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Polls at North Wilkes High School

Name Date Created Votes
Whose our Biggest rival? 9/11/13 156
Are you ready for 2013 fall season start? 7/28/13 4
Are you a....... 3/8/13 1
Are you a.....? 11/11/12 9
Which team will win more games or matches in September? 6/8/11 35
Which spring sport will win more games or events? 2/23/11 35
Will you be in the student section during basketball? 11/1/10 34
What class has more spirit at games? 9/24/10 22
Who you think will win Homecoming game, also by points? 9/17/10 19
Are you ready for 2010 fall season? 5/30/10 34
Which spring sport you willing to watch the most of? 3/2/10 127
Who has the loudest student section? 1/1/10 1723
Who will win most games on Dec. 28th & 29th? 11/22/09 32
Are you ready for Wrestling to start? 11/3/09 24
Are you ready for Basketball season? 10/16/09 14
Which sport do you play? 9/9/09 43
Do you think I need more help here? 9/1/09 14
Which site is better? 8/24/09 93
Will all Wilkes County teams win Friday? 8/18/09 11
Who will win 1A/2A MVAC Volleyball? 8/13/09 26