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December 1, 2012
Northwest Montana A Conference


A wrestling: Cats pin down Whitefish


Posted: Saturday, December 1, 2012 12:01 am

WHITEFISH — The Columbia Falls wrestling team racked up seven pins in a 61-15 rout of rival Whitefish on Friday.

Cameron Linstead opened with a pin in the 119-pound bout, and the next three Columbia Falls wrestlers followed with pins to give the Wildcats a commanding lead.

Shonn Roberts finished the dual with Columbia Falls’ seventh pin, needing just 48 seconds to subdue Whitefish’s Garrett Rice in the 112-pound bout.

“We’re going to be tough this year,” Roberts said. “We can already tell. We’ve got a lot of good kids and it’s pretty exciting for our roster.”

Roberts, the Class A state-champion at 98 pounds a year ago, moved up to 112 pounds this season, and had no trouble wrestling at his increased weight.

“I feel good at that weight,” he said. “I’m too heavy to wrestle anything lighter than that.”

Seth McCall, Dalton Nelson, Josiah Osborne, Cameron Peterson and Aaron Vick had the Wildcats’ other five pins.

Whitefish tallied two wins in the dual as 105-pounder Dillon Thornsteinson pinned Columbia Falls’ Cameron Goodwin and senior heavyweight Wolf Zinke, last year’s runner up at the state tournament, won a 6-5 decision over sophomore Spencer Ross in a bout that brought the Whitefish crowd to its feet on several occasions.

Zinke was the aggressor early, but Ross fought off Zinke’s attempts to toss him to the mat. Ross scored the first takedown 43 seconds into the first period, then Zinke scored a reverse to tie it at 2.

Ross scored the first takedown again in the second period, but Zinke quickly reversed and rode out the rest of the period.

Clearly winded, Zinke needed time to catch his breath and settle his stomach prior to the third period.

“I just put too much effort into my warm-up,” Zinke said. “That was all that really happened.”

Ross was unable to take advantage of his opponent’s fatigue, as Zinke scored a takedown 30 seconds into the third. Ross escaped, then forced a stalemate, but neither wrestler scored the rest of the bout and Zinke hung on for the win.

“I was just trying to be aggressive and show him I wasn’t going to back down,” Zinke said.

Despite seeing his wrestler take the loss, Columbia Falls coach Jessie Schaeffer said he was encouraged by Ross’ performance against one of the top heavyweights in Class A.

“He was by far in better condition than Wolf was,” Schaeffer said. “We’ve got to work a little bit on his top position. Our takedowns weren’t quite there when they needed to be.

“Obviously there’s some room to improve, but it’s exciting to see that our heavyweight is right up there with the best in Class A.

Roberts said Ross’ effort was the highlight of the dual.

“He performed way better than I thought he would,” Roberts said. “He really surprised everybody.”

Columbia Falls forfeited the 98-pound slot and Whitefish forfeited at 189 pounds.



Columbia Falls 61, Whitefish 15

98 - James Buckley (WF) win by forfeit. 105 - Dillon Thornsteinson (WF) def Cameron Goodwin (CF), Fall 1:38. 112 - Shonn Roberts (CF) def Garrett Rice (WF), Fall 0:48. 119 - Cameron Linstead (CF) def Skyler Bowerman (WF), Fall 3:01. 125 - Seth McCall (CF) def Matt Barton (WF), Fall 3:12. 130 - Dalton Nelson (CF) def Trysten Armstrong (WF), Fall 1:55. 135 - Josiah Osborne (CF) def Emmitt Schmidt (WF), Fall 0:59. 140 - Zayne Brunz def Wyatt Price, Dec 7-1. 145 - Colton Gove (CF) def Judah Prestegaard (WF), Dec 9-5. 152 - Bryan Shaffer (CF) def Madison McWhirter (WF), Dec 8-4. 160 - Cody Walters (CF) def Konrad Zinke (WF) M-Dec 12-4. 171 - Cameron Peterson (CF) def Kyle Bowerman (WF), Fall 2:23. 189 - Jacob Burgess (CF) win by forfeit. 215 - Aaron Vick (CF) def Matt Gulbrandson (WF), Fall 3:10. Hwt - Wolf Zinke (WF) def Spencer Ross (CF), Dec 6-5.

Billings Invitational

at Billings Senior

Team scores -- Gillette (Wyo.) 104, Billings Senior 103.5, Billings West 99, Billings Skyview 97, Belgrade 74, Conrad 32, Laurel 32, Billings West JV 25, Hardin 23.5, Billings Senior JV 21, Huntley Project 20, Billings Skyview JV 19, Billings Central 9, Shepherd 7, Buffalo (Wyo.) 0.

