that.

“He hasn’t quite made that next step yet, but he’s on the verge. He wants to stay humble, but have that confidence he can do well. He has to break through in some big matches.”

On Friday, Roberts scored a first-round pin of Great Falls Russell’s David Bennyhoff, and then a major decision over Braedon Orrino of Spokane’s Central Valley.

He then topped Hopkins 6-2.

Schaeffer was optimistic because already this season he’d topped Sidney’s Gresh Jones and Helena’s Brandon Dailey. Both are ranked No. 1 at 120 pounds; Jones is a two-time State A champ and Wrestler Inside Newsmagazine’s state wrestler of the year.

Obviously Roberts has a lot going for him.

“He’s a kid who loves the sport, and has ever since I met in him first or second grade,” he said. “He works his butt off in the wrestling room — loves to wrestle, loves to brawl — and he’s a kid who goes home after practice and watches tons of film.”

Roberts is so into it he has his first college recruiting trip scheduled — for July 1, the earliest day possible. South Dakota State gets first crack, after Roberts attended Jackrabbit coach Chris Bono’s camp last year.

“He came back with some great stuff,” Schaeffer added.

Roberts also came back with a renewed focus on academics, something he admitted he lacked in previous years. He’s pulled his current grade-point average up to 3.2 and that could help bigger schools – a couple Big 10 programs come to mind – better notice a multiple state champion.

“He didn’t realize how much academics played into it until this year,” Schaeffer said. “He’s been spending a lot more time focusing on getting his GPA up, and less on watching college matches at home.

“He knows that could make the difference between NCAA and NAIA. His academics have definitely improved.”

Presumably he keeps getting better at wrestling. Roberts notes that his wrestling room sparring partners are both Jesse and Ben Schaefer.

“They beat me up,” Roberts said, smiling. “So it’s good.”

He hopes this quest for better and better competition will take him up against Schulte. If that first-ever meeting happens it’ll be in Saturday’s finals, which are set to begin at 4:30 p.m.

“It’d be a good match,” Roberts said. It’d be good for the sport, to have two good kids wrestling.”

He appeared to be mixing some confidence in with his humility.

“You have to wrestle one match at a time,” Schaeffer said. “He has his work cut out to get there.”

Prep Wrestling

Jug Beck Rocky Mountain Classic

At Missoula Sentinel

Team scores: Great Falls 151, Havre 120, Missoula Sentinel 106, Spokane University 104, Spokane Central Valley 94, Spokane Mead 82.5, Coeur d’Alene 68, Clarkston, Idaho 67.5, Belgrade 67, Missoula Big Sky 67, Bozeman 66.5, Columbia Falls 66, Great Falls CMR 61.5, Helena Capital 56, Spokane Ferris 53, Helena 51, Kalispell Glacier 50, Butte 42, Corvallis 42, Frenchtown 42, Hamilton 38, Kalispell Flathead 37, Libby 36, Coeur d’Alene Lake City 35, Polson 31, Lewistown 30, Missoula Hellgate 20, Superior 16, Ronan 12.5, Florence 9, Bonners Ferry, Idaho 8.


First round – Denise Tecca, CV, dec. Tate Munyan, Hav, 8-0; Kory Hickson, Fer, pinned Isaac Renfro, Sen, 2:42.

Second round – Bjorn Schroeder, Boze, pinned Hayden Chatwin, LC, 1:24; Devin Altenburg, CMR, dec. Tecca, CV, 12-2; Kaleb Maciosek, CDA, pinned Manny Guzman, CF, :24; DeVall Cody, Flat, pinned Cody Tashida, Mead, 3:03; Nick Kunz, Cap, dec. Korey Hickson, Fer, 7-0; Blaine Parkin, Sup, pinned Garrett Passey, Ham, :26; Justin Gibson, Gla, pinned Kai Krumweide, Lew, :41; Sawyer Degen, Bel, pinned Tyler Casey, Butte, 3:10.

