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May 11, 2012
Northwest Montana A Conference


THURS., 05-10    


NW A Girls        
FTOWN 16 0 6 0
LIBBY 9 6 3 3
COL FALLS 10 4 3 3
POLSON 10 5 3 3
WHITEFISH 0 13 0 6


Polson 7, Columbia Falls 5
At Polson, the visiting WildKats set the tone of the game early by opening with a leadoff double to left field. That runner would plate when the Polson infielder knocked down a difficult hit, but in the process of attempting to retrieve it deflected its trajectory that allowed the run to score. Kats drew first blood 1-0. The Lady Pirates would retaliate in their half of the inning with two singles, both runners plating on catcher Jaylin Kenney’s 2 RBI double to give Polson the lead 2-1.
The following three innings for C Falls were uneventful outside of a double by Shaun Rowe in the top of the third.
In the bottom of the 4th, Heidi Rausch would open the inning with a double to centerfield. A passed ball and a subsequent walk placed runners at the corners. Rausch would plate on a Jessica Bagnell fly ball to right field. Another sacrifice hit advanced the remaining runner into scoring position. A pair of hits would score another two runs for Polson to extend the lead 5-1.
C Falls would get a runner on board in their half of the 5th and 6th innings, but Sandefer both ended up being left stranded.
BOTTOM OF 5TH - Polson would lead off the inning with a pair of singles. Both runners would plate on a 2 RBI double by Bagnell to extend the lead to 7-1.
BOTTOM OF 6TH - Leadoff hitter Johnson drew a walk, then advanced to second on a passed ball. Followup batter Riley Kenney then laced a sharply hit liner to centerfield, which outfielder Madison “Mad MADI (Many-A-Defensive-Intercept)” Sandefer aptly lived up to her multi-sport penchant of a nickname by gloving with some difficulty and then firing the ball over to the infielder covering second base to double off Johnson who had busted a move toward third and was likely aiming to score if the hit had dropped as was initially anticipated. Double Play. Polson would smack a pair of further singles off
reliever Winter Kempainnen, but the middle of the order batter sent a sizzling liner toward the mount, which Kemppainen was adeptly able to glove for the third out, no doubt feeling a bit of a tingle in her hand after absorbing a potential smoking hot hit.
TOP OF 7TH - The Kat bottom third of the order were able to manufacture a pair of hits to place two runners on board. The fourth batter of the inning flied out for the second out and it looked like Polson was about to close the book on this one. But as often turns out to be the case, one is advised not to count their chickens before they hatch. Pinch hitter Tori Price came to the plate and worked a full count. A bit of controversy arose at this point when Price fouled off a pitch in what appeared to many fans to be a third strike bunt. Had the attempt been evaluated as a bunt, the runner would have been out and the game over. But the attempt was ruled a foul off, even if it wasn’t routine. The next pitch was a ball, which sent Price to first to load the bases for incoming number three-in-the-order hitter and the sixth batter of the inning Shaun Rowe. Most folks around the Northwestern A are well aware that it is inadvisable to set the table softball-wise in such a fashion for a Kat softball team with Rowe in the lineup coming to the plate. Not only did she willingly oblige the invitation to dine at the expense of the host team by consuming the appetizer, main course as well as desert, but also stuck Polson with an expensive tab by smacking a four run grand slam over the left field fence to trim the score to 7-5 in the blink of an eye.