First round

98 -- Clayton Carter, Lau, received a bye; Clay Smith, SR2, received a bye; Abi Contarek, Lau, received a bye; Taylor Rambin, BWH, p. Parker Snyder, Hun, 1:02; Michael Cunningham, Gil, p. Nathan Kennedy, Sky, :33; Garreth Ernhardt, SR2, received a bye; Eric Lafontaine, Har, received a bye; Brendon Vladic, BSR, received a bye.

105 -- Tyger Frye, BSR, received a bye; Jacot Winter, Sky, received a bye; Remington Malensek, har, received a bye; DIllon Hoppe, BWH, received a bye; Eddy Day, Lau, received a bye; Michael Wark, SHP, recieved a bye; Reno Klotz, Bel, received a bye; Mason Misner, BW2, received a bye.

112 -- Brett Ness, BSR, received a bye; Logan Underwood, SHP, received a bye; Trayson Marker, BWH, received a bye; Stetson Hinebauch, Sky, received a bye; Colter Craig, Lau, received a bye; Trent Olson, Gil, received a bye; Quintel Fuchs, SR2, received a bye.

119 -- Zach Wall, Cen, received a bye; Connor Ludwig, Lau, m.d. Jayden Covers Up, Har, 14-0; Kade Pitsch, Har, recieved a bye; James Deboo, Con, p. Marcus Nortfill, BWH, 3:01; Evan Turnqusit, BSR, p. James Spence, Shp, 3:21; Alec Moore, Shep, received a bye; Chanderl Metcalf, Har, d. Anakin Miller, 6-0; Evan Smith, Gil, received a bye.

125 -- Matthew Schmidt, BSR, p. Jordan Besel, BW2, :47; Luke Cathey, Sky, p. Patrick Comstock, :47; Morgan Koenig, COn, received a bye; Austin Zigray, Gil, p. Logan Larson, SK2, 1:02; Jarrett Degen, Bel, p. Philip Rising Sun, Har, :31; Chaz Marsicano, Lau, d. Nate Ricahrdson, BWH, 8-6 OT; Austin Smart, SK2, p. Jordan Shovar, Lau, :23; Jace Holman, Sky, received a bye;

130 -- Greg Contreraz, BSR, received a bye; Korbin Sanderlin, Sky, received a bye; Christian Duke, BWH, received a bye; Brennan Vies, SR2, received a bye; Lye Degen, Bel, received a bye; Logan Taylor SK2, received a bye; Blaine Berg, Con, receied a bye; Brady Vogel, Gil, received a bye.

135 -- Justin Waterson, Sky, p. Cory Wegner, BSR, 3:27; Tanner Brown, Lau, received a bye; Bryant Dorn, Har, received a bye; Taylor Salway, SR2, m.d. Thomas Sawatzke, BW2, 12-2; Justin Gordon, BW2, d. Daniel Lafontaine, Har, 12-11; Dixon Walker, Hun, d. Alex Scheyre, SK2, 8-4; Tristan Gradney, BWH, recieved a bye; Karson Kukes, Lau, p. Ryne Icenoggle, SK2, 3:51.

 140 -- Bryce Weatherston, Bel, received a bye; Spencer Heyneman, Sky, p. Jake Kiedrowski, SK2, 1:46; Ian Emborg, Sk2, p. Daktoa Suta, Con, 2:37; Tyler Richter, Con, received a bye; Jon Verlanic, Lau, received a bye; Jon Lemon, Har, won by injury default over Cole Campbell, Har; Donovan Fitzpatrick, Bel, won by injury default over Jake Cervantez, BSR; Koby Ryes, BWH, received a bye.

 145 -- Alex Lacasse, Gil, p. John Manning, Hun, 1:36; Noah Criner, Bel, p. Kalbe Foley, Bel, 2:12; Skylar Conklin, Hun, p. Connor Hintt, BW2, 3:42; Tyller Cortez, BSR, p. Sam Heady, SK2, :43; Brady Baxter, BWH, received a bye; Brandon French, Con, m.d. Patrick Toyne, Har, 12-2; Tyler Schultz, Con, p. Layton jackson, Lau, 1:10; Seth Ehlang, Sky, p. Jaxon Banfield, SR2, 1:17.

152 --Kris Miller, Gil, p. Austin Pitsch, Har, :09; Jake WOrden, Lau, p. Richard Mullenberg,  BW2, 1:38; Sonny Meyer, SR2, p. Buea Stevens, SR2, 2:37; Hunter Gerth, BWH, received a bye; Garrett Moritz, Con, p. Ben Askelson, SR2, 1:40; Saud Al-Aissa, BSR, p. Zack Dunning, Hun, 4:28; Andrew Johnson, SR2, received a bye; Max Miller, Sky, p. Geoff Gorham, Shp, 3:08.