Quarterfinals – Schroeder, Boz, pinned Krumweid, Lew, :50; Maciosek, CDA, pinned Cody, Flat, 1:34; Kunz, Cap, pinned Parkin, Sup, 3:57; Degen, Bel, major dec. Gibson, Gla, 11-2.


First round – Keegan Kennelly, Hav, pinned Josh Rolfe, Cap, 1:27; Winfield West, CF, pinned Michael Schmeusser, Flat, 5:59; Noah Durnell, CMR, dec. Nick Swartz, Mead, 10-3; Jake Hegel, Sen, pinned Will Wissenbach, Cor, 1:32; Spencer Clegg, Clark, dec. Aaron Caballero, Fer, 14-1; Bryson Henningsen, Butte, dec. Adam Oja, Boze, 11-4.

Second round – Kennelly, Hav, tech. fall Noah Wozney, Pow, 20-5; West, CF, dec. Mike Bingham, CDA, 11-1; Cameron Swanson, Univ, pinned Tate Trudeau, Sup, :34; Cody Warner, Ftn, dec. Durnell, CMR, 7-5; Hegel, Sen, pinned Chase Lathim, LC, 2:49; Clegg, Clark, tech. fall Thunder Morales, Pol, 18-1; Carson Graham, CV, pinned Brandon Rockwell, Bel, :17; Jon Conklin, MBS, pinned Henningsen, Butte, 3:21.

Quarterfinals – Kennelly, Hav, pinned West, CF, 4:48; Swanson, Univ, dec. Warner, Ftn, 3-2; Hegel, Sen, dec. Clegg, Clark, 5-0; Conklin, MBS, pinned Graham, CV, 5:06.


First round – Mason Fetters, CF, dec. Sam Barber, Gla, 6-0; Demo Koures, MBS, pinned Cade Livoti, Ftn, :40; Dalton Port, Clark, pinned Tyler Vetter, Butte, 5:30; Seth Schroeck, Cap, pinned Asa Hoerner, Hgt, 3:18; Payton Irvin, Fer, dec. Jaron Morgan, Pol, 5-2.

Second round – Jarren Komac, GF, dec. Caleb James, Boze, 12-9; Fetters, CF, pinned Thorton Heppler, Hel, 1:52; Koures, MBS, dec. Mikey Garrison, Univ, 6-3; Matt Petrini, Mead, pinned Ty Hight, Lib, :45; Logan Pleninger, Hav, dec. Port, Clark, 8-6; Schroeck, Cap, pinned Sean Galloway, Cor, 1:16; Bridger Beard, CV, dec. Irvin, Fer, 5-1; Anthony Parkin, Sup, dec. Dylan Woodworth, LC, 11-0.

Quarterfinals – Komac, GF, pinned Fetters, CF, 4:51; Petrini, Mead, major dec. Koures, MBS, 10-0; Schroeck, Capi, major dec. Pleninger, Hav, 11-0; Parkin, Sup, dec. Beard, CV, 4-0.


First round – Jaben Wenzel, Pol, pinned Shade Noble, Bel, 2:44; Jace Kovalicky, Sen, pinned Tanner Benton, Clark, 1:53; Grayson Brenna, Hav, tech. fall Jeff Wiyrich, Univ, 15-0; Kale Evenson, Boze, pinned Kaleb Gravelin, CF, 1:56; Andrew Boharski, Mead, dec. Don Hume, Fer, 3-0; Kenton Evans, GF, pinned Preston Downard, Ftn, :58.

Second round – Bryson Beard, CV, pinned Wenzel, Pol, 3:32; Kovalicky, Sen, pinned Jaeger Schnuerle, BF, 1:45; Chance Karst, Pow, pinned Dylan Roby, Lib, :32; Brenna, Hav, dec. Ryder Day, Gla, 11-2; Evenson, Boze, dec. Kelly Merrick, Butte, 16-8; Landon Bailey, Hel, dec. Andrew Boharski, Mead, 8-0; Chase Conner, Cor, pinned Austin Gabbert, Flat, 1:22; Evans, GF, pinned Ken Woods, Hgt, :50.

