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Northfield Volleyball to Honor 3 Teachers Tonight

October 15, 2012
By Tony Uggen of Northfield High School

The volleyball team will be having a teacher Appreciation tonight at the Northfield Varsity Volleyball game tonight.  It will take place after game 1 of the Varsity match at approximately 7:00pm.  The JV game begins at 5:30 pm.  

They will be honoring three teachers tonight.  There is information about each teacher below and what our volleyball players feel made them special. 
Name:Lynne Keffaber
Class taught at NHS: Art--8th grade, H.S. 2-D Art, Photography, Ceramics, Jewelry, Graphic Design, 3-D Art
Years at NHS: This is my 8th year
Graduate of:Purdue University B.A. and Ball State University M.A. 
Favorite moment in teaching: When students stay in art from their 8th grade year until their senior year and I see the progression of the years of work.
Best Inspiration you have received: Always have dreams and interest and try many things--experiences will shape the person you become.
 Family: I have a husband, Tim.
What you would most like your students to take from you: Leave behind self-doubt and trust in your own abilities.
Gentry Kline nominated Mrs. Keffaber.  "She is one of those people that I can go to for anything.  If I had any problem at school or even out of school, she would be the one I would tell.  She is an awesome art teacher and I don't know what I would do without her.
She is very encouraging because even when I would say I couldn't draw something she told me to try.  Then when I did it was actually pretty good.  
She is able to see the good things that you do, and help you to do some things you don't think you can do.  Then it gives you confidence to do the next thing or finish that project better than what you would have done before.  
Name: Vindy Pace
Class taught at NHS: I currently teach Geometry, but have also taught 8th grade math and Calculus in the past years.
Years at NHS: This is my 15th year at Northfield.
Graduate of: Undergraduate - Purdue University at Fort Wayne and Graduate - Walden University
Favorite moment in teaching: My favorite teaching moments are when I'm helping students and all of a sudden, everything clicks and students realize that all the pieces of the puzzle really do fit together. The "ah ha" moment is priceless.
Best Inspiration you have ever given or received: Never NOT do something for fear of failing. Just try ... you might surprise yourself!
Family: husband-Carl and 3 kids - Jordan, MaKenna and Drayson 
What you would most like your students to take from you: Be responsible, have a good work ethic, and be true to yourself by doing your best and knowing that gave 100% effort.
Bayli Birk and Emily Shafer nominated Mrs. Pace.  "I absolutely loved her class.  Not only is she the most amazing teacher, she is a great person as well.  I enjoyed her class because she was easy to talk to and was quick to help if you needed it.  By the way she interacts with her students, you can tell she really loves her job.  I really admire her love for her students and dedication in making them succeed. 
She always made me work hard, and I learned a lot in her class.  Whenever I had a problem in her class, she was always so willing to help.  She is very easy to talk to and you can tell she loves her class.  If it wasn't for Mrs. Pace, I wouldn't be where I am in my math career today.  
Mrs. Pace always helps me with Math when I am struggling with my grade or do not understand a lesson.  She makes Math easier by explaining things in terms I would understand. She teaches all different ways to break the problems down. She is a really good teacher and always tries to help me do better. 
She is a really good teacher.  She explains stuff well to everyone and makes class fun. I know she will be there to talk to me when I need her. "
Name:  Marianne Milam
Class taught at NHS:  Health and Physical Education
Years at NHS:  1991-present (21 years)
Graduate of:  Ball State University and Manchester College
Favorite moment in teaching:  That moment when a student doesn't think they can accomplish something and when they do, that smile they give you is priceless!!
Best Inspiration you have ever given or received: "7 days without Physical Education makes one WEAK"
Family: Husband: Mark and Children: Erika, Evan, Ellie 
What you would most like your students to take from you: Live, Laugh and Love Health and Physical Education!! 

Elaina Terrell nominated Mrs. Milam. " I had her freshman and sophomore year.  She taught health and gym class. She made gym so much fun! She was so much help in health class, she was there to help anytime you needed her to. Not only is she a great teacher, she is an awesome person!
She's an awesome teacher because she makes class fun. She is really funny and can brighten anyones day.  She is very outgoing and easy to get to know. 
She is a very good teacher and she is always there.  When you have problems with classes or with your family, she is there for you to talk to when you need.  Overall, she is my favorite teacher.  Thank you Mrs. Milam!
She makes class really fun.  You don't only learn in her class but you have fun.  Milam is easy to love and easy to get to know, and she is easy going.  In her class, there will not be any nonsense.

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