Polson would close out the inning and win this game (whew! for the Purple & Gold fanbase), but the implications of those last inning runs could prove to be instrumental later on. Drawing upon my own understanding of assessment criteria, the foremost method to determine seeding between teams with identical conference records is to evaluate run differential in their head-to-head clashes. Had the 7-1 score held up for Polson, the run differential would have favored the Lady Pirates in a tie breaker because of the half dozen exceeds five in the 8-3 score by which Polson lost to the Kats earlier in the season. With Rowe’s grand slam, the run differential tilts in favor of Columbia Falls in a tie breaker, assuming both teams end the season with identical records.
Libby seems to have the toughest road to travel among the remaining contending teams for the remaining two tickets to state. Frenchtown essentially locks up the NWA Division crown with a win over Libby dependent upon the outcome of contest this evening. The Lady Loggers still have the Kats and the Lady Pirates on their docket. Columbia Falls must face the Lady Loggers in Libby and will host Frenchtown in their season finale. Polson hosts Whitefish next Thursday, then travels to Libby for their regular season finale. The stakes for each remaining conference clash remain high. The potential remains for a three-way tie for second place in the division standings, with run differential determining which two teams gets the second and third seeding and the third team being locked out of the tournament. The third-seeded NWA team plays the two-seeded SWA team, which based upon the current division standing stratification could be Anaconda. But thereafter the winner of that contest must contend with top-seeded Belgrade out of the Central A Division. By comparison, the second-seeded NWA team would face the third-seeded Central A team, which by current statification could be either Havre or Livingston (Park), with the winner of that contest facing the top-seed out of the SWA Division, which is currently held precariously by Hamilton. From the perspective of Purple & Gold Polson fans, the 5-0 record versus competition out of the SWA is preferable to the 0-1 record against Central A competition, with encounters against both Central A leading Belgrade and second-seeded Lewistown (Fergus) slated to take place at the LaVerne Combo Butte Invitational Softball tournament this weekend. None of the three teams in the NWA that remain in contention for punching their ticket to State can afford another conference loss. Better to control one’s own destiny rather than leave matters up to mathematical minutiea.
C FALLS 1 0 0 0 0 0 4 - 5 7 1
POLSON 2 0 0 3 2 0 x - 7 11 1
Ashley Trueblood, Winter Kempainnen (7) and Erika Nelson. Shalaina Duford and Jaylin Kenney. WP - {9-5}Duford (7 hits, 8 strikeouts, 2 walks), LP - Trueblood (9 hits, 2 strikeouts, 2 walks), Kempainnen (2 hits, 1 walk) in relief.
C FALLS - Tiffany Hummer 1-4, Jaylynn Cantu 0-3, Shaun Rowe 2-3 [W], Niki Birky 0-4, Madison Sandefer 1-2, Erika Nelson 0-3, Kathrin Jetty 1-3, Jordan Lefebvre 0-2, Ciarra Holm 2-3, Catie King 0-1, Tori Price 0-0 [W], Ashley Trueblood [flex], Winter Kemppainen [flex].
POLSON - Ashley Johnson 2-3, Riley Kenney 0-4, Duford 2-4, Tina Marquardt 2-4, Heidi Rausch 2-3, J. Kenney 1-2, Jessica Bagnell 1-2, Makaliah Wilson 0-2, Jordyn Evertz 1-3.
HR - Rowe. 2B - Hummer, Rowe, J. Kenney, Rausch, Bagnell. RBIs - Rowe 4, Bagnell 3, J. Kenney 2, Evertz. Sac - Sandefer, Bagnell, Wilson. SB - Johnson, R. Kenney, Duford, J. Kenney, Bagnell. Double Plays - C Falls 1 (F8-4). Runs - Hummer, Cantu, Rowe, Jetty, Holm, Johnson, Duford, Marquardt, Rausch 2, J. Kenney, Evertz.