160 -- Lukas Poloncic, Gil, received a bye; Levi Butkay, Har, p. Josh Cohen, BW2, 2:54; Lorin Holzheimer, Sky, received a bye; Michael Middleton, Hun, received a bye; Keevan Pickle, Bel, p. Andrew Angle, Bel, :59; Darien Cellmer, Lau, received a bye; Gerit Bruhaug, BSR, p. Ryan Roche, Sky, :45; JR Slotsve, BWH, recieved a bye.

171 -- Luke Paine, BSR, p. Grady Blewett, Bel, 1:18; Spenser Johnson, BW2, p. Derrington Gillespie, SR2, 2:42; Taylor Bigelow, Gil, d. Braden Carpenter, Shp, 8-7; Jordan Jacobson, BWH, p. Casey Fredericks, Har, 4:19; Matt DIllon, Sky, p. Mitchell Thompson, 4:28; Draike Grider, BW2, p. Kyle Cannon, Lau, 3:19; Raven Cunningham, Bel, p. Ben Grass, Shp, 1:35; Bryce Akers, Bel, p. Miguel Marquez, Sr2, 1:25.

189 -- Jake Leinwand, BWH, p. Spencer Foster, Lau, 1:34; Mathew Welch, Sky2, p. Kian Brown, Hun, :44; Nate Krakel, Lau, received a bye; Coltr Krebil, BSR, p. Justin Stewart, Har, 3:11; Reece Quade, Sky, p. Connor Murdock, 3:13; Steven Keeten, har, d. Devin Maua, SR2, 9-4; Alfredo Meseuger, Hun, d. Dillon Marks, Bel, 5-4; Carson Mock, Gil, p. Derek Marks, Bel, :47.

215 -- Thomas Walsh, Sky, p. Zack Zukowski, Har, :28; Jake Foster, Sr2, p. Huner Rose, Lau, :38; Sam Vanbeek, Bel, p. RJ Twichel, Cen, :47; Garrett Schuck, BWH, p. Gage McClanahan, Hun, 1:38; Jacob Oblander, Hun, p. Xavier Scott, SR2, 3:14; Koby Jeffers, BSR, p. Peyton Anderson, SK2, 4:15; David Doney, SK2, p. Travis Sutherland, Lau, 1:25; Jace Jacob, Gil, p. Dane Strike, SK2, 1:05.

 Hwt. -- Taylor Barbour, Gil, p. Cameron Carter, Bel, :19; Tanner Fisher, Shp, p. Avery Whelan, Bel, 3:00; Chris Scott, SR2, p. Tanner Miller, Hun, 5:43; Riley Rutschke, Sky, p. Justin Ratzberg, Con, 1:54; Bryce Blumenschein, Bel, d. Kael Giebink, BSR, 5-3; Robert Becker, Har, p. Taylor Larson, Hun, 3:57; Lucas Dekker, Shp, p. Chae Molina, Har, 2:51; Michael Quesenberry, BWH, won by forfeit over Justin Rock Above, BW2.


98 -- Clayton Carter, Lau, d. Clay Smith, SR2, 9-3; Taylor Rambin, BWH, p. Abri Contarek, Lau, :18; Michael Cunningham, Gil, p. Garreth Ernhardt, SR2, 2:09; Brendon Vladic, BSR, p. Eric Lafontaine, Har, 3:29.

105 -- Tyger Frye, BSR< p. Jacob WInter, Sky, :14; Dillon Hoppe, BWH, p. Remington Malensek, Har, 1:13; Eddy Day, Lau, p. Michael Wark, Shp, :56; Mason Misner, BW2, p. Reno Klotz, Bel, 2:13.

112 -- Brett Ness, BSR, p. Logan Underwood, Shp, :36; Trayson Marker, BWH, p. Zach Meschke, Lau, 2:15; Stetson Hinebauch, Sky, p. Colter Craig, Lau, :58; Trent Olson, Gil, p. Quintel Fuchs, SR2, 1:12.

 119 -- Zach Wall, Cen, p. Connor Ludwig, 2:18; James Deboo, Con, p. Kade Pitsch, Har, :20; Evan Turnquist, BSR, p. Alec Moore, Shp, :20; Evan Smith, Gil, p. Chandler Metcalf, Har, 1:24.

125 -- Matthew Schmidt, BSR, t.f. Luke Cathey, 15-0; Austin Zigray, Gil, d. Morgan Koenig, Con, 2-0; Jarrett Degen, Bel, p. Chaz Marsicano, Lau, 1:14; Jace Holman, Sky, p. Austin Smart, SK2, 1:51.

130 -- Greg Contreraz, BSR, m.d. Korbin Sanderlin, Sky, 12-2; Christian Duke, BWH, p. Brennan Vies, SR2, 1:20; Lyle Degen, Bel, won by injury default over Logan Taylor, SK2; Brady Vogel, Gil, won by injury default over Blaine Berg, Con.

