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CC & Girls' Golf Award Programs Held Recently

November 16, 2012
By Tony Uggen of Northfield High School

CC Award Program at NorthfieldH.S.

The Northfield Jr-Sr High School cross country awards program was held on Wednesday, November 8.

Receiving 8th grade certificates were Matt Campbell, Isaac Gottschalk, Tori Givens, Audrey Randel, Kiley Ann Snyder, Oivia Thompson and Catherine Tracy.  Earning 7th grade certificates were Michelle Hunt, Sarah Johnston, Mariah Kirtlan, Natasha Lelane, India Shear and Madison Snyder.  Earning 6th grade certificates were Peyton Frye, Blake Wynn, Bailey Burcroff, Baylee Louden, Karlie Poland, Sidney Prater, Erin Proebstle and Abbey Ross. 

The junior high girls were the Northfield 4-Way champions.  They were coached by Chad Andrews with assistance from Dick Leming and Gina Dale.

Earning junior varsity certificates were Jonathan VanDuyne, Brad Bever, Caleb Coe, Damian Cruz, Connor Keffaber, Isaiah Canales, Zac Clouse, Brandon Frank, Matt Carey, Polina Prater, Kalanu Watson Dunn and Mason Zolman.

Earning varsity chevrons for lettering were Hannah Cole, Paige Cole, Sydney Eltzroth, Raelyn Francis, Courtney Frank, Alexi Randel, Samantha Summers, Katie Stephan, Caitlin Eltzroth, Jenna Halderman, Karla Singer and Brittany Sloan.

Those earning their award jacket were Austin Frye, Noah Augustus and Alexi Randel.  Earning a letter and ’13 numeral were Noah Augustus and Raelyn Francis. Earning a letter a letter N was Austin Frye, Noah Augustus and Raelyn Francis.

Earning a captain star were Austin Eads and Paige Cole.  Earning TRC All-Conference honors were Caleb Augustus, Joe Burcroff, Devin Tracy, Seth Frye, Jenna Halderman, Brittany Sloan, Karla Singer and Caitlin Eltzroth.  Earning TRC All-Academic honors was Paige Cole.  Earning All-Conference Academic Honorable Mention were Katie Stephan and Sydney Eltzroth.

Sophomore Jenna Halderman finished 2nd in the TRC as an individual and ended her season with a 40th place finish at the state final.  She made 1st team all-state honors. 

Senior Caleb Augustus was the TRC, sectional and regional individual champion and finished 42nd at state final. He earned 1st team all-state honors.  Devin Tracy earned made 2nd team all-state honors.

The varsity boys were 4-0 in duals and were the Northfield Invitational champions. The varsity girls were 4-0 in duals and were South Adams Invitational champions.  The varsity teams were coach by Dick Leming.  He was assisted by Chad Andrews and Gina Dale.

Girls Golf Program at Northfield HS

The Northfield Jr-Sr High School girls’ golf awards program was held after the season.

Receiving varsity chevrons were Ciara Ritchie, Natalie Schuler, Elaina Terrell, Alex Peterson and Darian Reynolds.  Darian Reynolds earned a her award jacket.

The team finished 2-10 and were coached by Abby Gorman.


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