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1/3 Wrestling Results

January 5, 2012
By Nathan Pohlman of NWC

Wayne Trace 59 Paulding 21
Taylor WT tech falled Salinas Paulding 16-1
Baxter WT pinned Mock Paulding
Cotterman WT pinned Foster Paulding
Deatrick Paulding Dec Miller WT 10-4
Dingus WT pinned Hemker Paulding
Clemens WT won by void
Cotterman WT won by void
Nichols Pauling Pinned Reel WT
Temple WT pinned Hahn Paulding
Arnett WT pinned Deatrick Paulding
Pierce WT pinned Valdez Paulding
Harris WT pinned Mohr Paulding
Ash Paulding Won by void
Jarell Paulding won by injury Default over Norling Wt
Paulding 47 Spencerville 23
Salinas Paulding wins by void
Mock Paulding wins by void
Deatrick Paulding pinned Bockey spencerville
Bellows Spencerville dec. Hemker paulding 10-2
Sawmiller spencerville wins by void
Nichols paulding tech falled lunz spencerville 16-1
Hahn paulding wins by void
Jarell Paulding wins by void
Shumate spencerville pinned Deatrick paulding
Bellows spencerville pinned mohr Paulding
Ash Paulding pinned vandemark spencerville
Jarell paulding pinned adams spencerville.

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