135 -- Justi Waterson, Sky, p. Tanner Brown, Lau, 1:26; Bryant Dorn, Har, t.f. Taylow Salay, SR2, 15-0; JustiN Gordon, BW2, p. Dixon Wlker, Hun, 1:41; Karson Kukes, Lau, p. Tristan Gradney, BWH, :28.

140 -- Brye Weatherston, Bel, p. Spencer Heyneman, Sky, 1:21; Ian Emborg, SK2, p. Tyler Richter, Con, 4:29; Jon Verlanic, Lau, m.d. Jon Lemon, Har, 16-7; Koby Reyes, BWH, p. Donvoan Fitzpatrick, Bel, :18.

 145 -- Alex Lacasse, Gil, p. Noah Criner, Bel, 5:06; Tyller Cortez, BSR, p. Skylar Conklin, Hun, 1:21; Brady Bater, BWH, d. Brandon French, Con, 3-2, OT; Seth Ehlang, Sky, p. Tyler Schultz, Con, 1:06.

 152 -- Kris Miller, Gil, p. Jake Worden, Lau, :53; Hunter Gerth, BWH, p. Sonny Meyer, SR2, 5:12; Garrett Moritz, Con, p. Saud l-Aissa, BSR, 3:56; Max Miller, Sky, p. Andrew Johnson, SR2, 2:45.

160 -- Lukas Poloncic, Gil, m.d. Levi Butkay, Har, 13-2; Michael Middleton, Hun, p. Lorin Holzheimer, Sky, :25; Keevan Pickle, Bel, m.d. Darien Cellmer, Lau, 13-6; JR Slotsve, BWH, p. Gerit Bruahaug, BSR, 2:27.

171 -- Luke Paine, BSR, p. Spencer Johnson, BW2, 1:22; Taylor Bigelow, Gil, p. Jordan Jacobson, BWH, 3:22; Matt Dillon, Sky, p. Draike Grider, BW2, 2:15; Bryce Akers, Bel, p. Raven Cunningham, :58.

189 -- Jake Leinwand, BWH, p. Mathew Welch, SK2, 2:16; Colter Krebil, BSR, p. Nate Krakel, Lau, 1:41; Reece Quade, Sky, d. Steven Keeten, Har, 5-3; Carson Mock, Gil, p. Alfredo Meseuger, Hun, 2:38.

215 -- Thomas Walsh, Sky, p. Jake Foster, SR2, 1:55; Sam Vanbeek, Bel, p. Garrett Schuck, BWH, 4:21; Koby Jeffers, BSR, d. Jacob Oblander, Hun, 8-5; Jace Jacob, Gil, p. David Doney, SK2, 1:26.

Hwt. -- Taylor Barbour, Gil, p. Tanner Fisher, Shp, 1:13; Riley Rutschke, Sky, d. Chris Scott, SR2, 3-2; Bryce Blumenschein, Bel, d. Robert Becker, Har, 9-2; Michael Quesenberry, BWH, p. Lucas Dekker, Shp, 1:08.

First-round consolation

98 -- Parker Snyder, Hun, received a bye; Nathan Kennedy, Sky, received a bye,

119 -- Jayden Covers Up, Har, received a bye; Marcus Nortfill, BWH, received a bye; James Spence, Shp, received a bye; Anakin Miller, Sky, received a bye.

125 -- Jordan Besel, BW2, d. Patrick Comstock, Cen, 9-2; Logan Larson, SK2, received a bye; Nate Richardson, BWH, p. Philip Rising Sun, Har, 2:20; Jordan Shovar, Lau, received a bye.

135 -- Cory Wegner, BSR, received a bye; Thomas Sawatzke, BW2, received a bye; Daniel Lafontaine, har, p. Alex Scheyre, SK2, :39; Ryne Icenoggle, SK2, received a bye.

140 -- Jake Kiedrowski, SK2, received a bye; Dakota Suta, COn, received a bye; Cole Campbell, Har, received a bye; Jake Cervantez, BSR, received a bye.

145 -- John manning, Hun, p. Kalbe Foley, Bel, 1:42;Connor Hintt, BW2, d. Sam Heady, Sk2, 16-7; Patrick Toyne, Har, received a by;e Jaxon Banfield, SR2, p. Layton Jackson, Lau, 1:52.

152 -- Richard Mullenberg, BW2, p. Austin Pitsch, Har, :48; Buea Stevens, SR2, received a bye; Ben Askelson, SR2, d. Zack Dunning, Hun, 8-3; Geoff Gorham, Shp, received a bye.

160 -- Josh Cohen received a bye; Andrew Angle, Bel, received a bye; Ryan Roche, Sky, received a bye.