Quarterfinals – Beard, CV, tech. fall Kovalicky, Sen, 18-3; Brenna, Hav, won by default over Karst, Pow; Bailey, Hel, major dec. Kale Evenson, Boz, 11-0; Evans, GF, pinned Connor, Cor, 1:18.


First round – Dylan Schulte, Sen, pinned Lane Garcia, Ron, 1:33; Derek Baker, Hgt, pinned Zach Price, Clark, 1:20; Dylan Stewart, Hav, pinned Dean Klakken, Flo, 4:30; Cameron Sorensen, Univ, pinned Max Peterson, Mead, 1:16; Coltin Cox, Ham, pinned Riley Wall, BF, 4:45; Hunter Grover, Lew, pinned Gavyn Wilson, Flat, 3:03; Tommy McMillen, GF, pinned Dylan Lockwood, CDA, 5:07; Braxton Henningsen, Butte, dec. Shamus Bartmess, Cap, 7-2; Cody Decker, Gla, pinned Tyler Ishler, Ftn, 1:57; Silas Hopkins, Boze, pinned KJ Swanson, MBS, 3:47; Braedon Orrino, CV, dec. Nate Lambert, LC, 17-8; Shonn Roberts, CF, pinned David Bennyhoff, CMR, 1:20.

Second round – Schulte, Sen, pinned Baker, Hgt, :32; Stewart, Hav, dec. Josh Venema, Cor, 4-3; Sorensen, Univ, pinned Cox, Ham, 1:10; Noah Manibusan, Hel, dec. Grover, Lew, 7-5; McMillen, GF, pinned Henningsen, Butte, 5:42; Carlos Quinones, Pol, dec. Decker, Gla, 4-0; Hopkins, Boze, dec. Nic Urbach, Pow, 9-3; Roberts, CF, dec. Orrino, CV, 12-1.

Quarterfinals – Schulte, Sen, pinned Stewart, Hav, :49; Sorensen, Univ, pinned Manibusan, Hel, 5:16; McMillen, GF, major dec. Quinones, Pol, 14-5; Roberts, CF, dec. Hopkins, Boz, 6-2.


First round – Jarrett Degen, Bel, pinned Haze Bell, CF, 3:37; Josh Brunner, MBS, pinned Bridger Mooney, Butte, 3:53; Chase Rhine, Ron, dec. Shawn Olson, Hgt, 11-10; Hunter King, Mead, tech. fall Drew Gorringe, CDA, 15-0; Gunnar Fairbrother, Cor, pinned Rhett Burland, Pol, :48; Elija Kilborn, CV, tech. fall Bryce Williams, Ftn, 22-7; Dylan Duffalo, Sen, dec. Seth James, Boze, 2-0; Colton Parham, Pow, pinned Hayden Schrull, Hel, 1:48; Brandon Clark, Univ, pinned Zack Thivierge, Clark, 3:09; Dylan Cronkhite, Fer, pinned Isaac Lavala, BF, :50; Thomas Gruber, Hav, dec. Torren Lawson, Flo, 9-1; David Rusche, LC, dec. Tyler Davis, Flat, 7-4; Skyler Higareda, Lib, pinned Tanner Farren, CMR, 5:49; Billy Birdwell, Lew, dec. Brandon Scholz, Gla, 6-3; Casey Dobson, GF, pinned Robert Few, Ham, 3:32.