Unofficial game rendition by John Heglie. Some details may vary from official game summary. For example, there were a handful of plays in which players got their gloves on a sharply hit ball. From the standpoint of this evaluator, those plays did not constitute errors because of the almost Herculean efforts the players made in even getting their glove on the ball, let along catching it. More stringent criteria might have evaluated some of those plays as constituting errors, but in my judgement they were not. Regarding the controversial play in the top of the 7th inning regarding the alleged second strike bunt attempt that some felt should have been an out, allowing Polson to end the game with a 7-1 lead, it is evident from how the umpire ruled and the subsequent discussion of the crew of the incident after the game that it was evaluated as a hit attempt. Granted, the batter has a somewhat unusual batting style when compared to many other styles used by hitters, but if evaluated as a legitimate hit attempt to protect the plate that is fouled off, the batter gets another swing at the plate, which ended up being a ball that granted her first base to load the bases for Shaun Rowe to capitalize upon in grand slam fashion.


Atlee, Willis pitch Glacier to crosstown sweep

KALISPELL – The Kalispell Glacier softball team picked up a pair of Western AA victories Thursday over crosstown rival Kalispell Flathead behind the pitching of Shayna Atlee and Jena Willis.

After earning a 2-0 shutout in the opening league contest, the Wolfpack added a 5-1 win.

Atlee started each game and posted the win and Willis closed them both, earning a three-inning save in the first contest. Over the course of the games, Atlee and Willis allowed just seven hits, combining on a two-hitter in Game 1.

Tacey Howe was 2 for 3 with an RBI for Glacier in the first game and Taylor Riggles added a single and one driven in.

Marissa Rogozynski had a double and an RBI to lead the Wolfpack bats in the nightcap. Willis was 3 for 4 and Atlee was 2 for 4 and each drove in a run.

Iris Matulevich belted a pair of singles for the Bravettes in the late game.

First game

Flathead 000 000 0 – 0 2 6

Glacier 000 012 x – 3 5 2

Jenna Jensen and Kaylee Henderson. Shayna Atlee, Jena Willis (5) and Hannah Atlee. W – S. Atlee. L – Jensen. S – Willis.

FLATHEAD – Julia Morrow 1-3, Jensen 0-3, Iris Matulevich 0-3, Cassidy Smith 1-3, Adrienne Carroll 0-3, Henderson 0-3, Mackenzie Twichel 0-2, Carson Dawson 0-2, Taylor Twichel 0-2.

GLACIER – Willis 1-4, Kallie Evans 1-3, Katie McHugh 0-3, Shayna Atlee 0-3, Tacey Howe 0-2, Hannah Atlee 0-3, Kayla Russell 2-3, Marissa Rogozynski 0-3, Taylor Riggles 1-2.

RBIs – Howe, Riggles.

Second game

Flathead 000 000 1 – 1 5 3

Glacier 210 010 x – 4 12 1

Jensen, Dawson (2) and Henderson. S. Atlee, Willis (4) and H. Atlee. W – S. Atlee. L – Jensen.

FLATHEAD – Morrow 0-4, Jensen 1-3, Matulevich 2-3, Smith 1-2, Carroll 0-3, Henderson 0-2, M. Twichel 0-3, Dawson 1-3, Norah Rashoodi 0-2.

GLACIER – Willis 3-4, Evans 1-3, McHugh 1-3, S. Atlee 2-4, H. Atlee 1-3, Russell 2-2, Rogozynski 1-2, Riggles 1-3, Cassidy Mann 0-3.

2B – Rogozynski. RBIs – Rashoodi, S. Atlee, Willis, Rogozynski.


Class A

Frenchtown 8, Libby 2

At Frenchtown, Kayla Weishaar led the Broncs to the Northwestern A win.

Weishaar hit a double and a home run and added four RBIs as Frenchtown improved to 6-0, 16-0 and clinched the league’s regular-season title.

Abby Indreland contributed two RBIs and a double for the Broncs, who totalled five hits.

Morgan Ray moved to 4-0 in the circle, allowing two hits, walking four and striking out 10.

Lexie Hageness doubled and Rebecca Kyriss had the Loggers’ lone RBI.

Libby 000 010 1 – 2 2 1

Frenchtown 001 160 x – 8 5 0

Hannah England, Alyssa Walker (5) and Lexie Hageness. Morgan Ray and Madison McGuire. W – Ray (4-0). L – England.

LIBBY – Walker 0-3, Mahalah Wedel 0-2, Kim Tangen 0-3, Hageness 1-2, Devon Gallagher 1-3, Kelsey Klin 0-2, Rebecca Kyriss 0-3, Dayln Germany 0-3, England 0-1.

FRENCHTOWN – Katie Kees 1-3, Kaitlyn Indreland 0-1, Keller Leishman 1-3, Abby Indreland 1-3, McGuire 0-3, Sarah Lester 0-1, Kayla Weishaar 2-3, Keegan Wickman 0-3, Emma Oostdyk 0-3.