171 -- Derrington Gillespie, SR2, d. Grady Blewett, Bel, 3-2; Braden Carpenter, Shp, p. Casey Fredericks, Har, 2:48; Mitchell Thompson, Lau, p. Kyle Cannon, Lau, 1:40; Miguel Marquez, Sr2, p. Ben Grass, Shp, :17.

189 -- Spencer Foster, Lau, d. Kian Brown, Hun, 11-5; Justin Stewart, Har, received a bye; Connor Murdock, Har, p. Devin Maua, Sr2, 3:34; Dillon Marks, Bel, p. Derek Marks, Bel, 2:48.

215 -- Zack Zukowski, Har, p. Hunter Rose, Lau, :25; Gage McClanahan, Hun, d. RJ Twichel, Cen, 1-0; Peyton Anderson, Sky2, p. Xavier Scott, SR2, 2:12; Dane Strike, SK2, p. Travis Sutherland, Lau, 2:22.

Hwt. -- Avery Whelan, Bel, p. Cameron Carter, Bel, 2:11; Justin Ratzberg, Con, p. Tanner Miller, Hun, :44; Kael Giebink, BSR, p. Taylor Larson, Hun, :38; Chase Molina, Har, won by injury default over Justin Rock Above, BW2.

Havre Invitational

(Teams: Great Falls High, CMR, Havre, Butte Central, Big Sandy, Browning, Chinook, CJI, Cut Bank, Lewistown, Fort Benton, Glasgow, Libby, Malta)

Friday’s results

98—Clay Stillwagon, BC, p. Blade Massey, GFH, 1:06; Keegan Kennelly, Hav, p. Gavin Martin, CMR, 1:03; Massey, GFH, p. Martin, CMR, 2:41; Kennelly, Hav, p. Garrison Mitchell, Chi, 1:05; Stillwagon, BC, p. Martin, CMR, :42; Massey, GFH, p. Mitchell, Chi, :33; Stillwagon, BC, dec. Kennelly, Hav, 3-0; Martin, CMR, by T-Fall (15-0) over Mitchell, Chi;

105—Mick Reyling, Glas, p. Conner DeBruycker, FB, 1:30; Logan Fleninger, Hav, dec. Reyling, 7-1; Fleninger, Hav, p. DeBruycker, FB, 2:24; Tyler Meyer, GFH, p. Bryce Noctor, BC, 1:09; Grayson Brenna, Hav, p. Meyer, GFH, :38; Brenna Hav, p. Noctor, BC, 1:39

112—Dylan Roby, Lib, p. Donovan Moon, Chi, :26; Jarren Komac, GFH, p. Kooper Marquart, CMR, 5:12; Marquart, CMR, p. Donovan Moon, Chi, 1:41; Komac, GFH, p. Dylan Roby, Lib, 1:07; Komac, GFH, p. Moon, Chi, 2:49; Roby, Lib, p. Marquart, CMR, :24; Waylon Ladue, Brown, p. Lucas Uecker, Lew, 1:42; Evan Faber, CB, d. Ladue, Brown, 6-0; Faber, CB, p. Uecker, Lew, 2:40

119—Riley Wavra, CMR, p. Jake Norby, Chi, 3:32; Dylan Stewart, Hav, d. Kylan Berkram, CB, 7-6; Berkram, CB, p. Wavra, CMR, 4:42; Stewart, Hav, p. Norby, Chi, 2:43; Stewart, Hav, d. Wavra, CMR, 13-4; Berkram, CB, p. Norby, Chi, 2:11; Isaac Wippert, Brown, p. Randy Williams, Lib, :41; Jake Shawver, Glas, p. Chad Landers, Lew, :52; Landers, Lew, p. Williams, Lib, :55; Shawver, Glas, p. Isaac Wippert, Brown, 1:01; Landers, Lew, p. Wippert, Brown, 1:03; Logan Taylor, FB, p. Milo Kaufman, Lew, 1:26; Randon Anderson, CB, p. Gus Bullshoe, Brown, :38; Owen Powell, Chi, p. Andrew Olson, Lew, 5:55; Anderson, CB, dec. Taylor, FB, 10-7; Powell, Chi, p. Kaufman, Lew, 2:55; Olson, Lew, p. Anderson, CB, 1:00; Kaufman, Lew, dec. Bullshoe, Brown, 6-5; Olson, Lew, dec. Taylor, FB, 14-2; Powell, Chi, p. Bullshoe, Brown, :57; Anderson, CB, p. Kaufman, Lew, 5:15