Second round – Degen, Bel, pinned Jack Murphy, Cap, :48; Rhine, Ron, dec. Brunner, MBS, 11-6; King, Mead, dec. Fairbrother, Cor, 10-7; Kilborn, CV, dec. Duffalo, Sen, 4-2; Parham, Pow, dec. Clark, Univ, 7-1; Gruber, Hav, pinned Cronkhite, Fer, 1:30; Rusche, LC, dec. Higareda, Lib, 7-5; Dobson, GF, pinned Birdwell, Lew, 1:51.

Quarterfinals – Degen, Bel, pinned Rhine, Ron, 3:26; Kilborn, CV, tech. fall King, Mead, 21-6; Gruber, Hav, pinned Parham, Pow, 4:58; Dobson, GF, pinned Rusche, LC, 1:16.


First round – Austin Shupe, GF, pinned Michael Carr, LC, 1:27; Jonathon Blanchard, Ftn, pinned Henry Porter, Hgt, 1:11; Easton Albert, Ham, pinned Matt Tucker, BF, 5:31; Tate LeClaire, Mead, pinned Stetson Jore, Ron, :18; Zach Crace, Lib, pinned AJ McBroom, Cap, 1:25; Ben Manion, Boze, dec. Chase Ramberg CF, 4-2; Jake Marr, Sen, dec. Tristin Dunn, CDA, 12-8; Logan McGreevey, MBS, pinned Daniel DeVall, Flat, 1:11; Chase Marmon, CMR, pinned Braden Gamble, Univ, 1:26; Parker Filius, Hav, pinned Lyle Degen, Bel, :43; Jordan Starr, Clark, dec. Colbee Craig, Pow, 8-3; Tyler Olsen, Cor, Quinn Barber, Gla, 3:58; Brodie Long, Hel, dec. Rafael Salgado, Fer, 7-3; Blake Beard, CV, pinned Brett Volkmann, Flo, 1:21.

Second round – Shupe, GF, pinned Blanchard, Ftn, 1:12; Tate LeClaire, Mead, pinned Albert, Ham, 1:31; Manion, Boz, dec. Crace, Lib, 5-4; Marr, Sen, pinned Alex Helgeson, Pol, 3:13; McGreevey, MBS, dec. Marmon, CMR, 6-3; Filius, Hav, pinned Starr, Clark, :43; Olsen, Cor, pinned Willie Anderson, Butte, :55; Beard, CV, tech. fall Long, Hel, 21-5.

Quarterfinals – Shupe, GF, dec. LeClaire, Mead, 12-6; Marr, Sen, dec. Manion, Boz, 7-2; Filius, Hav, major dec. McGreevey, MBS, 15-4; Beard, CV, dec. Olsen, Cor, 8-2.


First round – Colton Orrino, CV, pinned Andrew Clarkston, BF, :25; Thad Kucera, Lew, pinned Ryan Glenn, MBS, 5:43; Zayne Brunz, CF, dec. Chandler Paulson, Sen, 3-2; Finn Johnston, Boze, pinned Kolt Kinder, LC, 1:58; Zach Martin, Univ, pinned Braydan Thom, Lib, 1:03; Cody Lemons, Ftn, dec. Levi Renz, Butte, 1-0; Caleb Rushing, Cap, pinned Sam Davis, Mead, 2:26; Baylee Burt, Cor, pinned Jared Young, Pol, 5:12; Gage Bentley, GF, pinned Cody Wood, Flat, 1:29; Zach Freeman, Clark, pinned Logan Reilly, Fer, 3:54; Kye Catlin, Pow, dec. Arik Lybeck, Gla, 10-3.

Second round – Orrino, CV, pinned Kucera, Lew, 3:14; Brunz, CF, dec. Kyle White, CDA, 7-1; Isiah Yates, CMR, major dec. Johnston, Boz, 12-2; Kody Pribyl, Hav, major dec. Martin, Univ, 10-1; Lemons, Ftn, pinned Rushing, Cap, 1:48; Cooper Ryan, Hel, pinned Burt, Cor, 3:37; Bentley, GF, pinned Brandon Dumont, Ron, 1:42; Catlin, Pow, major dec. Zach Freeman, Clark, 13-4.