2B – Hageness, A. Indreland, Weishaar. HR – Weishaar. RBIs – Kyriss, Weishaar 4, A. Indreland 2, Leishman, McGuire.

Polson 7, Columbia Falls 5

At Polson, Jaylin Kenney was 2 for 2 with a double and four RBIs as the Pirates posted the Northwestern A win.

Heidi Rausch and Jessica Bagnell each had a double for Polson and Ashley Johnson and Martina Marquardt each singled twice.

Shalaina Duford moved to 10-5 with a complete-game victory for Polson, allowing six hits.

Shaun Rowe doubled, homered and drove in five for the Wildkats.

Col. Falls 100 000 4 – 5 6 1

Polson 200 320 x – 7 12 1

Ashley Trueblood, Winter Kemppainen (6) and Erika Nelson. Shalaina Duford and Jaylin Kenney. W – Duford (10-5). L – Trueblood.

COLUMBIA FALLS – Tiffany Hummer 1-4, Jaylynn Cantu 0-3, Shaun Rowe 2-3, Niki Birky 0-4, Madison Sandefer 1-3, Nelson 0-3, Kathrin Jetty 1-3, Jordan Lefebvre 0-2, Ciarra Holm 1-3, Tori Price 0-0, Catie King 0-1.

POLSON – Ashley Johnson 2-3, Riley Kenney 0-3, Duford 2-4, Martina Marquardt 2-4, Heidi Rausch 2-3, J. Kenney 2-2, Jessica Bagnell 1-2, Makaliah Wilson 0-2, Jordan Evertz 1-3.

2B – Hummer, Rowe, Rausch, J. Kenney, Bagnell. HR – Rowe. RBIs – Rowe 5, Johnson, J. Kenney 4, Bagnell, Evertz.

Anaconda 22, Whitefish 6

At Anaconda, Karli King, Brooke Chapman and Ali Forkan each drove in four runs as the Southwestern A Copperheads downed Northwestern A Whitefish in five innings due to the 10-run margin rule.

King went 3 for 4 with a double, Chapman rapped four singles and Forkan doubled and finished 2 for 4.

Lauren Bolton drove in thee and Delanie Chapman doubled and plated a pair for Anaconda.

King went the distance in the circle, allowing seven hits.

Malia Morris tripled and collected a pair of RBIs for the Bulldogs.

Whitefish 105 00 – 6 7 3

Anaconda 174 (10)x – 22 17 2

Andrea Lamoreux and Peyton Twete. Karli King and Courtney Moodry. W – King. L – Lamoreux.

WHITEFISH – Twete 1-2, Malia Morris 1-3, Lamoreux 1-3, Margot Myers 3-3, Micah McFeely 0-2, Abby Taylor 1-3, Georgia Donaldson 0-2, Brynn Ingrahm 0-2, Hanna Lewis 0-2, Baylee Tveidt 0-0.

ANACONDA – Moodry 0-4, King 3-4, Brooke Chapman 4-4, Lauren Bolton 2-2, Abby Stanberry 2-4, Ali Forkan 2-4, Delanie Chapman 1-3, Hannah Anderson 2-2, Julia Peterson 1-3, Chloe Worl 0-0.

2B – Forkan, D. Chapman. 3B – Morris, King. RBIs – Morris 2, Lamoreux, Myers, McFeely, Taylor, King 4, B. Chapman 4, Forkan 4, Bolton 3, D. Chapman 2, Stanberry, Anderson.

Class B-C

Florence sweeps

At Drummond, Florence’s Courtney Byrne threw a no-hitter in the first game and hit a home run in the second as the Falcons swept the Trojans in Western B-C play.

Byrne walked one hitter and fanned 14 in seven innings as Florence took the first game 14-0. Hayley Cole added two triples and a solo home run for the Falcons, who scored six runs in the final inning and improved to 17-3 in the season, 15-1 in league games.

In the nightcap Byrne had three hits, including a solo homer in the fourth inning, and drove in three in a 17-1 Falcon victory that ended in five innings under the mercy rule.