125—Casey Dobson, GFH, p. PJ Ayers, FB 1;57; Jace Berkram, CB, dec. Cody King, Glas, 11-0; Berkram, CB, dec. Ayers, 6-5; Dobson, GFH, p. King, Glas, 1:36; Ayers, FB, dec. King, 8-4; Dobson, GFH, p. Berkram, CB, 5:09; Hunter Gunsch, Lew, p. Josh Solf, BS, 1:16; Doug McDonald, Brown, p. Sam Cantwell, CMR, 1:06; McDonald, Brown, p. Solf, BS, 2:30; Gunsch, Lew, p. Cantwell, CMR, 1:57; Cantwell, CMR, p. Solf, BS, 1:24; McDonald, Brown, dec. Gunsch, Lew, 8-6; Jake Hangtes, Glas, p. Rabe Whitford, CB, 5:27; Hunter Grover, Lew, p. Shawn Cooney, BC, 2:43; Grover, Lew, p. Rabe Whitford, CB, 1:20; Hengtes, Glas, dec. Shawn Cooney, BC, 12-2; Whitford, CB, dec. Cooney, 6-5; Grover, Lew, p. Hengtes, Glas, 1:59

130—Kenton Evans, p. Zach Crace, Lib, 2:35; Travis Vermulm, CB, dec. Evans, 7-5; Crace, Lib, dec. Vermulm, CB, 12-6; Brennan Armstrong, Lew, p. Ryan Tempel, CJI, 1:54; Tempel, CJI, p. Trei Bullock, Lew, 5:17; Armstrong, Lew, p. Bullock, Lew, 1:05; Chase Marmon, CMR, p. Zak Higereda, Lib, 1:48; Chris Steinmentz, Hav, dec. Marmon, CMR, 5-0; Steinmentz, Hav, p. Higareda, Lib, 1:03

135—Austin Shupe, GFH, d. Zach Hart, BC, 2-1; Thomas Gruber, Hav, dec. Mitch Haugen, Libby, 6-4; Shupe, GFH, dec. Haugen, Lib, 10-4; Hart, BC, dec. Gruber, Hav, 4-2; Shupe, GFH, dec. Gruber, Hav, 10-5; Haugen, Lib, dec. Hart, BC, 3-2; Jesse Johnson, CMR, dec. Nathan Applegate, FB, 3-2; Georff Qualls, Chi, p, Reid VandenBos, CB, 3:00; Johnson, CMR, p. Vandenbos, CB, 5:03; Qualls, Chi, p. Jordy Moody, Lew, 1:07; VAndenbos, CB, p. Applegate, FB, 1:47; Johnson, CMR, p. Moody, Lew, 1:07; Applegate, FB, p. Qualls, Chi, 5:46; Vandenbos, CB, p. Moody, Lew, :30; Ricky Cook, BS, p. Carter Epperson, Mal, 3:16; Thad Kucera, Lew, dec. Brenden Swartz, GFH, 8-2; Kucera, Lew, p. Ricky Cook, BS, 1:08; Swartz, GFH, p. Epperson, Mal, 1:27; Swartz, GFH, p. Cook, BS, 2:51; Kucera, Lew, p. Carter Epperson, Mal, 3:48

140—Isiah Yates, CMR, dec. Keighton Swykovsky, BC, 17-8; Kessler Leonard, GFH, dec. Gilbert Bara, Hav, 6-1; Leonard, GFH, p. Swykovsky, BC, 2:23; Yates, CMr, dec. Bara, Hav, 7-3; Bara, Hav, p. Swykovsky, BC, 4:20; Leonard, GFH, dec. Yates, CMR, 3-1; Quinn Trindle, FB, p. Evan Finstead, CB, 3:02; Gunnar Aageson, Hav, p. Kyle Gooch, Hav, 3:41; Trindle, FB, dec. Aageson, hav, 4-0; Finstead, CB, p. Gooch, Hav, 2:24; Trindle, FB, p. Gooch, Hav, 1:03; Aageson, Hav, dec. Finstead, CB, 13-5

145--Braden Dieziger, Lew, p. Victor Littledog, Brown, :56; Neil Johnson, CB, p. Gage Cusker, Glas, 1:43; Neil Johnson, CB, p. Victor Littledog, Brown, 1:15; Cusker, Glas, dec. Sundance Lodge, Hav, 21-5; Dieziger, Lew, dec. Johnson, 4-3; Littledog, Brown, dec. Lodge, Hav, 18-9; Dieziger, Lew, p. Cusker, Glas, :48; Johnson, CB, p. Lodge, Hav, :48; Gage Bentley, GFH, dec. Zeus Rutherford, Brown, 13-4; Kody Pribyl, Hav, dec. Ben Kountz, Glas, 12-5; Rutherford, Brown, dec. Kountz, Glas, 11-3; Bentley, GFH, dec. Pribyle, Hav, 8-2; Rutherford, Brown, p. Pribyle, Hav, 5:38; Bentley, GFH, dec. Kountz, Glas, 12-5; Michael Kraft, CB, p. Jesse McDowell, Chi, :41; Ricky Roach, Lib, p. Alex Yeadon, Lib, 1:10; Roach, Lib, p. McDowell, Chi, :38; Kraft, CB, p. Yeadon, Lib, 3:03; Yeadon, Lib, p. McDowell, Chi, :32; Roach, Lib, dec. Kraft, CB, 15-2