Quartefinals – Orrino, CV, tech. fall Brunz, CF, 19-4; Yatesm CMR, de. Pribyl, Hav, 3-0; Lemons, Ftn, major dec. Ryan, Hel, 12-4; Bentley, GF, dec. Catlin, Pow, 14-8.


First round – Jared Dickson, CMR, pinned Cameron Padilla, Ham, :50; Jason Sprague, CDA, dec. Jacob Ferkin, Gla, 8-7; Connor Benn, Ron, tech. fall Ben Eaton, Boze, 20-3; Eric Benton, Clark, dec. Parker Davis, BF, 12-1; Colton Jeffrey, Hel, pinned Dylan Parrish, Lib, 2:19; Bryan Shaffer, CF, dec. Riley Jessop, Cor, 3-2; Forrest Rogers, Univ, pinned Jordan Moody, Lew, :28; Noah Criner, Bel, pinned Nate Sommers, Flat, 1:27; Kade Branson, MBS, pinned Kaydin Schonsberg, Butte, 1:15; Elijah Ross, Fer, dec. Ben Hisel, CV, 5-2; Jase Stokes, Hav, dec. Jake Farnsworth, LC, 8-6; Matt Widdicombe, Pow, tech. fall C.J. Snyder, 18-1.

Second round – Dickson, CMR, pinned Sprague, CDH, 1:19; Zach Kies, Mead, pinned Benn, Ron, 1:22; Benton, Clark, pinned Chance Stack, Sen, 3:05; Schaffer, CF, pinned Jeffrey, Hel, 4:57; Kessler Leonard, GF, pinned Rogers, Univ, 1:36; Branson, MBS, tech. fall Criner, Bel, 15-0; Ross, Fer, dec. Stokes, Hav, 9-2; Widdicombe, Pow, pinned Jack Lewis, Hgt, :56.


First round – John Fairbanks, Univ, tech. fall Daeri Alderman, Mead, 19-2; Keevan Pickle, Bel, pinned Jace Pancake, Flo, 5:06; Quinn Cummings, BF, pinned Jarrod Russell, Lew, :43; Cody Walters, CF, pinned Graydon Irish, Ron, 4:42; Walker Ferda, GF, dec. Cory Dan, LC, 13-7; Jason Riekena, MBS, tech. fall Jordan Miller, Clark, 17-2; Nick Grasseschi, CMR, dec. Addison Boyer, Cap, 17-7; Josh Bowers, Lib, pinned Justin Hinson, Ham, 1:56; Tanner Stupack, Gla, pinned Jared Lauex, Hav, :56; Colton Johnson, CDA, pinned Caiden Crawford, Hel, :48; Tyler King, Ftn, dec. Resse Robinson, Hgt, 13-3.

Second round – Fairbanks, Univ, dec. Pickle, Bel, 10-2; Andrew Anderson, Butte, dec. Cummings, BF, 10-6; DAvid Shephard, CV, major de. Walters, CF, 13-0; Ferda, GF, pinned Peppenger, Sen, 2:49; Riekena, MBS, dec. Grasseschi, CMR, 9-3; Bowers, Lib, pinned Anthony Wright, Flat, 4:26; Johnson, CDA, dec. Stupack, Gla, 11-7; Jacob Davis, Pow, pinned King, Ftn, :57.

Quarterfinals – Fairbanks, Univ, tech fall Anderson, Butte, 17-1; Ferda, GF, pinned Shepard, CV, 4:47; Bowers, Lib, dec. Riekena, MBS, 10-6; Davis, Pow, major dec. Johnson, CDA, 12-4.