Florence sent 14 hitters to the plate in a 9-run first inning that included seven hits and two walks. That was more than enough runs for Megan Byrne, who went allowed two hits and struck out four in five innings to get the decision.

Sarah Angelo, Rhianna Pool and Melanie Parke had Drummond’s hits in the second game.

First game

Florence 003 401 6 – 14 12 2

Drummond 000 000 0 – 0 0 4

Courtney Byrne and Paige Bodner. Sarah Angelo and Ashley Mannix. W – Byrne (12-2). L – Angelo.

FLORENCE – Paige Bodner 3-4, Cazz Skeers 1-3, Courtney Byrne 2-4, Hayley Cole 3-5, Megan Byrne 1-4, Cody Miller 0-2, Josie McCann 0-1, Scotley Pedersen 0-2, Micayla Cole 0-1, Hailey Huot 2-4, Holly Hale 0-3, Stephanie Drozdz 0-0.

DRUMMOND – Sarah Angelo 0-3, Bridgette Oberweiser 0-3, Rhianna Pool 0-3, Ashley Mannix 0-3, Krissy Paske 0-3, Ayla Martell 0-3, Melanie Parke 0-2, Makayla Chaffin 0-2, Skit Hill 0-2.

2B – Bodner, Skeers. 3B – Bodner, C. Byrne, H. Cole 2. HR – H. Cole. RBIs – Bodner 2, Skeers 2, C. Byrne 2, H. Cole 2, Huot 1.

Second game

Drummond 010 00 – 1 3 8

Florence 902 6x – 17 13 1

Sarah Angelo, Paske (2) and Mannix. Megan Byrne and H. Cole. W – M. Byrne (5-1). L – Angelo.

DRUMMOND – Angelo 1-2, Oberweiser 0-1, Pool 1-2, Mannix 0-2, Paske 0-1, Martell 0-1, Parke 1-2, Chaffin 0-2, Cassi Pocha 0-1.

FLORENCE – Bodner 1-4, Skeers 0-3, Hill 0-1, C.Byrne 3-3, H. Cole 1-2, Kiersten Lind 0-0, M. Byrne 2-3, Miller 1-4, Pedersen 0-0, Karli O’Brien 0-0, Kyndall Hoff 2-2, Huot 1-3, Hale 1-1, Drozdz 1-1, Kristyne Drozdz 1-1, M. Cole 0-0.

2B – Bodner, Hoff. HR – C. Byrne. RBIs – C. Byrne 3, H. Cole, Miller, Hoff, Huot 2, H. Hale 2.

St. Ignatius 10, Loyola Sacred Heart 0

Janeal McDonald was 2 for 3 with a double in leading the Bulldogs to the Western B-C win in Missoula called after five innings via the 10-run margin rule.

Connor Smith collected a pair of singles for St. Ignatius, which totalled nine hits.

Loren Erickson tossed a complete game for the Bulldogs, allowing three hits and no walks while striking out five.

Kari Tirrell, Katya Hill and Brianna Mitchell had singles for the Breakers (2-10-1, 3-11-1).

St. Ignatius 081 10 – 10 9 0

Loyola 000 00 – 0 4 1

Loren Erickson and Alyssa Doty. Kari Tirrell and Sam Manley. W – Erickson. L – Tirrell.

ST. IGNATIUS – Sara Nerby 1-2, Courtney Charlo 1-1, Erickson 0-3, Doty 1-3, Kinley Pope 0-1, Janeal McDonald 2-3, Serena Long 0-3, Sahriha Camacho 1-3, Connor Smith 2-2, Emilie Charlo 0-1, Emily Gillingham 1-2.

LOYOLA – Manley 0-2, Kirrell 1-2, Heather Huguet 0-2, Mady Dawald 0-2, Caelin Miltko 0-2, Katya Hall 1-2, Jade Combs 0-1, Andrea Lawrence 0-1, Haley Janssen 0-1, Erin Gallagher 0-1, Brianna Mitchell 1-2.

2B – McDonald. RBIs – unavailable.