152—Jared Dickson, CMR, dec. Walker Ferda, GFH, 10-3; Jordan Schroeder, Hav, p. Kevin Frigon, Glas, :27; Schroeder, Hav, dec. Ferda, GFH, 9-6; Jim Malone, Lew, p. Frigon, Glas, :57; Dickson, CMR, dec. Schroeder, Hav, 12-3; Malone, Lew, dec. Ferda, GFH, 7-2; Dickson, CMR, p. Frigon, Glas, 1:10; Schroeder, Hav, p. Malone, Lew, 2:52; Erik Kelly, CJI, p. Brenden Johnson, CB, 5:30; Johnson, CB, p. Ken Pruttis, Chi, 3:47; Kelly, CJI, p. Pruttis, Chi, :18; Jesse Dannels, Chi, by DQ over Brandon Gilham, Brown; Garret Chapel, Lib, p. Daniels, 1:05; Chapel, Lib, dec. Gilham, Brown, 8-2; Robert Jennings, CB, p. Kage Hanson, Hav, 2:27; Dusty Gasvoda, BS, dec. Hanson, Hav, 10-2

160—Cody Henderson, GFH, p. Devin Blythe, Lew, 3:44; Payton Sexe, CMR, p, Jayson Kohler, Hav, 2:51; Sexe, CMR, p. Blythe, Lew, 1:59; Henderson, GFH, T-Fall over Kohler, Hav, 18-2; Blythe, Lew, p. Kohler, Hav, 2:59; Henderson, GFH, p. Sexe, CMR, 5:41; Allen Gobert, Brown, p. Adrian Gasvoda, BS, 3:20; Travis Austin, Glas, dec. Josh Bowers, Lib, 8-0; Gobert, Brown, p. Austin, Glas, 3:03; Bowers, Lib, p. Mason Buck, Hav, :11; Austin, Glas, dec. Gasvoda, BS, 13-2; Buck, Hav, by default over Gobert, Brown; Bowers, Lib, dec. Gasvoda, BS, 10-1; Austin, Glas, p. Buck, Hav, :36; Patrick Valentine, Lib, by forfeit over Zack Wippert, Brown; David Bossis, Hav, p. Flint Brewer, Chi, :35; Lance massey, GFH, dec. Jacob Marmon, CMR, 8-7; Borris, Hav, by forfeit over Wippert, Brown; Massey, GFH, p.Valentine, Lib, 2:30; Brewer, Chi, by forfeit over Marmon, CMr; Massey, GFH by forfeit over Wippert, Brown; Borris, Hav, by forfeit over Marmon, CMR; Valentine, Lib, p. Brewer, Chi, :23; Marmon, CMR, by forfeit over Wippert, Brown; Massey, GFH, by T-Fall over Brewer, Chi, 13-2; Borris, Hav, p. Valentine, Lib, 3:05

171—Randy Kessler, GFH, dec. Ethan Blythe, Lew, 7-5; Kessler, GFH, dec. Jake Williams, Hav, 10-1; Blythe, Lew, dec. Williams, Hav, 1-0; Travis Brugman, CMR, dec. Austin Bailey, Lib, 7-5; JT Belcourt, Hav, dec. Brugman, CMR, 11-0; Bailey, Lib, dec. Belcourt, Hav, 5-3; Isaiah Crawford, Brown, p. Harley Hatch, CJI, 2:41; Jace Billy, Hav, p. Isaiah Crawford, Brown, 1:16; Billy, Hav, p. Hatch, CJI, 3:49

189—Ben Holt, BC, p Jarrett Guyer, Lew, 2:51; Michael Ollinger, BRN, p Wyatt Wickum, CJI, 1:07; Holt, BC, p, Wickum, CJI, 4:21; Ollinger, BRN, p, Guyer, Lew, 4:00; Ollinger, BRN, d Holt, BC, 8-3; Wickum, CJI, p Guyer, Lew, 1:23; Mateo Amatto-Cattaneo, GFH, p Chance Stanich, BC, 0:19; Kameron Chirstofferson, Mal, p Falko Rammier, Cut, 2:30; Rammier, Cut, p Stanich, BC, 0:34; Amatto-Cattaneo, GFH, p Chirstofferson, Mal, 1:28; Chirstofferson, Mal,p Stanich, BC, 0:31; Amatto-Cattaneo, GFH, p Rammier, Cut, 0:51; Bryan Evans, CMR, d Eric Weaver, GFH, 4-0; Grant Pattison, Hav, f Rob Klingaman, Chi; Evans, CMR, f Klingaman, Chi; Pattinson, Hav, d Weaver, GFH, 6-5; Pattison, Hav, d Evans, CMR, 5-2, Weaver, GFH, f Klingman, Chi.