First round – Luke Entzel, MBS, pinned Logan Wilson, Flat, :56; Lance Massey, GF, pinned Drake Pruitt, Hgt, 4:53; Brayden Schmick, Fer, dec. Devin Blythe, Lew, 6-1; Travis Brugman, CMR, dec. Michael Bertelsen, Boze, 3-0; Nick Challeen, Butte, dec. Nick Argento, Cap, 4-3; Justin Harbison, Sen, pinned Tucker Jessop, Cor, 3:20; Corey Cook, LC, dec. Zach Tompkins, Ham, 14-5; Jake Williams, Hav, pinned Grant Nickles, Pow, 3:30; Garret Chapel, Lib, pinned Jason Williams, CF, 3:09; Dakota Cornish, Clark, dec. Vince Rey, CDA, 14-3; Beau Fickle, Mead, pinned Isaac Sanez, Gla, 3:55; Austin Stannard, Univ, pinned Travis Beck, BF, 1:15.

Second round – Entzel, MBS, pinned Massey, GF, 1:49; Schmick, Fer, dec. Chancey Garigan, CV, 8-3; Tel Motichka, Pol, major dec. Brugman, CMR, 13-3; Harbison, Sen, pinned Chaleen, Butte, :41; Jeremy Van Dyke, Hel, dec. Cook, LC, 9-6; Chapel, Lib, dec. Williams, Hav, 5-0; Fickle, Mead, pinned Cornish, Clark, 6:47; Stannard, Univ, pinned Womack, Ftn, :49.

Quarterfinals – Entzel, MBS, dec. Schmick, Fer, 8-2; Harbison, Sen, pinned Motichka, Pol, 1:40; Chapel, Lib, major dec. Van Dyke, Hel, 10-1; Stannard, Univ, major dec. Fickle, Mead, 12-3.


First round – Hudson Staub, CDA, pinned Dillon Ota, CV, 3:04; Payton Sexe, CMR, pinned Tele Seemann, Pol, 1:11; Jack Martinich, Hgt, pinned Michael Hanke, Hel, 1:47; Tyler Scheffer, Ham, pinned TJ Smith, BF, :54; Donavin McElliott, Fer, pinned Quinn Cunneen, Butte, 1:34; Ethan Blythe, Lew, pinned Austyn Meinzen, Flo, :28; Alan Schmitz, Cap, dec. Raven Cunningham, Bel, 9-5; Cy Steele, Sen, pinned Robell Bassett, MBS, 3:30; Cody Wiers, Boze, pinned A.J. Robinson, Gla, 1:20; Sam Burdette, Cor, pinned Taran Schuerman, Clark, :53; Ike Schweikert, CF, pinned Cole Allen, Ftn, :51; Kevin McLean, Mead, pinned Justus Grammer, LC, 2:02; Randy Keesler, GF, pinned Lauren Christopher, Ron, 1:18.

Second round – Staub, CDH, pinned Boyde Payton, Flat, :58; Sexe, CMR, tech. fall Martinich, Hgt, 20-4; Scheffer, Ham, dec. Dustin Odegard, Hav, 5-4; Blythe, Lew, dec. Donavin McElliot, Fer, 14-8; Schmitz, Cap, dec. Levi Meinzinger, Univ, 2-1; Wiers, Boz, pinned Cy Steele, Sen, 4:35; Burdette, Cor, pinned Schweikert, CF, 1:13; Keesler, GF, dec. McLean, Mead, 6-0.

Quarterfinals – Staub, CDH, tech. fall Sexe, CMR, 19-4; Blythe, Lew, dec. Scheffer, Ham, 8-4; Schmitz, Cap, dec. Wiers, Boz, 8-3; Keesler, GF, pinned Burdette, Cor, 3:56.