Ronan 23, Deer Lodge 10

At Deer Lodge, Amber Quequesah was 2 for 3 with a double and five RBIs as the Maidens won the Western B-C slugfest in five innings due to the 10-run margin rule.

Alaina Madsen had a double and four RBIs and Courtney Taylor also doubled and drove in three for Ronan.

Samantha Colman threw a complete game for Ronan and yielded 10 hits.

Hunter Therriault had a pair of doubles and two RBIs for the Wardens.

Ronan 701 96 – 23 11 2

Deer Lodge 640 00 – 10 10 2

Samantha Colman and Payge Delaurenti. Michele Christnacht and Dani Walker. W – Colman. L – Christnacht.

RONAN – Ashleigh Lynch 3-5, McKenzie Dulmes 2-4, Delaurenti 1-4, Lindsay Clairmont 0-0, Turquiose Haggard 1-1, Alaina Madsen 1-4, Colman 0-0, Jasmine Bocksnick 0-1, Amber Quequesah 2-3, Courtney Taylor 1-4.

DEER LODGE – Annie Lombardi 1-4, Natalie Padovich 0-2, Christnacht 0-4, Shelby Applegate 2-3, Walker 1-3, Ivy Duncan 1-3, Megan Reynolds 2-3, Hunter Therriault 2-3, Sara Forbes 0-2.

2B – Lynch, Madsen, Quequesah, Taylor, Christnacht, Applegate, Therriault 2. RBI – Quequesah 5, Madsen 4, Taylor 3, Lynch 2, Bocksnick 2, Dulmes, Delaurenti, Clairmont, Colman, Haggard, Therriault 2, Christnacht, Applegate, Walker, Duncan, Reynolds.

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Laurel softball edges Hardin


LAUREL -- Kayla Hallock homered and Kelci Wood had three hits and the Laurel Locomotives held on for a 10-9 Eastern A softball win over Hardin on Thursday.


Laurel scored in every inning but the sixth to take a 10-5 lead then hung on as Hardin scored three times in the sixth and once more in the seventh.


Tori Snider drove in three runs for Hardin and Alex Watson had two RBIs.


Laurel 10, Hardin 9


Hardin 011 213 10 
Laurel 122  410  10  12 


Miranda Blankenship and Alex Watson; Tara Russell and Kayla Hallock. WP: Russell (7-2). LP: Blankenship


Hardin — Darla Davisson 1-4, Autumn Blakely 2-3, Tori Snyder 1-4, Blankenship 2-3, Jordan Edwards 1-4, Mallory Edgar 2-4, Watson 1-4, Taylor Torske 0-4, Jestin Murphy 0-4. 2B: Snider, Edgar, Watson. 3B: Blankenship. RBIs: Snider 3, Blankenship, Edgar, Watson 2, Torski.


Laurel — Brittany Goodson 0-4, Kelci Wood 3-4, Haylee Gallegos 2-4 Hallock 2-4, Russell 1-4, Amanda Taylor 1-3, Emily Smarsh 1-3, Marissa Gund 1-3, Kylie Goodson 1-3. 2B: Wood, Gallegos, Hallock, Smarsh. HR: Hallock.



Laurel 12, Livingston 4




Laurel 213  000  12  14 
Livingston 000  004 


Tara Russell and Kayla Hallock; A. Howeiser and C. Versland. WP: Russell. LP: Howeiser.


Laurel — Brittany Goodson 1-5, Kelci Wood 2-2, Haylee Gallegos 1-5, Hallock 3-5, Russell 3-5, Amanda Taylor 2-4, Emily Smarsh 0-2, Marissa Gund 1-2, Sadie Anderson 1-2, Kylie Goodson 0-2. 2B: Hallock, Gund. RBIs: Wood 2, Hallock 4, Gund 2.


Livingston — J. Schleicher 0-3, K. Krause 0-3, K. Churchwell 1-3, H. Versland 2-3, M. Ingram 0-3, G. Versland 0-3, A. Schaeffer 1-3, A. Howesier 0-1, M. Cortner 0-3. 2B: Versland.

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