215—Jason Gervais, Brn, d Killian Gregg, GLS, 5-2; Tyler Adams, Hav, d Roberto Smith, GFH, 5-2; Adams, Hav, d, Gregg, GLS, 9-2; Smith, GFH, p Derek Martinez, GLS, 0:37; Adams, Hav, d Jason Grevais, Brn, 7-2; Gregg, GLS, p Martinez, Cut, 0:18; Adams, Hav, p Martinez, Cut, 0:33; Jordan Wanner, CMR, p Josh McGough, Lib, 1:01; Travis Adams, Hav, p Jeffrey Gunter, GLS, 2:48; Gunter, GLS, p McGough, Lib, 4:33; Adams, Hav, p Wanner, CMR, 0:48; Adams, Hav, p McGough, Lib, 0:39; Wanner, CMR, p Gunter, GLS, 1:08; Kevin Young, Chi, p Eddy Daggett, Gls, 1:21; Zack Dolezal, Lib, p Jaiden LittleDog, Cut, 1:21; Young, Chi, p LittleDog, Cut, 2:11; Dolezal, Lib, p Daggett, Gls, 4:56; Dolezal, Lib, p Young, Chi, 1:29; Daggett, Gls, p LittleDog, Cut, 0:42.

HWT—Shalon Norick, CJI, p Terrydon Hall, Brn, 0:41; Andreas Geranios, GFH, p Hall, Brn, 1:40; Geranios, GFH, d Norick, CJI, 4-2; Lane Urick, GFH, p Robbie Henville, Gls, 1:07; Dusty Odegard, Hav, d Henville, Gls, 16-7; Urick, GFH, p Odegard, Hav,1:49; Gage Haugen, Chi, p Colton Wippert, Brn, 1:47; Che’ LittleDog, Cut, p Haugen, Chi, 0:29; LittleDog, Cut, p Wippert, Brn, 0:29.


Flathead 45, Butte 30

98 — Jed Cheff (Flathead) def. Blake Bowen (Butte) pin at 2:30; 105 — Lucas DeCock (Flathead) wins by default; 112 — Kelly Merrick (Butte) def. Dyan Guzman (Flathead) 13-7; 119 — Braxton Henningson (Butte) def. Gavyn Wilson (Flathead) 5-4; 125 — Joey Blunt (Butte) def. Easton Terry (Flathead) pin at 3:16; 130 — Tyler Davis (Flathead) def. Willy Shea (Butte) pin at 1:47; 135 — Gage Weston (Butte) def. Tanner Fletcher (Flathead) pin at 1:20; 140 — Levi Renz (Butte) def. Logan Wilson (Flathead) pin at :42; 145 — Jarrett Rowling (Butte) def. Cole DeLaughder (Flathead) pin at 1:00; 152 — Suny Cheff (Flathead) def. Tommy Challeen (Butte) 3-1; 160 — Nick Iavicolli (Flathead) def. Andre Vialapondo (Butte) pin at 1:27; 171 — Jacob Egley (Flathead) def. Lee Cannon (Butte) pin at 1:46.5; 189 — Mitchell Stivers (Flathead) def. Blake Krauss (Butte) 7-2 (2OT); 215 — Jake Shaffer (Flathead) wins by default; 285 — Axel Bladholm (Flathead) def. Billy Robinson (Butte) 8-5.

Glacier 51, Butte 26

98 — Ryan Danielson (Glacier) def. Blake Bowen (Butte) pin at. :47; 105 — dual forfeit ; 112 — Kelly Merrick (Butte) def. Austin Cheney (Glacier) pin at :21; 119 — Cody Decker (Glacier) def. Braxton Henningson (Butte) pin at 1:37; 125 — Ryder Day (Glacier) def. Joey Blunt (Butte) pin at 1:56; 130 — Willy Shea ( Butte) def. Quinn Barber (Glacier) pin at 5:43; 135 — Gage Weston (Butte) win by default; 140 — Kaleb Mitchell (Glacier) def. Levi Renz (Butte) pin at 1:28; 145 — Alek Mitchell (Glacier) def. Jarrett Rowling (Butte) 12-8; 152 — Tommy Challeen (Butte) def. Grant Tafoya (Glacier) 12-4; 160 — Jackson Barber (Glacier) def. Andre Vialapondo (Butte) pin at 1:58; 171 — Lee Cannon (Butte) def. Adam Frandsen (Glacier) 11-4; 189 — Dawson Day (Glacier) def. Blake Krauss (Butte) pin at :58; 215 — AJ Robinson (Glacier) win by default; 285 — Zach Dennehy (Glacier) def. Billy Robinson (Butte) pin at 2:37.


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