First round – Zach Thompson, Pow, pinned Tom Munding, Mead, 1:35; Gordon Conner, MBS, dec. Noah Danielson, CMR, 8-0; Hunter Sisemore, Clark, pinned Jacob Ramey, LC, 1:20; Tanner Erickson, Hel, pinned Jake Rebish, Sen, 1:01; Zach Bauer, Hgt, pinned Mike Corrigan, Pol, 1:45; John Lawton-Patterson, Fer, dec. Garret Hunt, Cor, 6-1; Tyler Rickle, Univ, dec. Nathan Bennett, Ftn, 5-1; Andrew Burgess, CF, pinned Cody Howe, Flat, 1:54; Matt Nacarrato, CV, pinned Sheldon Fladland, Cap, 3:14.

Second round – Jaden Bryant, Bel, dec. Thompson, Pow, 8-3; Mateo Amatto-Cattaneo, GF, dec. Conner, MBS, 7-3; Sisemore, Clark, pinned Phoenix Duncan, CDA, 1:43; Michael Bumgarner, Ham, pinned Erickson, Hel, 1:29; Jace Billy, Hav, dec. Bauer, Hgt, 9-7; Lee Cannon, Butte, dec. Lawton-Patterson, Fer, 8-1; Rickle, Univ, dec. Burgess, CF, 11-4; Keavon Buckley, Boz, pinned Nacarrato, CV, 1:35.

Quarterfinals – Bryant, Bel, pinned Amatto-Cattaneo, GF, 2:47; Bumgarner, Ham, pinned Sisemore, Clark, :31; Billy, Hav, dec. Cannon, Butte, 7-3; Buckley, boz, pinned Rickle, Univ, 2:53.


First round – Jaydn Wilson, Sen, pinned Jammer Halverson, Hel, 1:25; Eric Weaver, GF, pinned Keenan Hendrickson, Flo, 2:30; Dakota Groves, CDA, tech. fall Lucas Bradfute, Fer, 19-2.

Second round – Wilson, Sen, pinned Caleb Gering, BF, :46; Riley Stringer, Pow, pinned Riley Leight, 1:28; Dylan Beller, Clark, pinned Rand Pirtzkau, Ftn, 4:30; Bryce Blumenschein, Bel, pinned Brewer, 3:29; Tyler Adams, Hav, dec. Austin Porter, LC, 4-1; Weaver, GF, major dec. Chris Jordan, Univ, 8-0; Dillon Koffman, Cap, pinned Groves, CDA, 4:23; Mason Ju, Mead, pinned Isaiah Williams, Pol, 5:04.

Quarterfinals – Wilson, Sen, pinned Stringer, Pow, 2:51; Beeler, Clark, dec. Blumenschein, Bel, 5-1; Adams, Hav, major dec. Waver, GF, 9-1; Ju, Mead, pinned Koffman, Cap, 3:19.


First round – Tate Orndorff, Univ, pinned Luke Brown, Clark, :51; Travis Adams, Hav, pinned Michael Irvine, Ron, :33; Axel Bladholm, Flat, pinned Brody Hawk, CV, :45; Matt James, CDA, dec. Shig Hilborn, Hel, 9-0; Zion Dixon, LC, pinned Jordan Murillo, Bel, 3:15; Roberto Smith, GF, pinned Spencer Ross, CF, 1:31.

Second round – Orndorff, Univ, pinned Cody Knez, Ham, :24; Colter Miller, MBS, Adams, Hv, 7-5; Zach Dennehy, Gla, pinned Josh Jacobson, Hgt, :10; Bladholm, Flat, pinned Krayshawn Wilson, Mead, 3:02; James, CDA, pinned Connor Lee, Butte, 1:33; Rowdy Gard, Pow, pinned Cordell Lott, Cor, 3:23; Colin Hammock, Sen, dec. Dixon, LC, 3-2; Smith, GF, pinned Jon Gaspar, BF, 1:36.

Quarterfinals – Orndorff, Univ, pinned Miller, MBS, 2:50; Bladholm, Flat, pinned Dennehy, Gla, 3:46; James, CDA, dec. Gard, Pow, 6-1; Smith, GF, pinned Hammock, Sen, 1:19.

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