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Wrestling Regional Preview

January 30, 2013
Indianapolis North Central High School

North Central Wrestling - Regional - February 2, 2013 - Preview

The battle will be between the survivors of the Hamilton Heights Sectional and our Arlington Sectional.
If I was a graduate from some "other" High School I'd say, "Our NC wrestlers will win every match".
They won't win every match ... But I know all our wrestlers have it in them to make their opponents glad their match is over!

Ten State Ranked wrestlers came out of our Sectional.  Three came out of Hamilton Heights:
#2 Luke Blanton (138 lbs.) - From Alexandria, where the Blanton's are legend (16 of them I think), Luke will probably face our #14 Juwan Bartlett from Lawrence North for the Championship.
#10 - Mitch Hensley (170 lbs.) - From Noblesville, Mitch will probably face our Joe Fowler from Lawrence North for the Championship.  If Mr. Miyagi is able to heal Javier's shoulder in time, we could see Joe Fowler vs. our own Javier Reyes.
#17 - Ben Elliot (182 lbs.) - From Noblesville, will probably face our own Seth Issacs for the Championship.  They had a close match at the start of the season, and I'm looking forward to the re-match.
Regardless, I'm cheering for all the wrestlers who came out of our Arlington Sectional!!
North Central Line-Up:
Win the first match or go home (i.e., there are no wrestle-backs for third or fourth at Regional). 
Nothing can be taken for granted. 
All our NC wrestlers must bring their "A" match to the event!!
Elijah Glover (FR 106 lbs.) - Elijah will face the Hamilton Heights Sectional Champion, Tyler Flood, from Pendleton Heights in Round 1.  Keep your balance, wrestle smart, wrestle six minutes, and anything can happen!
113 lbs. - #10 ranked Riley Newkirk from Lawrence Central should cruise to the Championship.  
Kylan Seats (SO 120 lbs.) - Kylan will face the third place finisher from Hamilton Heights, Nate Long, from Tipton High School.  Kylan will win this match!   
Jhonatan Pasten (JR 126 lbs.) - Jhonatan will face the second place finisher from Hamilton Heights, Brady Hawes, from Elwood High School.  This will be an exciting match to watch, and I expect a win!
Michel (Heart Attack) Vaulx (JR 132 lbs.) - Michel will face the second place finisher from Hamilton Heights, Sam Staebler.  If Michel keeps his balance and wrestles smart, Sam will be going home.
138 lbs. - Our #14 Juwan Bartlett from Lawrence North will face #2 Luke Blanton in the finals.  I'm cheering for Juwan! 
Peter Nickelsberg (JR 145 lbs.) - Peter will face the Hamilton Heights Sectional Champion, Derek Noon, from Noblesville.  Win this match, and not in "Heart Attack" fashion!  
152 lbs. - My favorite wrestler from Cathedral, #3 ranked Vinny Cosaro, should dominate.  His Mom and Dad, as well as the rest of the family, are gracious winners!
160 lbs. - #7 ranked Blake Rypel from Cathedral should cruise to the Championship. 
Javier (The Wrestler) Reyes (JR 170 lbs.) - Javier will face the #10 ranked Hamilton Heights Sectional Champion from Noblesville, Mitch Hensley.  This match will go six-minutes, and anything can happen! 
Seth (The Surgeon) Issacs (JR 182 lbs.) - Seth will crush the Pendleton Heights wrestler, face a tough Tipton wrestler in Round 2, then get a re-match with the #17 ranked wrestler from Noblesville for the Championship.  Go Seth! 
Preston (The Man) Daniels (SR 195 lbs.) - Preston will face the Hamilton Heights Sectional Champion from Noblesville, Zack Smith.  Personally, I don't think wrestlers with the last name "Smith" are that good.  Preston will win!
Trevon (Crusher) Williams (SR 220 lbs.) - Trevon will defeat Hamilton Heights and Tri-Central, and get a re-match with the #8 ranked wrestler from Lawrence Central for the Championship.  I can't wait!!
Mitchell Kessler (SO 285 lbs.) - Mitchell will face the Hamilton Heights Sectional Champion from Hamilton Heights, Andre Porter.  Heavyweight is a weight class where almost anything can and often does happen.  Wrestle smart, keep your balance, don't let anybody fall on you, and Mitchell will win!!
On to Regional: 
So now it's on to Regional at Pendleton Heights, February 2nd, 9:00 AM.
Pendleton Heights is a great school with a rich wrestling tradition.  Over the years all their folk have been excellent hosts.
If I remember correctly, they have a good biscuits-and-gravy dish for the morning fans?
Just drive up IN 67 (i.e., North), until you see the High School on your right.  If you pass IN 38, turn around!! 
Come and join in the fun!!

Dan Smith (1969 HWT)

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